Roman Caesar

I sent then scourged Jesus to see if he could calm the people. My soldiers wrapped him in a purple robe, they wove a crown of thorns and put it on the head like a king in jest, and he slapped and flogged until exhausted. I went outside and I showed in that figure to the excited and said, Behold the man, I can not find in him no crime. דת. But I could not soften their hearts. I ordered them to every cry jCrucificale! jCrucificale! You must die because he said the Son of God. I’ve never been a strong or powerful man, but I’m not a criminal. Cecil when I threatened that if I dropped it was no friend of Caesar, but Caesar was their only king.

As a good Roman Caesar accepts our disobedience to its laws and severely punished. Then I bring a container with water, washed my hands before the people and gave them to Jesus so that they crucified. In it was my fault and I am therefore distressed. You know, sister, Pontius we are weak in character and we get carried away by the opinion of others. However, to assert my authority, I myself wrote the title he had to get on top of the Cross, Jesus of Nazareth, King of the Jews, and I did transcribe in Hebrew, Latin and Greek. The Jews protested and asked me to modify it for I am king of the Jews, because the defendant was not a king and the only one who said be was himself. I refused to indulge in his demand and told them that what was written, was written and not modified.

As a prosecutor in Rome I was not present in cruxificion because Jews despise me but do not say for fear of my revenge. They believe that if I am closer to my religion can become contaminated. I too callous to their fanaticism and I stay as far away as I can from them. What I can not understand is why Jews and Christians call faith. Both sides believe that there is only one god and live confident and secure that, while for us as there are so many people there. I do not know if they or we are in truth, although I have begun to falter after the crucifixion when the earth shook and the sky darkened. Write, Julia, and tell me what you think about my behavior. Tibi valedico. Pilate author’s Web page: * unpublished works available for publication by publishers interested.