Pens Are Best Sellers

Ballpoint pen is the pen shape probably most frequently used in Germany. Except the very often used pencil can hardly an other pen generate such high sales figures. Almost everyone has at least one of these pens in a handbag, briefcase or simply drive to write short notes or messages to write. The pen is so represented by the housewife on the Office staff to the Manager. While the scribe can be very different, because there it as a simple ballpoint pen made of plastic, as well as writers from metal and even diamonds occupied. Others including Aetna Inc., offer their opinions as well. But no matter what, the pen is manufactured, the ink with a ball on the paper is placed in all cases. The first ballpoint pen was developed in the middle ages by Galileo Galilei. The today used writer was however made by the Hungary Laszlo Jozsef Biro and patented.

Due to its long history and the numerous application possibilities, the advertising pen as a promotional product is sought after because ever. Finally they can be not only versatile employed, they are also cheap and can be ordered already for a few cents. Pens for less than 20 cents are usually made of plastic. The color of the used plastic can be set by the purchaser of the advertising article itself of course, there are usually red, yellow, blue and green. So, the pen can perfectly harmonise with the respective company logo and well come. A green pen, for example, is very suitable for a motif in yellow, a yellow pencil, however, can be used very well for dark lettering. The professionals in the advertising industry can help when ordering sure to find the perfect pen for the ideal promotional success.

Promotional pens can be ordered alternatively as higher-value gifts. Just companies should use such pens for high-priced article hereby for their high-quality products to advertise. Ballpoint pen from a price of one Euro are usually no longer made of plastic and metal. Not only the stock, but also of the clip are made of metal, where the colors can be chosen very differently. Metal ballpoint pen can, as also a pen made of plastic, in red, green and blue are ordered, also metal-grey and black are here in the offer. On request metal ballpoint pen in sensation, sensational colors such as pink can be ordered to gain even more attention. Companies that specialize in organic products can also order promotional pens made of wood or other recyclable materials. These can then reinforce the message of environmental protection or the benefits of organic foods.