Santander Offers Many Buildings

If visits Cantabria accommodation among the offers of hotels in Santander. In this city you can enjoy the jardines de Pereda where you can contemplate the Santander Bank and mansion of the Pier that has beautiful views towards the Bay. In it are located puerto Chico and fishing port as well as several maritime units such as: la Comandancia de Marina, Pier, la lonja, etc. You can also see, if you book your accommodation among the offers of hotels in Santander, of the Cantabrian Maritime Museum who discovers various aspects related to the Bay of Biscay are: fisheries Ethnology, maritime history, biology, marine, etc. and is one of the most complete in Spain dedicated to the sea. If you’ve booked between offers of hotels in Santander you can enjoy the beautiful buildings overlooking the Bay such as mansions, bourgeois buildings and other cultural aspects such as the Palace of festivals, which is the current headquarters of the International Festival which is celebrated in the city and was built by Francisco Javier Saenz de Oiza.

All these buildings comprise the more typical image of the city. If you’ve chosen among the offers of hotels in Santander, you will enjoy a good accommodation to rest and you can enjoy the beaches of the city such as bikinis, cupcake and the dangers. Do not think twice and come to enjoy in Cantabria by booking among the many offers of hotels in Santander.