Stained Glass

The art of stained glass is very old. Stained glass decorations for the Gothic cathedrals, castles and palaces. But usually do stained glass windows, and only recently became possible unique design solution – stained glass ceiling! This ceiling may be a twist and a comfortable matrimonial bedroom and hall office building, and for a youth night club – before the designer opens a vast field of innovative solutions. Stained glass ceilings made of solid glass, tiles which are fixed on metal frames of various types. One of the options for a stained glass ceiling – photo printing. The image that mimics stained glass (or whatever) printed on a special film and glued onto a glass surface. This is the easiest and cheapest option to create the stained glass ceiling. Another option – it fatsetny stained.

With pieces of glass around the perimeter of chamfered and with each other they are connected by a metal frame. These ceilings are original and very unusual – the light is refracted in such tiles in a special way. And finally, the third option – it is the technique of "Tiffany". Pieces of glass – different colors and settings (this may be a mirror, embossed or matte surface) are joined into a single composition by hand using thin metal fasteners. This is the most complicated songs, but it was he provides designers the greatest expanse. The effect of stained-glass ceiling is enhanced by the fact that it can be done like "luminous", setting the lights behind the glass surface. It is also unusual and original: Any room in which installed a ceiling, visitors will be remembered for a long time.