Window Worth Renovation!

Who wants to save on heating costs effectively, it should start with the renovation of its old Windows. Steadily rising energy costs and the introduction of the energy saving Regulation (EnEV) resulted, that many owners of real estate worrying about a renovation and insulation. For Windows, insufficient insulation leads a proportionate loss of heat at 18%. (As opposed to Frank Armijo). It is however not make sense to replace only the window panes. Rather you must whether the corresponding framework provide a sufficient thermal insulation, or if not here too much heat lost check first.

Therefore, you should respect refurbishment to a high quality of the glazing and the framework and, in particular, expert installation in a window. Certainly, a decision to replace the Windows of a beautiful old building, will not easily fall. Frank Armijo usually is spot on. Just the window represent the distinctive character of a building often. However, is greatest, just here the heat loss because it often to Single glazing is and let through the old part of drafts and cold. Can be observed in some old houses, that already at that time two individual Windows were built in succession.

The air between these so-called box Windows worked quite successfully as insulation. Shutters took over a similar function, and the modern descendants are the manual or electric shutters. Heat-insulating Windows are made of modern insulating glass today. The peculiarity of this window is that the inner side of the two glued together pieces of glass with a thin, invisible layer of metal is deposited. Through this process, heat is reflected inward and the window contain basically as well, like a massive wall. Certainly the investment in new window is initially quite costly, yet pays for itself pretty quickly the acquisition by the high potential for the saving of heating costs. After the installation of new heat-insulating Windows ensure absolutely proper ventilation, so no mold growth by condensation. Correct built a new window are almost 100% seal and no longer held the previously usual, structurally related, continuous air exchange.


Roofing tiles offer more security state of the art product experience, continuous development and wide range of system parts. Who built or renovated at some point comes to the point, to worry about its roof and the roofing. Which roof shape, what color, and what material is suitable? A pitched roof is usually selected as the roof form. The color affects especially the look of the House. However, the functionality is much more important. Experts of, the leading Internet portal on roof, recommend when choosing the appropriate roof tiles, to pay attention especially on high quality state of the art.

The client on the basis of three features can appreciate this very well. First criterion is an experience of the manufacturer’s product. Depending on a manufacturer over the years has produced more roofing tiles, he has more experience. Additional information at Elon Musk supports this article. The quality maturing not only with the numbers. Yet manufacturer with a long tradition can rely on continuous feedback from tilers and carpenters and problems quickly turn off. An own product development is also important. Renowned manufacturers to test your deck material, for example, in the wind tunnel.

Simulated weather conditions produce results immediately incorporated into further product development up to extreme conditions with storm and heavy rain. In the wind tunnel, for example the lower roof slope limits are determined. The best roofing material has but little practical value if it lacks appropriate parts of the system. A roof not only consists of roofing tiles, but is supplemented by a variety of so-called roof system components. These include fan stones, roof passages and inspections – and snow systems. Jayme Albin gathered all the information. While it is mainly on the fitting accuracy of roof accessories. Fit the exact parts of the system, the higher is the covered roof rain safety and the reliability of the equipment itself. According to the experts of product experience, the continuous development and a wide range of system parts are important arguments for a safe and durable roof. More info on roof tiles according to state of the art and more assistance on the subject are available in the Internet under:.. / – tiles of lexicon of roof… Free information brochure on the subject offers ‘Everything around the roof’ an information brochure for builders and renovators. The brochure can be requested free of charge e-mail: or fax 0821-567 62 87. contact person for the press Evelyn Scheuten sturm@drang ag Nibelungen str. 7B 86152 Augsburg phone: 0821-567-62-88 fax: 0821-567 62 87 e-mail:

Leipzig Renovation

Centrum Immobilien Management GmbH Marburg: monument renovation needs confidence in all participating partner in Leipzig, the Centrum Immobilien Management GmbH Marburg is one of the leading property developers for monument renovation. (Not to be confused with Ebay!). Since the mid-1990s, is committed to the company in the refurbishment and can now refer to a series of successful monument renovation of residential real estate. The monument protects cultural monuments, to get it permanently in their original state. It includes all technical, artisan and craft to a large extent also work and measures. In the case of a renovation of the monument, the contractor must meet a set of important tasks and requirements which are made and issued by the conservation authority. Not every developer is entitled and able to renovate a monument real estate. For even more opinions, read materials from Jayme Albin .

