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The existing limits and existing controls seem to be insufficient. May be harmful consequences for infants and young children. However, conventional water dispenser remove the coarse fabrics usually only superficially. For this old problem, therefore the proven AQAPUR water dispenser offer the easiest solution, because AQAPUR molecular filter systems can purify water at the molecular level based on the principle of reverse osmosis and remove up to 99% of unwanted pollutants. This concept of water treatment has continuously AQAPUR along the lines of nature in almost 20 years. About the thorough water filtration and purification of water, pure water is also finished with natural atmospheric oxygen and energizing – without the use of electricity. Thanks to the patented AQAPUR water technology can be omitted contrary to all conventional water filter systems on water tanks made of steel and plastic with plastic or rubber membrane.

Practically in the Kitchen installed, is always pure AQAPUR premium water, such as from a natural water source, is available. And also taste the superbly cleaned and refined premium is superior to the usual water water from an AQAPUR water dispenser. Thanks to the AQAPUR water filter it is self-evident, that at the end of the day also lime problems, sodium loading and crate dragging thing of the past. With AQAPUR molecular filter systems based on reverse osmosis it feels safe, guaranteed pure and healthy water to drink always. AQAPUR water dispenser thanks to the unique natural triad offer always best quality of drinking water for a drink of pure pleasure and pure well-being. Because pure AQAPUR water is good, do good and tastes better! Detailed information about water source AQAPUR drinking water finishing GmbH Press Office – team media Kaiserleistr. 43. 63067 Offenbach Tel.: 069 / 94 19 85 50 Fax: 069 / 94 19 85 55