Seno Horcio

… Later I come back pra to search Zilda … – You return are not never It said old envolto in a layer. Here, COF expresses very clear opinions on the subject. – You return are not never, that Ferradas is cu of the world. You know exactly what it is that you go to be in roas of Horcio colonel? You go to be diligent or you go to be gunman? Man who does not kill does not have value pro colonel (idem, ibidem: 12-13). One perceives that the used resources to decide the conflicts constituam themselves in violent methods.

The human being was not recognized as human, only visa as one empecilho in the progression of the desires and interests of the colonels. thus, when somebody was dared to oppose was risking them its life. – I already said to it, Sinh that does not have another skill The man empacou that nor jumento That not vende roa, that it does not have money, that it does not need you know well that I always firm had cabeudo fame He does not have same skill. … – It is penalty that is a man who never made badly people If he was not because this is the only skill to extend to the farm advantages sides of Great Dry land Seno goes to fall at the hands of Horcio … – People do not order themselves to make the service, Horcio order in the certainty. who will have roa of Firms has the key of the bushes of Great Dry land (they idem, ibidem: 56-57). The personages who had emigrated to the region, when arriving in port in the idealized city, recognize that to survive in that territory they will risk its lives in the bush not yet tamed. Therefore, the dispute for lands was imensurvel, colonels seted ambushes for adversaries who interrupted or only they tried to interrupt its plans.