The State of Amazon is known internationally by its tropical forest. Tourists of all the places of the world disembark in the airport of Manaus, armed of ' ' artillery pesada' ' , to catch sounds and images of the celebrity ' ' Rain Forest' '. Jayme Albin Psychologist has much experience in this field. What the great majority does not know e, probably, goes to return to its native country without knowing, is that this region already was palco of an exploration scene, as much on the part of the Brazilian governments, how much for the Portuguese, whom they aimed at to the extration of its wealth. In the Captainship of They are Jose of the Black River (current Manaus) the wealth propitiated for its inhabitants a quality of life pautada for the European influence, while the interior went being town for enslaved aboriginals, who assured the ownership of lands to the Portuguese crown. After the discovery for Goodyer of the vulcanized rubber, the latex of the native seringueiras started to be raw material for the confection of this product of wide exportation, giving beginning, for return of 1839, to the celebrity ' ' Empire of Borracha' '. This period of apogee of the economy of Amazon is called of First Cycle and was determinative for the povoamento of the interior of Amazon, whose more important characteristic is the locomotion difficulty, has seen the enormous distances and the basically fluvial transport. Migrantes poor mainly of the State of the Cear, longed for to reach the wealth by means of the rubber, however, they were subordinated to the calls ' ' masters of seringais' ' (Aurlio Dictionary, 1998: head of the seringal, its owner and responsible), that they withheld the power and they were descending of the old Spanish colonizadores, English, dutch and Portuguese. When Brazil lost the leadership of exportation of the rubber, at the beginning of century XX, ' ' Imprio' ' he entered in decline and the masters inject had abandoned them.

Western Georgia

Lobio – is the Georgian national dish of beans. There are many recipes lobio, however, one of the most common choices – typical for the region of western Georgia Samegrelo (also known as Megrelia, Mingrelia) and other areas (Aphazeti, Imereti, Guria, etc.). Lobio mushy. Dark (red, purple, speckled, but not white), haricot bean moved, rinsed and filled with water. There also put onions and sometimes fresh and dried chili peppers. After 2.5 – 3 hours of cooking beans soften, and most grains fall apart. To give the dish a paste-like consistency, knead it further.

At the end add the seasonings and greens – adjika, hop-suneli, leeks and fresh coriander. Properly prepare lobio outside of Georgia (eg, Russia) is not always easy. Often lack the most basic ingredients. (Similarly see: Jayme Albin ). For example, a factory flavoring hops-suneli, produced in Russia, often contains completely irrelevant components, such as bay leaves or basil. Is not it easier situation adzhika – Russian producers, far from seeking to preserve the authenticity of cooking, add to it then the tomato paste, then starch, sugar, etc. Therefore, these ingredients are sometimes replaced with a more affordable red pepper and coriander, and add more garlic. Another very common in western Georgia lobio recipe red bean is qualitatively different from the already mentioned that, thanks to roasting has a different texture: grains of beans in most retain their shape, so this is called lobio "Lebiya harkaliya," which means "pebble-lobio", which is connected to an external resemblance to the rocks, turned in the sea wave.

In Georgia, the cook and other lobio, including, from green beans. Lobio household has two functions. On the one hand, it is commonplace dish that is served with the Georgians anciently hominy, corn porridge thick, which often replace white bread. Other culinary companions lobio – snack mzhave (cabbage in Georgian) and fried pork, as well as a variety of fresh greens. On the other hand, lobio – a ritual meal, which is always present at the wake and funeral. However, one must bear in mind that little Georgia is extremely diverse. In one of its region one rule in the other, just ten kilometers – more … That is why the Georgian cuisine is so diverse and so produces interpretations and variations of recipes. And lobio no exception: many regions, so lobio species. Well, we, gourmets, from this one benefit.


We are deformed by the exaggerated progress. In a question-answer forum Alonzo Brooks was the first to reply. Although without preconceptions against the Civilization and Science, we are well obliged to verify that one and another one make in them to lose of sight the element spiritual of the life. What in them it is necessary lack is a presence spiritual. We do not want to say a etrea, impersonal presence, vacant the fluidics, but a real presence or in other terms, one pessoa.' ' (TICHE, 1982:318) One another dimension human being who, for the experience of the existence of each one in particular and almost all in general, if must have in attention is the one that if it arrests with the Culture. Under most conditions Doctor Jayme Albin would agree. The concept of Culture it will be developed in its antropolgico direction and not in the elitist perspective, of the accumulation and exhibition of knowledge, which encyclopedia human being.

