Realschule Ludwig Windthorst

Cochlear inclusion project initiated with hearing-impaired and artists will be in the next few months well hearing students in Hannover, Germany in a joint project of good hearing and hearing-impaired students, which are visible and audible. The 16 participating students visit the Haupt – and Realschule Ludwig Windthorst”as well as the neighboring Hartwig Campbell school” single regional support centre with a focus on listening. The art project is a contribution to the current topic of inclusion. The project was initiated by the cochlear Germany GmbH & co. To read more click here: Ebay. KG, a leading manufacturer of implantable hearing solutions headquartered in Hanover. In a joint project by General and special school we want to create works of art, which are both audible and visible”, as Paul Wilde, art teacher and project coordinator at the Hartwig-Campbell school.

We want that good listening and hearing impaired students through the artistic cooperation know, is on new-type encounter.”Although our schools are located in close proximity to each other, there was so far no contact between the children of both entities”, adds wild Fachkollegin Anja Helmbold from Ludwig Windthorst school. This has changed thanks to the initiative of cochlear. With our project we want to overcome borders in the creative conflict find a common language, literally tear the fence.” “The art project entitled make art visible and audible”. In particular, two large snails images, which are designed not only color, but also varied by different integrated materials sounds designed to elicit emergence. Good listening and hearing impaired students cooperate in two project groups on each image. Students are supported in their work by the employees of the company cochlear. For over 30 years we can help hearing impaired people of all ages with our products that apply, where hearing aids do not more sufficient to understand language”, so Thomas Topp, head of cochlear Germany GmbH & co. KG.