All year is the same thing, we are in December and then we start preparing in them for the great reflection of as it was our year and what we wait of the year that comes, where was that we fail, which had been our bigger conquests, our moments of joy, of frustrations, at last the final rocking of 2011.Infelizmente, generally our balance is negative, because we do not fight the sufficient to reach our objectives, but because in them we place high objectives very, or objectives excessively e, consequentemente, we are predestinold to the disillusion. What in fact it is not a bad thing, if to analyze with care, after all the proper name: disillusion already says everything, only takes off the veil of the illusion of that we would human reach targets impossible to reach. At this moment we must value the small reached conquests and to think about tangible objectives for the next period, after all the calendar nothing more is of what mere convention. Perhaps our bigger error nor either not to fulfill what we promise to we ourselves in the end perhaps of a cycle, the error is to establish the objective maken a mistake in the end of the accounts. Which are its objectives for 2012? Which had been its objectives in 2011? To finish the year with the zeroed accounts? Hum, this is daily obligation, to establish a good relationship with our finances must be our daily habit and not something that it needs to be in a list of desires. If you are not convinced, visit New York Life . To fix familiar relationships with and friends? This also must be part of our routine, to perceive that we are not an island, that stops evolving in the school of the life has that relating in them with the people, to learn to pardon, to develop tolerance, to be humble, to extend the hand for who needs, at last this is objective daily.