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This procedure not only must be carried through inside of the pharmaceutical attendance in the EAS, as well as in pharmacies and would drug commercial. The manuscript of this residue must take care of to the norms of occupational prevention for manuscript of chemical products. The vaccine discarding must exactly take in account the microbiana nature that inactivated of the classified residue being as group residue. the ACCIDENTS WITH PERFURO-CORTANTES Although the measures of security, accidents involving material biological they are frequent between professionals of the area of the health. Some patgenos exist that can be transmitted by material exposition involving biological, especially blood.

The told viruses more in these accidents are the virus of the imunodeficincia human being (HIV), of the B hepatitis (HBV) and of the C hepatitis (HCV). The average risk of if acquiring HIV are of approximately 0.3% after perforate-cutting accident with contaminated material, and of 0,09% after mucosa exposition. They exist, in the world, 100 cases more than confirmed of occupational transmission of the HIV in professionals of the area of the health. How much to hepatitis B, the infection risk can after be superior 30% perforate-cutting accident, case the patient-source is carrying of the virus. In relation to hepatitis C, the average risk of acquisition is of 1,8% (varying of 0 7%) after contaminated exposition with perforate-cutting. The unsafe act and the inadequate manuscript of this group of residues make with that the accidents are more frequent not only for the workers of the group of nursing as well as for the activities of hygienic cleaning of clothes and utensils, activities of nutrition, hygienic cleaning of the sectors, etc MANUALS AND CARTILHAS OF PROCEDURES the NR the 32 and PGRSS have the same lines of direction how much to the creation of Manuais and Cartilhas de Procedimentos.