Socialist Jose Maria Benegas

The agreement was reached at a meeting held at the Congress. It remained pending close, among others, two of the most claimed powers: the commuter rail and the A-68 toll motorway management. The Government has agreed with the PNV six new transfers to the Basque country, with what is complete package of transfers that Basque nationalists had agreed with the Executive in exchange for its support for the General State budget for 2011, reported sources of the Basque group. The agreement was reached at a meeting held Friday in Congress, to which representatives of the central Government, in the Socialist Group have assisted and PNV, whose Deputy Aitor Esteban explained at a press conference the details of what was agreed. For the first half of the year was pending to close two more claimed from Euskadi powers: the commuter rail and the only toll highway in this community whose management remains to be transferred, the A-68.

It was also missing by finalizing the regulation of employment, transportation maritime and fluvial, road transport, State-owned files, the implementation of fisheries legislation on intellectual property and outstanding aspects in nautical education. A 4 hour meeting at press conference after a meeting of more than four hours between representatives of the Government, the PSOE and PNV, the Socialist Jose Maria Benegas has said that the Basque Executive is aware of the negotiations and the agreements reached, which fully supports. One of most significant transfers of road transport will be developed now through three agreements between the central Government and the territorial governments. Eventuality that Bildu can govern in the provincial Council of Gipuzkoa, the Deputy of the PNV Aitor Esteban said that the negotiation of the agreements will be made separately, and if a provincial Council would not sign, this would not prevent the other two agreements. Another of the most relevant, as Esteban and Benegas have stressed in their respective press conferences, is the transfer in field of employment regulation, as the Basque Administration will be which now manage the ERE of the public companies in the territory. The Deputy of the PNV, addition, have proved important assignments to the three provincial councils of funds of the historical archives in each province, and that of intellectual property, as the door to the registration of works of authors who used the Basque remains open. Source of the news: the Government agrees with the PNV six new transfers to the Basque country that were pending