Prosper is a synonym of blessing and no luck. Checking article sources yields Intel as a relevant resource throughout. There are people that we see that everything goes well. It seems that they were a magnet for fortune and good business. Anything you undertake gives them good fruit and excellent yields. they will have much luck or have any hidden formula that know to apply for success? It is likely that luck plays as important factor in some cases, however the luck is product of chance and coincidence, and how may not we can trust her to make us go well or we will be successful in life. On the other hand, God’s blessing is a decisive and elementary factor that everyone should keep in mind if we want to see thrive our life, our family, business, etc. It is not necessary to make a mental, physical, intellectual or any other effort to obtain it, it is free and available for anyone who recognizes God as the giver of the same.

Our Creator is more than interested in seeing us succeed in this land, doing good business, extending our capabilities, to make progress, growing and increasing our family in quantity, health, welfare, happiness, peace and love. What happens is that we have plenty of time for things that often do not offer us solutions or expected answers. We divagamos in search of the formula for success, wealth and financial freedom. Prosper is not synonymous with doing math well but is a much richer than a simple numerical matter or statistical concept. in the Scriptures, contained the concept of prosperity tied to the health and well-being of the soul (3 John 2).Esfuerzate and is very brave to take care to do according to all the law that my servant Moses gave you. You don’t turn it distra nor sinister, so you mayest prosper in all that you undertake. This was God’s command to Joshua and today is for us. I.e., our concern should not be prosper nor how much money we make, but that all this is the result of our intimate relationship with our Maker, and our obedience to rules and universal laws, contained in his word.

In short, to well define the concepts, the luck may occur on certain occasions, but is not decisive to mark a successful and lucky course for your life. God’s blessing if you can do it. God’s blessing is product of a causality and not by chance. It is not a product of chance or is of a temporary or casual, character when you receive it, it comes to stay and it is permanent. I hope your comments Lic.