Promotion In The Network And Optimization

The marketing and advertising on the Internet share the stage, so it is sometimes difficult to determine their areas of action. So I thought it interesting to write a series of articles about some concepts that may be practical, especially for those who are new in the world of ebusiness. Many concepts are known for those familiar with the current terms of traditional marketing, find your web environment adaptation, the final analysis, the digital space is merely the medium for the company, or entrepreneur, making their actions communication and advocacy on the web. Its scope is universal, the potential to achieve customer loyalty, agility when implementing actions and strategic approaches to adjust on the fly, make the Internet a very effective in developing marketing strategies by the company. As in the case of traditional business, the online brand image is one of the greatest assets of the company and in many cases, it is the engine of growth and corporate expansion.

Therefore, Internet advertising is for the advertiser, the vehicle to reinforce your brand, sell products or establish strategic relationships with a community of potential users and growing. Some terms that we must become familiar before entering fully into the world of online marketing include: Banners (Banners advertising) were the basis of communication in Internet advertising, are still widely used, although overshadowed by the text ads. They consist of a “pill” of advertising in a graphic format, usually rectangular or square shape that is inserted into a point on the web. They are usually dynamic, in formats such as gif or swf (flash) and have the possibility of deriving traffic to a website with one click. Printing: Printing is known as the term that defines the number of times a particular ad is displayed on the web. Usually has full charge of the page as an impression.

A synonym would be “Impact.” CPM: Cost per thousand impressions. Hit: A web page consists of different types of files, images, text, sound, etc. HIT occurs when downloading a completely one of these files. Clicks: (Click through) is the mouse click is done on an ad and using a hyperlink to the page announcer. Cookies are electronic tags that are activated when you visit a certain area of a web page. The user can accept or reject them and are used to track the movements of a user within a page. They are stored in the user’s computer. Sponsorhip: (Sponsorship) consists of a financial contribution agreed between the company or owner of a website and the sponsoring company, usually in exchange for outstanding corporate presence and web advertising sponsored. CPC: Cost per click, CPM differs from that in this case, the advertiser only pays when the visitor clicks on your ad. These are some of the terms that have been used or used in Internet advertising, there are certainly many more and we will the scroll slowly. Hector Gestiomedia Granell.