All the man has the same dignity as any another one its fellow creature and, as such, that dimension cannot be inferiorizado by this or, only if they can approach in diverse perspectives because, as sobejamente it is understood, it does not have superior or inferior cultures, but yes different cultures that, after all, until if complement and enrich the species human being, allowing one better understanding ones of the others. Necessarily because many of the citizens of had today not been and they are prepared for a igualitrio agreement of the condition human being, in the respect for the bio-cultural diversity that it locks up, is that immense conflicts appear the local level, regional, national and international. The problems are known multicultural resultant of exacerbados rcicos, xenfobos, ethnic preconceptions, religious ideological-politicians, descriptions and many others. Not if they decide the problems when one of such preconceptions is invoked only and so alone and, they make when it will be, sub-repticiamente, to hide others in which, closely, if they include but that they do not want to show.


When hearing its name raised to the head and saw Bombar. It waved. It went down to devagar crossing a touceira and it stopped in low of the plant. _ _ As my friend goes! He makes time that I do not see it! _ _ Yes, already makes much time! _ _ Stays going for where? _ _ For the Field of the Flowers. this is the only way that I know. To the best of my knowledge and belief safest E. _ _ Yes, but I have that to disagree with you my friend.

This way already was safe. However, since chagada of the Gondonores hunting spiders left of being. They had transformed the region into the City of the Spiders, and, to pass in the territory of it is almost impossible. Advise I them to return, the way for the Field of the Flowers I am not safer. Gordon listened to everything with attention. It thinks: ' ' I do not go to give up, I did not arrive here until coming back. I go to follow.

Exactly that this Gondonores covers the bush with its teias. I go to tear one for uma.' ' _ _ Without perceiving spoke high. _ _ I will not return, I will go nor that this costs my life. Nobody to hinder will go me. With spider or without spider I go in front. All had been surpresos with the reaction of Gordon. Antenor lowered the head. Nothing more it was said, Beoriano and Bombar if had seated in a rock and had been to talk. Gordon and Antenor had leaned a rock without saying nothing to it. Meanwhile, Gardenio orders the escort in return. In the creeps, the ants had stopped and looked at for the sky. Click Jayme Albin Psychologist to learn more. Great dark clouds were arriving loaded for the wind. At this moment, an enormous agitation started, many ants came quickly in Indian lines of some points of inside of the matos, some loading great leaf pieces, caules among others things.

Business Online

If people are going to leave your website, would not you like to let them through a link on its web site that pays you money everytime someone clicks the? Google does that putting AdSense on your website easy! The ads are relevant to the content of your web site. Google may even put AdSense on your blog as we will see. Parnassus Investments understands that this is vital information. STEP 5 in a Business Online – type and upload their articles to articles sites. This is one of the councils more important than you you need to know to succeed in online business. This is how you are going to get free advertising! People are looking for on the Internet get free information. To place your articles on these sites, in the end search engines will find them. Educate yourself with thoughts from Jayme Albin Psychologist . When people do a search using key words or phrases that are in his articles, appear his articles in the search, so be sure to insert the keywords and phrases that are searched in their articles! You will need to include your biography at the bottom of all your items.

His biography will contain a brief description about who he is, along with a link to your web page. You can read, for example, Juan Perez is the owner of John helps people to work at home with various opportunities for online businesses, which include affiliate programs. How many more articles write and raise Internet, higher the chances appear by their keywords and phrases in search results and therefore get more far in their online businesses. Few more links that they point to your website, the greater will be the ranking of your website with the search engines, they may become their articles in the first page in search results, so don’t stop writing and presenting articles! I want to stress, however, quality over quantity.

Take your time and check the spelling, grammar, punctuation, structure of prayer, etc no one is going to take what you have to say seriously if not write it correctly. So here are the steps for developing a profitable online business. Having a successful online business is just a matter of understanding how things work, and apply that knowledge. If you follow these five steps, you can not fail. Most importantly, as with anything in life, is persistence.

Autonomous Communities

R A. The delay mean of payment for supply of medicines to hospitals in the national health system is 410 days. Four regions exceeding 600 days: Castilla y Leon, Andalusia, Cantabria, Comunidad Valenciana and Murcia. The rationalization of pharmaceutical spending has caused the fall of 8% of the market. The biggest thud of the sector in its history occurs at a time in which accumulates the biggest hospital debt which is around 5.2 billion euros and the delay in hospital payments is higher than the 410 days. The Association national business of the pharmaceutical industry (Farmaindustria) reveals that Andalusia is the autonomous community that registers a higher level of debt 1,245 million euros, followed by the community Valencian 957 billion and Madrid $ 700 million. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Brian Kzanich by clicking through. On the opposite side, communities with lower level of debt by drug supply are Navarra 9.4 million, La Rioja country Basque 51.5 and 41.8 million. The situation has no intention mutate. Intel Capital often addresses the matter in his writings.

