Prevention And Treatment Of Uterine Fibroids

The drug inhibits the growth of tumors and pelvic organ prolapse. Promotes normalization of menstrual function and increased fertility (ability to bear children). Further details can be found at Mark Wahlberg, an internet resource. In a study of the effectiveness of the oligopeptide number 10 attended by 56 women of childbearing age with various disorders in the sexual sphere, as well as 23 female menopause with uterine cancer, hot flashes, and urinary incontinence. The drug was applied for 12 nedel.Polucheny following rezultaty.Povysilos libido in 18 of 35 people, the suspension of the growth of fibroids was observed in 9 out of 16 patients, restoration of menstrual cyclicity observed but 18 out of 31 women. After receiving the oligopeptide Number 10 is the full recovery of female urogenital system. Otmechatsya pronounced rejuvenation of the female body.

The drug is topically-th application. 12-15 drops daily rubbed into the skin on the inner side elbow. According to the patient Nadezhda Ivanovna, 48 years, according to a survey Achiev ltatam observed uterine fibroids the size comparable to the twelfth week of pregnancy, the doctor-mammologist identified multiple breast cysts. After taking the course number 10 oligopeptide and the oligopeptide number 11 when re-examination of the results of ultrasound and gynecologist and mammologist noted a slight, but reducing the size of uterine fibroids and decrease in the number and size of breast cysts. As a proof-physiological functions of the organism, the regulatory oligopeptides are recommended for prevention of various diseases and to slow the process aging, rejuvenation, renewal and improving the quality of human life. It should be noted that low molecular weight oligopeptides have practically no contraindications and side effects and absolutely bezvredny.Informatsiyu on drgim Badam is available at Questions may be sent to the e-mail:.