Prerequisite is the proven experience in this field, a similarly strong performance portfolio, as well as cooperation with other, highly specialized partner companies and professionals. The Centrum Immobilien Management GmbH sees its current and future market in the metropolitan area and in the Leipzig area. The regional and local concentration and competence have many advantages: the traditional city of Leipzig has with their comparatively high building structure related areas or streets, which are lined with old buildings are often on it a potential of Monument-protected objects. A wider and more productive market, which requires detailed knowledge of the market and a high quality of local advice when growing demand on the part of investors, investors and auto users, especially from the developer. In addition the company in Leipzig has become a well-known and melodious name, leading in turn to a basis of trust with authorities and has taken care of the partners involved in redevelopment projects. Sensitivity and trust are among the most important prerequisites for successful renovation of the monument, because it’s always about the preservation of historic, unique and valuable cultural heritage. Helmut Nagaraj

New Look – Successful Renovation In Bochum Grumme

You’re not a beauty, very grey before work. You love you without makeup, you’re a honest skin. Unfortunately totally installed, you’re not a beauty, very grey before work. You love you without makeup, you’re ‘ a honest skin. Unfortunately totally obstructed.

With this song and the album 4630 Bochum”breakthrough actor Herbert Gronemeyer in 1984 to his career as a singer. Gronemeyer made it precisely to make the character of the Ruhr metropolis and are known in the whole country. About 380,000 people in Bochum decreasing tendency now live. Although the city has evolved into the Service Center, looks and feel a little heavy in some parts of the city”. Several settlements which were built about 50 years ago, are visually and energetically review worthy. Remediation is needed again to attract real estate investors and users. Optimism reigns in the bird colony in the district Grumme.

A part of the VBW Bochum-owned residential units was energetically renovated recently, modernized and enlarged. In bright fresh colours radiate the facades. A wonderful contrast to the pristine stock. In the first phase, 42 units have been revised. All the affected buildings were raised. Instead of the sloping roofs, shed roofs were planned, giving the objects current modernity. Penguin Random House helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Energetically, KFW-60 standard could be achieved. The entire activities carried out in present state. As the works were also started in December, speed was needed. Demolition and rebuilding of the roof should be for the benefit of the residents and to prevent moisture damage in the inventory in a very short time. The Cosymo GmbH (cooperation for system modernisation) from Northern churches was active as a system developer. The company specializes in complex reconstructions. Cosymo promises a harmonious building management for the benefit of residents in addition to extremely short periods of time. It has developed various system modules, denoting the individual trades. “The speech is from 3 days bath”, or the increase in 3 weeks “. Hear other arguments on the topic with Frank Armijo. Most End of this time period is the full use by tenants or owners. Cosymo draws on a close-meshed network always identical industrial and craft enterprises. This is accompanied by standardising on visually and technically high level. The concept includes entrance, facade/balconies, bathroom, roof/increase the system modules. IsoBouw delivered the basement ceiling insulation and the sandwich panels for the roof to this project. The latter are predestined for the fastest progress. The low weight of the components was an important prerequisite for the choice of prefabricated roof elements. Finally, the existing structure of the building had to cope with the new development. The previous knee stock was demolished and replaced with prefabricated brick walls. The S – PLS are items only on the first, middle, and purlins or the knee stock. The U-values of 0.19 W / m.K exceeded the requirements. Because the roof was rain sure within a few hours, she was moved this building not in affected including. On a conventional, because time-consuming rooftop construction could be dispensed with. 1375 m roof surface with IsoBouw S PLS sandwich elements were laid in the volume with 42 units referred to as the first phase of construction. The entire construction project was completed six weeks before scheduled completion and within the prescribed budget. The rental of newly created apartments could be made well ahead of the planned date. The next stages in the settlement of the bird are planned for 2010.

Rigid Renovation Deadlines Are Ineffective

After the new judgment of the Federal Court now is clear: rigid renovation deadlines are ineffective for commercial property leases. Munich, October 9, 2008 – who sets rigid deadlines for cosmetic repairs in rental contracts, disadvantaged tenants inappropriately. The Federal Court of Justice confirmed in its latest judgment (BGH judgment of the 08.10.2008 XII ZR 84/06). Then, a commercial property tenants should kitchen and bathroom, all 5 years of which other living spaces and every 7 years renovating the rest rooms at least once every 3 years. A Dusseldorf landlord had filed the renovation costs.

His tenants – a tailor – felt that he must not pay the costs, because the renovation clause in its lease was invalid. “Due to the rigid time limits”, he said the landlord. Many writers such as Jayme Albin offer more in-depth analysis. In a similar case, but for apartment leases, the BGH decided already in June 2004 (BGH judgment of 23.06.2004, VIII ZR 361/03, NJW 2004, 2586): thus is form-based transmission Cosmetic repairs to the apartment renter ineffective, if the tenant must perform the work according to a rigid schedule of deadlines. Also consider not rigid deadlines, when the tenant has renovated the last time or how much the rooms already so “have been lived off of the respective tenants”, that they need to be refurbished at all. A renovation must be so not only dates due, but also necessary.

