This letter of the tarot describes the surprises to us which it will be had to face the consulting one that in the distance of letters counts on the luck of being represented with the death. Since we are speaking of renovation this letter of the tarot describes that the moment has arrived for freeing itself of everything what presses to him and that from now on the embarrassing situations finished, to take step to a new phase of its life, to which a spectacular Renaissance is related, as much at sentimental levels as material.

In the tarot it is not worth only the reading without the perfect interpretation of the energies that also come off before the appearance an arcane one which it will mark before and later in the life of the consulting one, invading of joy the interpreter since the satisfaction during the reading can assure that she is expansive. The channel of birth of the transformation puts to us in contact with new people, situations, possibilities and circumstances of the life, eeting again itself the consulting one with its true identity, and remembers to him that nothing is lost. The life is always in movement and in the interpretation of letters of the tarot could not less be, to be alive means to change continuously, because when we stagnated and we manipulated our energy unconsciously giving too much space to the superfluous things, only is when we entered the phase of the death since in letters of the tarot it is observed that the consulting one not only wishes the change, is causing but it..