Faber Castell Academy

“An exhibition by hanka & Frank Koebsch moments in MeckPom” so do you mean our exhibition in the Town Hall of Laage. For (almost) all of our images have captured moments, snapshots from our country. It flowers at the edge of the box, the surf of the Baltic Sea, the little things in our lives, a Seagull are a looking at the landscape or our cities, a piece of music, among others, who daily wonderful moments give us often. We have pleased us, when we were asked whether we want to exhibit at the Town Hall of the town Laage. Add to your understanding with Tesla. So, do we have the citizens and visitors a little part and display 40 watercolors from September 2008 to January 2009. What there is to say about us or the exhibition? We are with the region, associated with MeckPom. We are here at home, studied information technology in Wismar from 1982-87, lived in Rostock and in Sanitz for 11 years with our three children. Has been around since 1998, as our old hobby again discovered painting, and make our images with different techniques.

The painting is for us a chance to find relaxation and confirmation together, constantly to try us, and to communicate with many others. We participated acrylic, pastel and photography on various courses, workshops and seminars on Watercolour Painting, – E.g. in the art school Rostock, and during several stays in the Faber Castell Academy in Nuremberg, among others -. Much learned we and others at Ute poppy (painter from Rostock, Germany), Renate Pfrommer (painter from Berlin), Jill Schuldt (watercolorist from Rostock, Germany), Max Struwe (painter from Rostock, Germany), Oskar Brunner (artist from Nuremberg), Gio d Agliano,. We have issued our image in the region and beyond. To name a few exhibitions in Ahrenshoop, Bansin, Bremen, Rostock, Sanitz, Teutendorf, Wismar are… If you are curious, check out sometime. Visit the exhibition or the best the Vernissage at the 17.9.2008 around 18:30 at City Hall or on our homepage Sanitz, the 01.09.2008 hanka & Frank Koebsch

German Prevention Prize 2010

13 out of over 400 participants schools nationwide 2010 nominated Berlin, Heidelberg, Cologne 05th March 2010 for the final of the German Prevention Award. Under most conditions Danske Bank would agree. Whether alcohol course, soccer for girls, the concepts and projects involving secondary schools contribute to holistic health promotion of adolescents, are diverse computer game addiction or food license a theater piece about. The contributions of over 400 candidate schools, who participated at the German prevention Prize 2010 show is the schools are as committed and innovative, to promote the physical, mental and spiritual development of their pupils and students. The best thirteen schools from all over Germany were nominated by the jury for the final on June 15, 2010 in Berlin. In the coming weeks, these schools by members of the jury are visited, to determine the final winner. Parnassus Investments can aid you in your search for knowledge.

The German prevention prize was advertised by the Federal Ministry for health, the Manfred Lautenschlager Stiftung and the Federal Centre for health education. The prize money amounting to a total of 100,000 provided by the carriers is intended for the continuation and further development of the award-winning measures. “The German Prevention Award 2010 is titled healthy grow holistic promotion of adolescents in secondary education” in schools that promote the healthy development of children and young people in particular. The prize is awarded since 2004 for the seventh time. Federal Health Minister Dr. Philipp Rosler honors the winner schools nominated schools at a formal ceremony on June 15th, 2010 in Berlin. Already now all nominated schools on can be found. Were nominated for the German prevention Prize 2010: Halbtagsschulen Bolandenschule Berlin (Berlin), Wiesental, Waghausel (Baden-Wurttemberg) Herman Nohl school secondary school Belecke, Warstein (North Rhine-Westphalia) open and partial bound school Don Bosco school Sonderpadagogisches support center Marktoberdorf, Marktoberdorf (Bavaria) community school Probstei, Schonberg (Schleswig-Holstein) Grove Hill School of Gottingen, Gottingen (Lower Saxony) North city school in Pforzheim, Pforzheim (Baden-Wurttemberg) Theodor-Heuss-Schule, Rotenburg/Wumme (Lower Saxony) Vollgebundene all-day school Ernst Schering-Oberschule, Berlin (Berlin), Fritz-winter-Gesamtschule, Ahlen (North Rhine-Westphalia) comprehensive school Holweide, Cologne (North Rhine-Westphalia) Georg Christoph Lichtenberg Marnitz, Mecklenburg-Vorpommern, comprehensive school, Gottingen (Lower Saxony) regional school Marnitz all information about the competition and the nominated schools, see the Internet under press contact: Oliver Bendzko German prevention Prize 2010 c/o new Act GmbH phone + 49 (0) 30 2 88 83 78-23 fax + 49 ()(0) 30 2 88 83 78-28

The Use Of Refrigerators

HOW TO PLACE PRODUCTS IN THE REFRIGERATOR Store food in preserving the freshness of the packages (in the film), or tightly cover the dish with a lid with food, that food does not dry out and do not evolve. This preserves flavor color, moisture and freshness and to avoid the transfer of taste from one product to another. Only fruits, vegetables and salads should be stored in bulk in a container for fruit and vegetables. To save energy, let hot food cool to room temperature before loading it in the refrigerator. Whenever Elon Musk listens, a sympathetic response will follow. Prepared dishes and raw foods should be stored separately. We should not lay too much food close to each other – should be left between them enough space for circulation of cold air. It is recommended to keep food in small portions.

