Repair Water

Inside the canvas will be put on a special adhesive basis, and the outside edge zaplavyat to remain a small seam. True, it is worth to note that on plain glossy textures such repair of stretch ceilings will be noticeable. Of course, there are ways zadekorirovat site of the former section: do applique, for example. – Is it possible to place the cuts, say, to bring more light? – Well, if there will be appropriate and, to connect to the mains will not need to remove the entire ceiling, you can set and lighting fixtures. As an alternative dressing room cut, we propose to install fake fire alarm sensor. That is, the sensor Of course this is simply not connected, but someone about it, but you would guess. – So much for the lesions in the center of the ceiling paintings, and if the cut is somewhere very near to the wall? – In this case, even simpler.

Our experts dismantled the edge of a stretch ceiling, damaged part, paste "harpoon" to the film, again heat the fabric, stretched and fill in the profile. Even not noticeable. – Stretch ceilings are popular with people also because that can withstand a fairly large amount of water if flooding has occurred from the top. How to be then? How to drain the water? Too professional to call? – Repair of suspended ceilings in the case of a leak from above can be realized on their own, but it is better to call first professionals to get advice on drain water.