Parquet Polishing

Any repair or restoration work of the park does not begin to learn how to polish parquet, but it must begin with a thorough cleaning of the brushes and special soaps using for this purpose. The aim is to remove accumulated dirt and old wax layers possible. Once properly cleaned, we can quickly detect the damaged areas. Aetna Inc. has plenty of information regarding this issue. Then if it detects a break or crack in a strip parquet, we proceed to change the affected part. If the park is right may not be necessary to replace all the lama, or group of lamas. For example, a wooden nailing strips to rest on wood, will enable us to pierce the area with a drill and use a narrow blade saw to cut the fragment.

If the parquet is glued down can be costly starting, and possibly danemos several lamas in the process. If this is a parquet enclipado, repair is easier because by not using glue can be removed easily, change the parquet slat affected by a new and reassembled the whole in a relatively short time. How polished parquet After completing the previous stages, and you can learn how to polish parquet, a task which certainly can help us to completely renew the look of a wooden old and full of scratches but, as we indicated earlier, is applicable only parquet solid wood. The polished parquet requires specialized equipment not usually available to everyone: parquet polishing machines. In any case, if we wish, we can rent this type of machinery. The polishing process should not be done at once.

Are needed at least three passes with the polisher, using abrasive belts of increasingly fine grain. We must be careful during polishing, especially when using coarser abrasives, then stop in one place too could end up producing a hollow channel, we can not fix later. The direction of polishing is important: the first pass should be diagonal to the direction of the slats, the next pass in the opposite diagonal, and final run in the direction of the slats. After polishing should apply a protective layer of wax either, whether of a product to vitrify. The vitrification of parquet is a technique for applying a protective layer of great resistance on the newly polished parquet greatly simplify maintenance. To vitrify a park should make sure that the wood has dried as much as possible, and we do not have the heating on. In fact the room temperature should not be too high. Then apply a minimum of two layers of special lacquer to dry, leaving space for a day or more between each layer applied. The final drying may take a week, something to keep in mind before placing the furniture in the room.