Progressive Implementation Of Home Economics

The progressive implementation of Home Economics should be marked by creativity and decentralization. Each family lives in a landscape that determines their possibilities and limitations. There is no place without possibilities, the problem is, when looking for accurate possibility, where this is not possible. It is the same as the domestic economy in a megalopolis that in a small town in Mesopotamia, which in the Pampean West. One aspect of this type of economy, as they conceive it to be differentiated from other similar arrangements. The production of the domestic economy is predominantly for the consumption of each family.

For example, if there is surplus, it can be shared by neighbors or friends, and if there is surplus, can be fed poultry and small livestock, pigs and goats. This means that at least initially, does not include marketing processes are very complex and undermine the priority of family self-sufficiency. Voucher appropriate to move the concept of a domestic economy, few past to the present, brings new dimensions. On one side the time has virtually eliminated the culture of “home”, and therefore need to learn. The good news is that the level of education of the population is vastly superior to what it was in previous eras. This implies that the People are better able to perceive and implement the Domestic Economy. It is also a pull factor, the degree of technological development achieved. With appropriate technology and educated people the possibilities of local economies are strengthened. It is therefore raised the issue, as a tool to address future pitfalls of living standards.