Present Day

Pizza now familiar to everyone. Where did she come to us? Of course, from Italy, almost every answer. He certainly will be right and wrong. Ancestors of the current pizza, of course under different names, are known from ancient times. It is hard to say what the people belongs the honor of the invention of the dishes, which many times to change and improve become famous Italian pizza. What is clear is that the title of "authors" can claim a many.

Among the "pretenders" – the Etruscans, Romans, Phoenicians, Greeks from sources on the history of the ancient Persian Empire can be found that the soldiers of Darius the Great (521-486 years. BC), accustomed to multi-day transitions, cooked on their flat panels special type of bread, which put the cheese and dates. A similar dish, with a variety of additives, it was known, and the ancient Etruscans. The Greeks, amongst other talents, there were also wonderful bakers. Apparently, they were put on flat bread, cheese and various additives before baking, the raw dough. Known to the ancient Greek dish called "plakuntos" – a flat round bread, which were placed oil, garlic, onions, herbs and olives.

Already in Plato's Republic is mentioned round bread with olives and cheese. According to one legend, the Roman legionnaires, who returned from Palestine, bringing with them a dish called "pitsea, and is a bread (Possibly fresh), which relied on a variety of vegetables. According to other sources, more reliable, the Romans simply changed the Greek "plakuntos" and begin to make greater use cheese and other ingredients.