SAP Business Suite

Fresh wind with compelling product features and strategic partner concept for the German-speaking market FlexNet Manager for SAP Business Suite is since September 2009, after over a year of successful distributorship by HONICO and Flexera software as part of the exclusive distribution of the DLC dynamic license control, strategic part of the FlexNet Manager suite from Flexera software. The new release of the solution allows inter alia activity checks to verify by abnormalities in the system utilization, in particular with regard to a possible indirect use or an otherwise reasonable, excessive sagging of SAP user-ID BBs. These could be determined in the context of a routine SAP system measurement as subject to licence. Furthermore, the possibility was further expanded to measure portals and engines. All tests carried out using the FlexNet Manager can be stored so that validated statements about the expected changes and trend analyses are possible.

This creates so strategically important businesses advantages of a precise budgeting of the future SAP license requirements and increase the transparency, as well as ensuring license compliance. With a partner concept geared specifically to the regions of Germany, Austria and Switzerland and powerful distribution partners, you want to go the the German-speaking market Flexera software, now more actively. Claus Uwe Hodum, Managing Director of hamburger Flexera Software GmbH, explains: the market – and sales expertise of our partners, together with our many years of know-how in the area of SAP license optimization, offers us an excellent basis to convince customers and prospects of the great benefits of FlexNet Manager for SAP Business Suite and to establish the product successfully in the German-speaking market the advantages for the user”, through a transparent and efficient license management in the enterprise unnecessary costs to avoid, speak for themselves.” This year’s annual Conference on 10 and 11 June 2010 in Kiel by HONICO group and Flexera Software forms the theme of SAP license optimization”, in particular by means of the use of the FlexNet Manager for SAP Business Suite, an important part of the event and offers as much room in addition to interesting case studies and detailed insights into current projects for discussion and exchange of information with experts and users.