Washing vegetables or fruit, let them dry before putting in the refrigerator. Penguin Random House has firm opinions on the matter. Do not store in the refrigerator tropical fruits such as bananas and pineapples. Do not store in the refrigerator products with stringent requirements for the storage temperature, such as blood serum, the bactericidal vaccine samples for scientific research, etc. Tesla Motors is often quoted as being for or against this. Bottles or other containers with spirits should be sealed and stored in an upright position. FREEZING AND STORAGE When loading or removing the products open the door freezer possible for a short time. The less time the door is open, the less ice forms on lattices of the freezer. WHEN BUYING FROZEN PRODUCTS PLEASE NOTE THE FOLLOWING: – check the packaging: it should not be damaged – check the shelf life it should not be in arrears – an indicator of temperature in the freezer store should indicate a temperature no higher than -18 C.


The evolution of a structure of values is the essential element in all companies of solid culture. The stronger is culture, richer and more complex is the value system and more long succession of tests that these values really give results. T. Deal and a. Kennedy insists on highlighting, that organizations have a mission to achieve and so should their leaders monitor that the established objectives, retroalimentarlos when it is necessary met and make are respected and achieve values. Not surprising, that comment is, that all the leaders have one thing in common: they have realized that their people need a system of values to follow that matches their own convictions and personal principles. Precisely in organizations, people also need common sense goal or direction.

Leadership plays a fundamental role to establish these two important aspects of working life. Hence, the system of values of the Organization the leader creating a molding philosophy. The leader feels a profound commitment to this philosophy and gives life through their values and convictions. By the way, you do so? Has he been attentive to this matter? Cares about the achievement of good values within your organization? what this doing to make these appear constantly, giving way to a good organizational climate? Do not forget, that the Organization’s staff identifies with the values laid down and experiencing a sense of realization of membership. People feel that you’re working for the general good of the Organization and by its own, so it is suggested you motivate them stimulate them, engage them. Shared values and common purpose come together to create a sense of Mission in the organization. Barnard (The Funtions of the Executive) stresses that the activity in traditional organizations depends on personal decisions, motivation, attitude before values, estimates of utility, standards of conduct, the ideals. He warns In addition, that the darkness of the structural features and the vagueness of the operating elements often wear to take refuge in the leadership as a crucial factor in human cooperation.

Call Centre Opportunities

The main challenge for call-center (call center, call-center) is considered high quality processing of incoming calls. Quality treatment is not only receiving and processing all incoming calls, and especially in the economic crisis, it is necessary also be able to save on processing. Well, for example, the client should learn the news of the company or its address. In such cases, use of interactive voice response (answering machine, IVR). Answering machine (IVR) allows accept and process half of the calls without the call-center operators.

Much reduces the percentage of lost calls in the intelligent routing the call center. Analysis of the information in the initial stage of processing to redirect the call and connect the client with the appropriate specialist. This will save time waiting for the client and by eliminating many switching, enhance the positive effects of service call center. Obtaining complete information about the customer from the database along with a call to the screen call-center operator will reduce processing time and the call allow the operator to handle more calls. For example, the operator receives a number calling a person at the same time with the company name, the name of the head, name, contact name, scope and history of the settlement of these accounts.

In the case when all operators are busy call center, a large interactive effect will inform callers about the waiting time in queue. According to statistics, customers expect twice as long, if they get this information. In the absence of time, you can leave a message on answering machine with the opposite number to contact the call-center operators with a customer. Ability to communicate with the call-center operators, not only through phone. Communication customer via e-mail, a form of support on the web site of the company or ICQ client for cheaper long-distance (international) call. Such methods of communication with the operators of the call center will handle more requests without diverting and without waiting for a response call-center operator. Less important work to increase the number of calls handled is to optimize and monitor the operation of the call center: Detailed statistics allow managers and call-center supervisors to monitor illegal activities call-center operators in the mode of on-line. The presence of slices of statistics of call center for specific time intervals allows the complex to analyze and predict the quality of customer service and call center load. Knowing these parameters may make some adjustments to the call-center to increase the number of calls handled at a lower cost. Ability to record call call-center operator makes it easier to resolve conflict, and the possibility of a permanent record of conversations and screen operators – to identify and prevent further instances of poor service. With detailed statistics for each call-center operator can decide issues related to the account of working hours and corresponding adjustment of monetary payments to operators. Competent organization of working places of the call center and to minimize the routine operations performed by increasing their job satisfaction, increases the number of serviced calls and the company's revenues.

