Private Service

The private eye – Magnum and colleagues are sadly not to scale! Who does not, the famous TV detective Thomas Magnum, Rockford, Philip Marlowe, Sherlock Holmes, Hercule Poirot, Miss Marple, etc.. All are distinguished by great sagacity, cleverness, astuteness, coolness, unconventional work and methods of thought and seriousness, and they are in their profession more or less brilliant, quirky and successful. But the life of a normal mortal private detectives can not be compared with that of TV heroes. The competition among the agencies is very large and very hard. The term private is translated from the English-speaking – private investigator or private detective -, where the "private" distinction to the police profession, "detectives pointed out." Nowadays it is a distinction between the private and economic detective.

The private investigator who is hired by a client is, a service contract with him, which states that services must be paid even if the Success can not be guaranteed. Most of the private investigator in the private sector is committed to acknowledge, for example, the infidelity of a spouse or exclude, to find people who are missing – possibly as part of the legacy issues – to see people you have lost sight ; to find out if the former partners may work illegally in spite of official unemployment is about to pay for a maintenance need to, to convict the ex-partner, so that custody can be transferred to the client and so on. In many cases, the private investigator will also be charged with not equal to the police or prosecution for smaller crimes or to turn to ever advance to get some information before we try the state bodies. The private investigator has no special rights in this country, no state license.