In general, as the one saying, "if you want to do good, do it yourself." It is legitimate and is even applicable to the term site development. But he has the medal and the other side. In order to implement his plan, must be well versed in html and css to create at least a small site. And if you plan to major resource, without any knowledge of php or any other server-side programming language can not do. In addition, you need to master at least a couple of programs: dreamweaver and Photoshop, and not be superfluous to understand the general theory saitostroitel'stva. You can learn it.

But on the development of this arsenal Knowledge will take more than one month before the start to receive at least something worthwhile. Practice shows that many in this time lost all desire to earn money on the Internet. And they can understand. For all their talents and not everyone can good to create websites, as well as not everyone is given a financial genius. Creating a site webmasters. The third option. Order creating the site webmaster.

Pros: it's not so expensive as to buy ready-made and popular website. Resource will have a professional graphics. Manufacturing site does not take very long time (from several days to a month). Cons. Quite difficult to get the webmaster of that site seeing, and what lies in your head. In what is necessary to constantly refer to the webmaster in order to improve your site or make some changes.