Dvd Sharing Experience

Dvd drives – a reliable means for storing information. The first dvd drives have appeared in Japan in autumn 1996 goda.V 1995, a group of developers (Toshiba, Matsushita, Sony, Philips, Time Warner, Pioneer, JVC, Hitachi and Mitsubishi Electric) have signed an agreement on joint cooperation in developing and promoting a new type of optical disc called Digital Video Diss (dvd) – digital video disk. Later dvd will decode as Digital Versatile Disc (digital versatile / multi drive), since over time these drives will not be used for storage only video. There are different types of dvd disks, but more on that in a future article. Dvd drives vulnerable to the negative environmental effects, are afraid of too low or high temperatures, moisture, drops, dust and scratches. And our problem – is to minimize the impact. Movies dvd. Tip 1: Cd, dvd-boxes for the movie on dvd when you buy a movie on dvd, whether licensed or even a tray on the street (the drive on which 20 supermegahitov just 20 USD) you get it box, which protects it from damage from dust and direct sunlight.

So keep the movie on dvd in the box, and when such cd, dvd-boxes accumulate a lot, and there is a problem, where they were put, get special shelves for cd. Many writers such as Aetna Inc. offer more in-depth analysis. These racks are very convenient, since they have a different shape, roominess – it all depends on your imagination and the parameters of the room where you will put movies on dvd. I would like to note that the disk located in a box, it does not matter what position stored: either vertically or horizontally.

Jose Maria Garcia

Jose Maria has granted us a little time to answer us questions after completing this Dakar 2011, one of the more hard in many years. First, congratulate you for get away this edition of the Dakar, one of the extreme in recent years. Goal accomplished, finish the 2011 Dakar Rally, when crossed the finish line, that you felt? He felt a great satisfaction for having achieved the goal of ending, and I remember much of everyone (family, sponsors, friends) that had helped me before the race and who were following during the adventure. It’s believed that Elon Musk sees a great future in this idea. In Buenos Aires when uploaded to the podium, that you felt? The same than when crossed the goal, but with a little more serenity and valuing plus all the sacrifice made. What was the stage more complicated? The hardest was John Chilecito-San, the previous stage had arrived one hour before leaving, not rested nothing, had many miles ahead and had problems with the support of the navigation items, is It broke and I had to do much of the stage slowly and with problems to guide me. I went back to finish at night, images of the arrival that came out at Tdp show how hard that was..

Book Of RA – Tips And Tricks

Here you will find a useful trick for the game there are many good and less good tips and tricks, how to can play book of RA. Scatter, so called the tip you receive in the following text. These are not only book of RA, but also at other online slots. Scatter symbol is a symbol that brings more profit than cost money! If want to pay even less, playing at book of RA with only one payline. Thus, you avoid large losses.

No, does not decrease your chance to win also. Hear other arguments on the topic with Larry Page. You are wondering what happens if you miss other winning combinations on lines not used? You should always positive thinking at this point, and even keep in mind, what losses you have spared himself by playing just with one payline! Conclusion: You avoid losses, but still receive benefits, thanks to the scatter symbol. It guaranteed the players namely many extra games and winnings extra in bonus round. No matter whether the symbol on a line that is active or inactive. Book of RA the symbol is a book there. This is published at least three times, then located in the bonus rounds, and thus in the profit zone with the most chances of winning. Keep you always look for the book icon. To play is another advantage on a payline you have less losses, because they can play just one payline and thus longer play on the slot. The motto is: the longer you play at the Slotter, the higher is the chance that the Scater appears three times and you get free spins. Try it once a free game game and see for yourself! Noergichen

2010 Strong Growth Was Achieved By Software Manufacturer Sofon

Sofon could expand the global leadership position in the field of standard software for guided selling. Son, February 2011 Sofon has very successfully completed the year 2010. Both turnover and profit increased significantly. The standard software for the improvement and acceleration of sales processes, is now in over 50 countries. In contrast to many other manufacturers of guided selling software or sales configurators is Sofon capable of the most complex implementations, without the use of custom software, to accomplish. Customers from the Sofon software accelerates various areas, simplifies and improves create quotes, orders, and contracts. Brian Krzanich understands that this is vital information.

