Richard Koch

A lesser known method is the thinking according to the principle of 80/20. It helps us to do constantly a thorough analysis of our decisions, activities and relationships. For that we have to learn to distinguish between those things that are valuable for those that make us lose time. According to Richard Koch (r. Koch, The 80/20 Principle.) Doubleday, USA, 1998. (p. 161-162), there are fairly accurate ways to determine the extraneous activities in our lives: 10 examples of activities that will surely make you waste your time: things that others want you to do things that have always done a certain way things which does not have many skills things you don’t enjoy things that are always interrupted things that are of interest to few people things that were already delayed twice while you expect things in which collaborators are mediocre or not reliable things that have a predictable cycle to answer the phone and write emails 10 things they normally give much value: things that promote the purpose for your life.

Things that has always wanted to do. Things that are already at 20% it gives 80%. Innovations that will enable you to be more efficient. Things that others say that they can not be. Things that others have done successfully in a different area. Things that use their own creativity things others can do for you with little investment of time from his own party.

Things in which collaborators are of high quality and work with excellence things you need to do now or never. Analyze their activities and determine which are what make you lose time. Also discover those that will transform it into a more efficient, productive and competitive person.