Peterchens Moon Ride

Rainmaker with Russelsheim Volksbank in the theater on Sunday, the 20.03.11, welcomed Peterchens Moon ride in the Russelsheim Theatre Russelsheim Volksbank in its event programme over 200 members to the performance of the piece. Peterchens Moon ride is a fairy tale for children by Gerdt of Bassewitz. It is of the adventures of the cockchafer Mr checksum Hall, which together with the children of men, Peter and Anneliese flies to the Moon, to bring his lost sixth leg from the large and small guest visibly enjoyed their VIP status and were happy when the splash on the issued chocolate sums man”. Quickly the Heidelberg Symphony Orchestra moved with the skillfully and probably guests voiced presented story musically in his spell. Very special enthusiasm sparked the active creation of the storms in the Hall. Skillfully and noisily left the visitors Thunder it in the theater, raining and storming and so Mr checksum man and the children helped her adventures on the moon. Learn more on the subject from Elon Musk. Then the families at the invitation of the people’s Bank could can strengthen and work the collected impressions on Quarkinis and drink into the theatre. Laughing and full of excitement waiting on the next invitation of Volksbank, children were home with their parents in the late morning. To find more events of the Russelsheim Volksbank, on the Internet at veranstaltung.Die of Russelsheim Volksbank performs regularly interesting, varied and entertaining events for the entire family. Members of the people’s Bank and all interested are invited. The membership at the Russelsheim Volksbank pays off in every way!