Project 21

Most Internet users probably have encountered references to this project – the textbook e-commerce. Since its inception, it has replaced dozens of different names (Web Manager, Web Direct, Work Home, ITN-Draft, RichLife-Draft, wainmir, ieem and etc.) and still successfully distributed on the Internet. "Project 21" – the first and original name. All paid packages remain unchanged, despite the many clones. The main product they have one – 12 fee units textbook e-commerce in pdf. That's it and I will propose.

Project name was changed by the participants. Changes were made in advertising and free educational materials, the basis – paid part of the project are protected from changes. Why change something if the project and so successful? The basis of promoting any product (online or real life does not matter) originality and difference from others. Joining the Project-21, or order of business on their own ideas you yourself understand this. Project participants in the network was and is a great deal. Perhaps even more than in other similar existing projects.

I passed the full path of the first 12-pack of buying them real price. Many packages are sold cheaply. Only here the salt that they are unlikely to have been participants in the project at least a month. Probably just somewhere was bought, bargained for or hacked. And they broke and how to use it is not know. That's why few will be able to give you a clear answer, and frankly, I doubt that they would sell what you need. Once there was a case still in my work, when she sold the first and last parts, but between Mount them some stuff that is not something that was useful, and not even opened. Though the project and a long time in the network, but his popularity is falling, in contrast to the different out there 'Matrix' or 'easy money' that make some noise for some time sunk into Fly. People join and work, and I can assure you earn. I do not know what percentage bought the entire project is completely in others, personally I have come to the end of 45 or 50 people. And it is not bad. $ 40 000 on the road does not lie! There were, of course, and intermediate – those who bought only the first, or just a few. But there were many. The project provides not earn everything, and it is not available to all. Make only those who are not waiting for manna from heaven, and every day looking for ways to promotion, advertising deals, attract new users and new entrants. And those who just posted an ad and waiting for him to roll the money will be, it turns out in the cold. How do you get the cherished part of the project and start earn? The official annual cost of parts of the project for a total of $ 895 and folds: – 10 dollars or its equivalent in the first part of the project – $ 25 or its equivalent for the second part of the project – $ 50, or their equivalent for the third part of the project – $ 90 or its equivalent for each subsequent part of the project. Attention! Now you can: – buy a $ 5 licensing fee from any parts of the project – bought for $ 30 wholesale all 12 licensing fee part of the project