Rio De Janeiro

The Device Castle enters in this also contests and it feels the crisis of close, therefore already she was being difficult to more export its product to the Bahia and not vendia to Rio De Janeiro. The production starts to fall and starts to reflect in the resignations of the employees. The crisis affected Luzia Saint of the Itanhi in this new period to the few, and passing this crisis of the sugar sugar cane that occurred in the year of 1960, after to have last this bad commercial time the producers of the sugar cane start to substitute this activity for that they were giving good profits that she was the cattle one and the cocoicultura. It was evidenced that in the year of 1980 when the coconut was in high, was transferred to give space to it and to produce the citricultura, thus brightening up the fall in the production of the sugar sugar cane. As it was observed, they are some natural competitors who appear to compete and to take the space of the sugar cane.

The consequence of this was that the device owners who not yet had closed the plants start to see that the sugar is not more viable for they and starts to abandon this negotiates and changes the device for the cattle one, for citricultura for the plantation of coconuts visualizing more profits and little work that to plant to cut, to manufacture and to vender the sugar. Moreover, with this new enterprise it would diminish the number of employees. The Device Castle was not different, also it adjusted itself to the new businesses of this period and its new proprietor started to use lands for the cattle one. in the end of century XIX the economy of the sugar sugar cane starts to fall and to be without value each time more, and was this product that made the city to evolve economically in the city of Luzia Saint.