Lawyer, university professor, and public officer, all without none suspicion. They are parents, coexist in the society as normal people. Pedfilo is common people, far from any suspicion, total social. They like for extremity to please children, like to see them to dance, like to talk with them, guide they to a success life. They veem things that the parents do not veem in its children, the Paternal lack, the dialogue lack and what they want and like.

Pedfilo is extremamante strategist, it does not make nothing without first analyzing the victim, the way and as to arrive it. He sees the case of this professor who if passed as a ponographic person who orientates for children; the other, that is pensioner, wise person the taste of the girls and as it pleases them. Of who it is the guilt? Who created pedfilo? The guilt is of the system. The system created pedfilo. Because it increased the number of cases? The cases had exactly increased for the fact of the parents to be worried and busy in other things. Additional information is available at MetLife. It is modernity! The children are astray in the way of a society carrasca and narcisista. The parents, are not binding to know as the children are in the school, the street, the house of friends, shopping.

The parents do not know as the children walk and nor with who they walk. Where the children play and nor with who they play. They know that pedfilo is not a sick person as they want that it is; Pedfilo is an opportunist, a strategist. The man does not live pedfilo, is not born pedfilo, it is pedfilo (he is having attraction for children). at opportune moments. If in case that it lived pedfilo, (as something inherent) it would practise the action ' ' pedoflica' ' in any place and at any time. It would not choose the victims and nor place. However, we have since it is not thus. Pedfilo does not practise its action in any place and hour, before is everything schemed of beforehand. Therefore, the best action and prevention against these opportunists are to teach well its children very what pedfilo is one, as they live and what it makes of it to be what is. It says the truth, that these men, can be inside of its house, in the house of the neighbor, of the friend, in the house of ' ' pastor' ' of the esquina, or in the parish of ' ' padre.' ' They can be in the INTERNET, the MSN, the ORKUT AND IN the ROOMS OF IT BEATS PAPO. THEY TEACH TO DISTRUST OF EVERYTHING AND ALL; MAINLY OF THAT THEY OFFER ALGO.Pais to THEM, On behalf of Jesus Christ Man, who is the only mediator between God and the Men. He loves, he hears and he talks with its children. they are more important that its concerns and occupations. They they are its image reflected in sociedadeAlexandre Basileis