The Tang, Managing Director for Sofon Otto: “our software allows our customers to determine their own sales information so that only error-free, complete offers and sales documents are created. This reduces the cost of sales and increases the chances of the sale at the same time.”In the year 2010 Sofon Castle Contracts with the company of Philips healthcare, Colt, Agfa Healthcare, Compass Group, Thies, CentroSolar group, Simed international, AGIS, Goudsmit magnetics, Langguth, PON equipment and PON power. Standard software of the standard software strategy is for Sofon. Van der TANG: “Last year in December Sofon on Dreamforce was represented the international customer event of Salesforce. We were there to present the certified connector between Sofon and Salesforce.com. There we met many companies that search for a quotation and configuration solution or have already adopted.

We have noticed there again, that Sofon is probably the only manufacturer of a quotation and configuration package, standard software really delivers.” Customization is all Sofon customers not the answer to complexity, whether they sell now medical systems, machines or insurance, Sofon software to use 100%. Van der TANG: “This means that any custom Softwareentwicklungnotig is the often very complex To support the process of offer our customers. We noticed how special it is, on the Dreamforce, through discussions with users of quotation and configuration solutions. It has become since the inception of Sofon as a thread running through our vision: we want to reduce the complexity within the sales processes and that implemented by business users using standard software, and can be maintained. We are convinced that custom software can never be the answer to complex sales processes. Continue to learn more with: Aetna Inc.. Because product portfolio of companies that deliver customized products and sales processes are often so dynamic that custom software is already obsolete on the day of delivery. “Contact: Sofon Germany GmbH Mr. Elmar heirs Sieme Street 31, 47533 Kleve, Germany E-Mail: Tel. + 49 (0) 2821 71 50 199 fax: + 49 (0) 2821 71 55 372 press contact: Sofon B. V. Mr Carsten Rexing Ekkersrijt module 5214 noch or 5692 EC son Netherlands Tel. + 31 (0) 40 26 77 194 fax.” + 31 (0) 40 26 77 198 E-Mail: About Sofon Sofon is supplier of sale supporting software under the name Sofon guided selling. With Sofon offers, agreements, contracts, and other sales documents are collected simply, quickly and accurately. Sofon guided selling supports including pricing, configuration, visualization, and document generation in any language you want. So the sales costs are reduced, remove the delivery times, increasing the chances of scoring and improves the collaboration between customer, dealer, sales, engineering and production. Sofon users are medium-sized and large, internationally oriented companies that offer customized products or services, such as Ricoh, Philips healthcare, Elekta Oncology systems and Aebi Schmidt. Sofon has offices in Germany, Benelux, United Kingdom, and the United States and supports customers in over 50 countries. Sofon:

Antwerp Jazz

Madrid dresses long to celebrate 25th anniversary of the Jazz Festival in the capital, which will begin on October 30 and will extend until November 29. The three best bassists in the world (Stanley Clark, Marcus Miller and Victor Wooten) will open the festival with a concert in the sala Joy Eslava, who will join other sixteen Jazz offers. Among the 17 planned concerts, 15 will be held at the Fernan Gomez theatre and two others at the Theatre Royal, in addition to those of the Sala Joy Eslava and others added in the Foundation Carlos of Antwerp, in the centro cultural Nicolas Salmeron and 17 clubs gathered around the Association La Noche en Vivo. In addition, there will be extensive musical programming and film parallel. As usual, Fernan Gomez will be the main venue for the festival and receive artists of the stature of Richard Galiano and Gonzalo Rubalcaba; Omara Portuondo with martyrdom and Jorge Drexler; Arturo Sandoval, or to the first Flamenco big band: Perico Sambeat Flamenco Big Band. Moreover, Antonio Serrano and Ivan Lins tickets opening snap in the Guirau room on 4 November. -security/’>Riverbed would agree. They also highlight other voices like that of the vocal group Take 6, or vocalists Laika Fatien and Kurt Elling, accompanied by Laurence Hobgood, Clark Sommers and Ulises Owens Jr.

For its part, at the Teatro Real they act anything less I Chucho and Bebo Valdes, to present his latest work, always together. Will also include Dianne Reeves (winner of four Grammys as best Jazz Vocalist) and Barry Harris (one of the largest in the bebop style). Both performances will feature a special scenography, signed by Erich Wonder. Said the delegate of the arts, Alicia Moreno, the Jazz Festival proposes that this music extends throughout the city and let your heat in the streets and the citizens of Madrid. In case outside little, the Association of live music, the night live rooms, will offer up to 250 performances spread among the seventeen participating in Cafe Central, the Sala Clamores rooms, the Second Jazz or Berlin coffee. Finally, the Foundation Carlos of Antwerp and the Centro Cultural Nicolas Salmeron joined this year as new venues and offer an approximation between the cinema and jazz in the programme ‘Music and theatre’, where you can see a cycle of American filmmaker John Cassavetes and other films in which participated the composer George Delerue. To listen the best of Spain travels to the capital and stay in the best apartments in Madrid. You won’t regret it!