Patent Office

In large enterprises engaged in the design and construction of new structures and processes, forming patent department (bureau), whose function is patent-licensing work, including selection inventions for patenting to create designs, assistance for inventors in the design of applications for an inventor's certificate, etc. The patent – a document that provides its owner the exclusive right to use invention. In other words, the present invention without the consent of the patentee to use no one can. Consent is usually expressed by the issue (sale) license (authorization) na partial or full use of the assignment patent rights. Conduct patent research provides a definition based on patent information and technical level of production, trends in its development, patentability and infringement.

Procedure for Patent research is designed to ensure high technical level of developed products and its competitiveness in the global market. It includes: designing the job to conduct patent research, development regulation (area of) information search, retrieval and selection of the patent, scientific and technical, including expediency, economic, information, organization and analysis of selected information, the generalization results and report on the patent research. In conducting patent research revealed the feasibility of patenting abroad of domestic inventions that may be further subject export or object license contract. Signal the desirability of patenting inventions abroad should be made by the organizations (companies) in which it is made, or from the inventor. This is one of the tasks patent department (bureau) of enterprises and organizations. Timeliness of patent protection abroad leads to gratuitous use of domestic inventions by foreign firms. In the case of overseas patent for an invention on which to create the equipment, devices or other products, they can freely export to the country issuing the patent.

If the patent has not been made, then exported products must be tested on non-infringement. Having non-infringement with respect to any party are those objects that are not covered by patents and licenses on industrial designs, issued by the Patent Office in that country. Providing Novelty – a necessary stage of technical preparation of production, which is made official document – Patent form. It is the evidence to decide on the possibility (for patent reasons) the supply of goods abroad, or the transfer of documentation for this product. Patents Form includes information about all major elements (units, nodes) of the considered structures are specified foreign prototypes (analog) designs, recorded in the design, copyright certificates, foreign patents, patent applications, used in the design process or prepared as a result of development. Form should also contain information about the availability and validity of foreign patents, or deny this element of design in general infringement. Check to ensure non-infringement of the newly created and intended for export products along with the preparation of proposals on the protection of inventions made in the organizations through the filing of applications for invention, and then patenting abroad is the main objective of patent department (bureau), scientific research and engineering departments. Products, exported abroad for patent violations laws can be arrested, and the country allow such removal, may be fined for damage caused to the patent holder. Assignment of patent rights is based on licensing agreements.