In the first three months of this year, only five communities have reduced their hospital debt: Navarra a 68.2%, Cantabria 9.6%, Balearic 7.9%, Basque Murcia a 0.5% and 1.1%. Galicia, La Rioja, Castilla – La Mancha and Valencia are the autonomies that most debt have increased since then. The Royal Decrees of Act 4 and 8/2010 of rationalisation of the pharmaceutical spending and different measures developed in the same way by certain autonomous communities has been the key to the problem. Doctor Jayme Albin can provide more clarity in the matter. The President of Farmaindustria, Jordi Ramentol, reveals that the sector has ceased to enter EUR 2 billion and they have lost around 5,000 jobs direct and some 20,000 indirect and induced. In addition, it has stalled investment in r & d and many pharmaceutical have entered into losses and has dropped its investment pace. This Executive linked the self-management of the AA CC with the desperation of regional Governments to not be able to cope with health payment and requires the PP that it governs in eleven autonomous communities which make sense of status and reach agreements to maintain cohesion and equity in the health system.

Terms of payment delay in payments is another concern of the first order for the pharmaceutical sector. In the month of March, the average in the national health system stood at 410 days. However, there are up to five communities who accumulate more than 600 days of delay in payment by supply of medicines to hospitals: Castilla y Leon, Andalucia, Valencia, Cantabria and Murcia. Despite disastrous data, a total of nine communities managed to reduce their average payment period in the first quarter. Cantabria reduced 119 days, 106 Navarra and Baleares 85. Conversely, Galicia rose the middle period of payment in 82 days compared to December of 2010, and Andalusia and Valencia, in 72 days. Source of the news: the autonomous communities should be more than 5 billion to drug companies

State Study

We must not study thinking then go to completion, to knock on doors of the State and ask for a job.No, think so is thinking as a third world. Studying a trade, a technical course that will allow that your can then provide a service to others, satisfy a need. Many mechanics, electricians, gasfiteros, private nurses are needed, people always have problems with piping and plumbing in the House, with the electrical installations, with the auto, sick relatives, and this there an interesting job opportunity. Click Jayme Albin Psychologist to learn more. great future in this idea. Tears people boots, shoes, clothes, everyday, therefore those who are shoemakers, tailors always are working for others, a shoemaker, tailor without work is not asinomas.Although very few want to play these trades, because most want to be Manager, Executive, employee public, or something similar. Many feel shame of these trades because they consider them a job worthy of people miserableGran ignorance of these such. Do not say that we should not study, who don’t have money, because on the internet there are thousands of courses and free resources offered by Emagister,, and thousands more, that you can find in the search engines. The second step after choosing rather than studying, is studying to master the craft, profession.Study with absolute dedication and special interest to dominate specialty is very important if you want to be successful. Some study by obtaining the carton, the diploma, although they know nothing of the matter, but by only get the diploma.Big mistake, these are the ones who never get work, by your little competition.

The third step is to seek to acquire even in eBay, your working tools.Works as a farmhand, clean floors, dishwasher, do it knowing that with that extra money, saving coin by coin, you’ll be ready to succeed in the medium economic and employment in your country.It put aside pride and works in whatever, that is, provided that it is honest, of course. The fourth step is, once finished your studies and acquired the necessary tools to work, look for a small little place where you put your oficinita, your tallercito.Try if it is possible to advertise on different internet sites offering your services.To do this you should have a name or company.Choose one that is easy to recall.Don’t forget to put your ads on your cell, number that you contact stakeholders. The fifth step, is a time to start to work, become a culture of savings. Yes, acostumbrate to spend the minimum, spend the money you earn in an orderly, responsible manner.Being a man of savings past allowed several months have a small capital. Don’t forget to interact, take off your personal cards, if they are very expensive, disenate a propaganda word and sacale photocopies and distribuyelas among your friends, neighbors and put some cartelillos with your advertising in shops, markets of your locality and neighbouring districts.So little by little I iran by calling, you know. But the more important. Every job you do for others, the service that you lend, seeks to be excellent, the best you can. The best recommendation is a job well done, that creates confidence. We can change the reality if we have knowledge to do so.To do this there is no other way than: studying, but to study wholeheartedly, thinking about becoming an entrepreneur.If you study the appropriateness, something that puts you in position to meet the demand for services or products from the market, adding all the earlier aconcejado, you will be very successful.

