President Juan Manuel Santos

When I met with President Juan Manuel Santos, gave me the impression of being willing to invest in quality education, I wish to do so. What is the first step that must be taken to put education on the political agenda? Have peripheral vision and blindness not peripheral, look at what they are doing the countries with similar conditions, adopt what works and discard what doesn’t. Furthermore, we must recognize that the teacher has to be the backbone of society, which should be a professional trained and well paid. Nearby is the change in Latin America against the education? I am optimistic, countries can be turned with impressive speed. If you look at what was South Korea 50 years ago, you salias running, but today they are inside the world’s richest economies. We have a very important opportunity of generating the change that is needed, of the step and convince us that education is the key.

Then the? is key to encourage education in the civil mobilization? Everyone must include us, the media should start to talk about education, the opinion columnists, citizens, employers. I am skeptical to think that politicians on their own will solve this problem, they think in terms of four years and why is that they send you to do everything what comes out in the photo, but the real processes that are 20 and 30 years do not go into the photos. But you have to include the Government, put education on the agenda so that together with them forge change. Colombia has focused more on boosting its economic growth that education, we walk the wrong way? That is one of our major fallacies of our time, media, journalists, politicians, we are all obsessed with economic growth. But economic growth without the growth of the quality of education is not going to help eliminate poverty. Now our economies grow but they benefit only those who integrate the formal economy, who we work in a company, but the lady who sells lemons in the street, who never studied, she does not benefit from the growth. Taken from: the spectator original author and source of the article