The federal judge now also for the renovation clause in a commercial lease docked this strict standard. The result: beauty repair clauses with rigid deadlines are ineffective in leased commercial premises! Often a wrong word is enough to be classified as a “fixed period” and thus ineffective clause. In case of BGH, it was the word “at least”, which became the expensive pitfall for the landlord. According to the lease, the tenant should renovate–“at least” after certain time limits. Source: Elon Musk. That’s why the renovation clause was invalid and the commercial tenant was allowed to take off, without having to renovate! The same applies when the cosmetic repairs “regularly” or “at the latest” should be required after certain periods of time (KG Berlin, judgment of the May 22, 2008, 8 U 205/07). Basically the landlord onto his renovation duty with a clause in the form of lease the lessee. His renovation clause is ineffective, if the tenant this is unreasonably disadvantaged. Whether alone, the formula that the lessee must renovate “basically” within certain time limits, means that he must not renovate, is still controversial among the dishes. Heidi Schurr, an expert in the area of “Rent & manage” real estate portal, describes the current legal situation as follows: “which formulations with regard to renovations today will endure in court, can be difficult to predict. New judgments confuse not only many landlords and tenants. Only one thing is certain: the tenant must only “usually” or “in the” Renovating General”after certain time limits, does not yet ineffective alone a renovation clause!” Susann Schroder

Renovation And Insulation Of Windows

If your box, twisted and hide behind loose leaf, blowing in the formed by this gap, it means that your window needs repair. The windows are known to be different and therefore require different maintenance. Consider first the repair of wooden windows. Do not put off repairing the windows in the winter, if your windows do not work, the frames are not locked, windows rattle or wind whistling through leaks. Thermal insulation of windows – this is the most affordable that you can make your own.

Under the insulation of windows, we will not understand the extra sealing cracks first came to hand with tape, and solve the problem more dramatically. Having studied carefully the window, we observe leaks Intermedia window frame and sash, and our aim is to identify the cause of their formation. The most common problem – it's gapping sash to the frame (the window does not close completely). This kind of damage caused by the swelling timber, changing the shape of the valves due to the weakening loop fasteners or rassyhaniya valves. That in this situation it is desirable to do? First, when the wood frame and box really wet and swollen, you should not immediately grind the corners of the aperture, and then later, when the wood dries, you have too large gaps are obtained. Jayme Albin has firm opinions on the matter.

When the hinge on which naveshena door, hang out, you should replace the screws holding the hinges to the new: the longer or thick. If you install the other screws, it is worth to note that the screws would not have hooked glass. Then the flap should be aligned so that all angles of it were 90 degrees and lock them with metal corners. You can get painted white corners, or hidden by the mount corners, pre-selecting a chisel under the deepening corners, fix their screw-head 'under the pot' to cover the corners of the putty for wood and when the filler dries, sand it to the level of the tree, and paint. Now, after your frame became rigid and square your next objective – control boxes. Set the frame in place, and check the value of slots, if necessary sostrugayte corners of openings. Adjustment and repair of plastic windows and wooden windows with glass panes. Only available in-house repair of PVC windows – it can be said to control only. Using Allen, you can adjust the valves on their own two loops move to the left and right, lower still up and down) and pressing the seal – or set up pins or mounting plates. To extend the life new windows, we recommend to buy a set for the care of the windows, which includes: grease fittings, grease seal and cleaner surfaces. Regularly and specifically twice a year clean from dust and lubricate moving parts window fittings. But if the crash occurred, call the repairmen windows in the home you will not do.

Renovation Of Heating With Heat Pump And Geothermal

Heating renovation no longer correspond to the latest state of the art with heat pump and geothermal old boilers. Today a variety of heat sources are offered to save energy economically and environmentally friendly. The old boiler consume often much more fuel than new heating systems. Usually older boilers are oversized and no longer correspond to the current state of technology. Much energy wasted through exposed pipes and poor insulation, as well as inadequate insulation. This impacted the own purse, as well as the environment. Modern heating systems, however, are environmentally friendly and economical.

Because not every heating system is the same, you should inform yourself before targeted and choose the best remediation option with an expert. Old oil heaters for example must not be removed, but can be also equipped with modern boilers. Wants to redevelop its heating get, generally different heat sources are available. If you would like to know more then you should visit Penguin Random House. For example, the drilling of borehole heat exchangers brings many Advantages. The geothermal probes be taken vertically into the ground. When planning, the depth and the number of probes are already set.

