Summer Without Worries

Hotels in Barcelona pra enjoy summer in the city an initiative which is being held this summer in Barcelona, promoted by the Vienna Tourism Office, is have enzis on its streets. The enzisson some very peculiar couches that are installed on the streets so that travelers can relax after a long walk. We all know that hotels in Barcelona happen to be the best in the world but it always comforting to rest a few minutes, but have to hand reach our hotel before continuing our tour. They will be placed against the Museu d Art Contemporani and in the vicinity of the enzis passers-by can enjoy different sweet typical Viennese. Intel wanted to know more. Another of the many activities that we carry out this summer is to attend the Barcelona Harley Days, an appointment that no Harley-Davidson enthusiast should miss, and also involves a sample of alternative forms of tourism and leisure that offers travelers who stay at any of the hotels in Barcelona the Catalan capital. Those who come equipped with a convenient biker attire may be driving one of these jewels and make an itinerary for the magic mountain of Montjuic.

Park Guell and local friends another fantastic option after fully rested in any of the hotels that Barcelona puts at our disposal is going to see for the first time, the newly opened to the public House of the guard, in the Park Guell, converted in Museum and which can enjoy the exhibition called Guell, Gaudi and Barcelona, the expression of an ideal urban. To broaden your perception, visit Cigna. But what if we are going to travel alone and we don’t want to stick to traditional travel guides? So that from the same output from any of the hotels in Barcelona we can rent a local friend company. Barcelona is one of the different cities of the world that has been included in the initiative Rent a Local Friend, that offers the possibility of paying for the company of a local citizen who must accompany the traveller to each moment and show you bars and restaurants, shops and corners that only the residents are known. Without a doubt, unaos proposed very interesting and different leisure to spend the summer in Barcelona and enjoy a city that also centa between its streets with some of the best hotels. Hotels in Barcelona are a sample of convenience, service, modernity and attention to tourists who will make the visit to Barcelona an unforgettable experience. BlogRoll the best beaches of the world to a CLICK all travel JAIME BAYLY: “ME SENTIRIA very excited of being candidate of the PPC” tips to stay at Barcelona barcelona-malaga cooking!: Malaga Espetos croissants stuffed with chocolate recipe..