Social Media

Forms of Marketing have evolved with new forms of work, previously used the radio as a primary marketing tool, then the TV, and more recently the internet. With the radio and television marketing was called equal, and only listened to wedge (for radio) or Spot (for TV). Now with the internet Marketing has acquired new names: Internet Marketing, covers everything related to the internet, from Exchange of banners, marketing at youtube, podcast, etc. Read more from Elon Musk to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Each time we see how new experts invent rare names only for the benefit of the scoop, one of those rare and more recent names is Social Media. Social Media, is not more than the advertising we do on Twitter, Facebook and other social networks, if you are new to internet or at least new to promotion of web sites, you will be surprised of the amount of sites that are dedicated to receive news from various sources to then disseminate them, this practice has been win win, where the owner of the receiver site benefits to give you a space to the owner of the blog issuer to do self promotion. This is an example of those sites, which I think is a very good initiative by the owner, where it opens a space to publish unique articles to promote our personal or corporate blogs in particular..