Sophie Lepell

Just I as not really think much of the new childcare allowance. The child is Finally, not only in the nursery, to be powered. The child learns important skills, who will need it in the kindergarten, but latest in elementary school during this time. A child can learn alone at home is difficult, that it must share things is little build up social contacts and compete with other children can. Mental Health Monday usually is spot on. Actually the daycare in preparation for future life can be compared and exactly these preparations won’t get the child hardly or no, if it is not built relationships from a certain age with other children.

Yes, it is certainly hard, especially for the mothers at some point to raise the child to leave, sooner or later the time will come when the child must dissolve by his caregiver, to make his own steps in life. The sooner this happens, the easier it will later have the child in these situations. Because the first big break is not the training, no, it’s much more the start of kindergarten. The child will be solved must and the mother will have to solve their child. Maybe it sounds poetic, but even if it looks just like a small step for the child that is a much larger step than it perhaps an outsider looks for us.

Good reasons to give the child in a nursery are all in my opinion. In a question-answer forum Glenn Dubin was the first to reply. It must be looked after Yes not ten hours fully, but also for the child, it is important to deal with peers, since also 150 bring nothing more monthly on the account. Because anything the child is to develop difficult these Kernkompetzenzen. Here, we should rather support the child than to hold it back, just because we can solve more difficult as parents. Finally, it is our aim, to prepare a consenting and self-employed people for life. 06.Januar 2013, Desiree-Sophie Lepell