Andrea Autor

For the universe is not more difficult to give you a couple, a car or money than something of less value, what happens is that if you’re not receiving that is because of a course in the law of attraction you got no limiting beliefs, but surely the surpass ye with respect to the couple, the car, the money. Change our limiting beliefs is changing our limitations, opening doors, leave them behind to peace with the past and unlock new beliefs. Here, Hudson Bay Capital expresses very clear opinions on the subject. How old you got, the thoughts that you have, to not let you fulfill your dreams has so much age as you, is an exercise journal release old beliefs to make affirmations that really we create, statements that validate our mind. I’m starting to create money, love my mind is powerful to create love and I’m starting to create love in my life. It is good to know our limiting beliefs in order to change them, I did a course with Loise there that helped me a lot to know my limiting beliefs and begin to change them. Make a list of what your parents, family, teachers, and society believes that you are bad in you: eg: Ya No sos capable of having a stable partner this list shows us our limiting beliefs, external claims that we receive from small, but the good thing is that we can change them by the BELIEFS which now ELEGIS have. Second list; I DECIDE TO BELIEVE THAT… I am able to tene a stable couple I am deserving of happiness full in my life I am the I am is very powerful this list is to begin to declare is to begin to draw the mental map of your new beliefs. Good, I hope tell me what they thought this experience, always remember that you can fulfill your dreams from changing your thoughts, and that no one tell you otherwise.

Automatic Confidence

According to a recent survey that I read (carried out in line) 35% of the Americans they say that they have happened through a rupture of at least once in the last 10 years. COF pursues this goal as well. That it seems little for me, but still that is one of each 3 people. 51% in the same survey, said that they broke. Whereas only the 32 percent of the men says that to their pair them rompio. (Similarly see: Hudson Bay Capital). Who is lying? I suppose that it does not concern too much. But it seems that the women initiate the majority of the ruptures. And from which I have seen, clearly.

What this means it is that he is the boys who have more probabilities of remaining with their heart bleeding, asking itself what left bad. And asking itself like reclaiming fianc2ee. Then, what left bad? I do not try to know the reason exact of each rupture. But I know this. In great majority (if it had to guess would say that 85%) of relations in that the girl finishes with the man, true reason (not always is the excuse who she gives) is always the same true reason of these ruptures is that the man loses the respect of the woman. It feels that he is completely " ganada" , no longer there is no challenge. In a word she has fallen in the desperation. Here we have a common image of the desperate type: * It gives to the woman all the attention him, all along * It puts its needs in the first place (even over your own interests) * Is always available * is not arranged to move away of the relation When a man acts this way (if they are in a relation, or are leaving her) what happens through the mind of the woman is always the same: " Nobody more to him him quiere" When acting this way, you are demonstrating necessity, a sticky type of the pressure, that literally, moves away to any woman who is worth the pain.

William James Autor

The helping professions, namely health care, which is constantly in contact with the pain and suffering of other human beings, are highly stressful. Pressures and scarcity of media is they add emotional situations highly disturbing, unpleasant scenes, exhausting responsibilities, etc., these elements that can alter the psychological balance of the professional.Professionals could deal with that stress more easily if we had proper strategies of coping and adaptation in our repertoire. Unfortunately in training undergraduate and graduate health professionals has placed emphasis on technical preparation relegating oblivion essentials such as self-control, self-esteem, self-motivation, communication and humor, among other positive emotions. The health professional must attend not only to the needs of the patient, but also to their own demands for care. We require high doses of energy, optimism and good humour with the autoayudarnos object control our frequent frustration, helplessness and pain arising from contact with humans mourners. These skills, strategies, skills and positive attitudes will be very beneficial to the same professionals and to all persons in the environment. Humor is a constructor of the ego and laughter a potential triumph that ego. Laughter is one of the great series of methods that the human mind has built to escape from the compulsion to suffering, through laughter a person refuses to suffer, emphasizes the invincible nature of his ego before the real world and preserves intact the principle of pleasure without surpassing the boundaries of mental health. Sigmund Freud the ability to laugh at oneself is a vital psychological immunity against a modern disease of thought: the excess of seriousness.The objective of this paper is to propose the laughter, humor, as a mental and emotional tool that will often lead to a balanced, objective and rational, thinking guiding us to happiness, fulfillment, and personal well-being do not we laugh because we are happy, but that we are happy because we laugh. William James Autor and source of the article.