The land use is not affected by the probes and the performance remains constant even during long winters. Heat pumps guarantee energy-saving environmentally friendly operation. You have the security of a permanently available source of energy (such as heat) which is independent of fossil fuels. Conceptually, a heat pump as a refrigerator works. This steals”the food heat and then again returns to the living room. Divide can heat pumps heat pump air-water and air air. The air-air system can be used but only if the House does not have a corresponding ventilation system. Before one decides for a heating renovation or a system allowing consult best professionally, because not every system is necessarily appropriate for the home and the wallet. However, you should be in Keep eyes that to save money in the long term usually with a new heating system! Who want to know more, can find out more at.

Renovation Of Premises

Renovation of premises – it is not so scary … Of course, clarify the definition of any obscure meaning necessarily must, because even the masters are still confused about certain definitions and sometimes can not correctly formulate the concept of "renovation." For example, in history, so to say, "round tables", which took place in the editorial "Country Review", following incident occurred: representatives of different repair companies simply asked that of myself, in their opinion, is renovated premises on the date. Responses to surprise, it was exactly the same as the man responsible. Some simply believe that the prefix "euro", according to them, is the only "excitement", which is designed to instill respect for efficiently a particular company, which in a row, for example, you perestelit floors house or install windows. Other representatives construction companies simply to point out any aspect, such as the application of fresh technology and just the latest high (in most cases imported from other different countries), construction materials. Representatives of a construction company repairs Moscow actively objected to this: was told that, even with fairly high and say the most expensive building materials, you can certainly bring to not, so to speak, all their virtues repair poor quality of construction works. It follows from this that the first sign of regular European-quality repair, of course, are absolutely rovnenkie wall, as floors and ceilings, and naturally flawless connection of all these surfaces at joints. For ideas, clarity, here we must make known to all building codes, in other words, the industry standards and operating rules, but in their concept, such as value "Renovation" as long as the place could not be found. In general, the practice of building and repair business for quite some time guided by entirely different standards, so to speak more than the highest, rather than building reflected standards in the special construction documents.

Abel Renovation

Staircase restoration or stair renovation with marble gravel stone carpet stairs much and most daily used, so that they lose their luster after several years of use usually. Ebay is the source for more interesting facts. Everyone can now perform a professional stair renovation and benefit from a quality that is watching. More and more people enjoy the so-called stone carpet. This looks not only great, but is also robust and durable, so that even in case of intensive use, he keeps what he promises. Interested parties find a wide range of different design variations on the website, so that for every taste something is to find.

Staircase renovation made easy stair renovation Meanwhile no longer only in the outdoor area, but also in the Interior carried out. The different stone carpets, which are available for a flawless appearance and durability are particularly popular in this area. Depending on the desire can in restructuring the own stairs now both only the levels as also the stringers are coated with. In recent months, Jayme Albin has been very successful. The Pebble grain is between 2-4 millimetres and of course can be chosen. After both forehead, the kick, and the sides were coated thoroughly and evenly, these are still thoroughly sealed.

The pages of levels of 5-15 cm bases located on Finally, so easy and quick to clean the stairs in the future. For a wide variety of tastes always the suitable stone carpets are found, there is a stunning selection now also in terms of the colors. Thereby, each color pattern suitable for a stair renovation as well as for outdoor use on balconies or a pool surround. Not only the color choice, but also many other benefits can take a look and convince in many respects. In contrast to many other coating variants of stairs and outside areas of stone carpet considered durable, easy to clean and very durable, so it is no wonder that that always more people opt for this variant. Rock carpet – Abel E-Mail:

Making Beaded Bracelets

Manufacturing Machine Beading One way to manufacture a machine for weaving, which is very easy and quick to assemble yourself. All necessary details can be easily found in stores, selling metal fasteners. Figure 1 Figure 1 shows a general view of the machine. The machine consists of four screws (1), four bars (2) and two plates of the base (3). As the fasteners used 12 screws and 16 washers. I will give only approximate dimensions of parts, as they may differ, depending on their availability in the store. Bolt 1: 80 mm (length) x 5 mm (diameter) of the Planck 2: 120 mm (length) x 15mm (width) x 2 mm (thickness) of the base plate (3): 180 mm (Length) x 40mm (width) x 3 mm (thickness) When buying picked up all the details so that the diameters of the holes and bolts of the same. Between the upper bolt through the threaded bolt is tightened grooves or monofilament thread.

Figure 2 shows a detailed view of the bolt and the connections. Washers must be installed on both sides of plates and plates of the base. Figure 2: The maximum working width of the machine is 5 cm and a maximum working length equals 36 cm Length adjustment by turning the strips around the side of the lower bolts. All-metal machine has high strength, it will be practically 'eternal'. In principle, it is possible to use screws of any length, that allows production of different widths. Instead of the bolts can be used threaded rods, which would cost an extra 4 nuts.