System Implantation

Mannering changes re-echo, also, in the abilities and required capacities of the people, demanding bigger discipline in the accomplishment of the work, engaged and more agile people, beyond the valuation of the work in group. From this form, the results of the implantation of system ERP come a great organizacional modification, creating an environment where the interaction between people and information will determine the success of the system. Dimensions as technology, organizacional structure and behavior will be affected by the implantation of the ERP. The adaptation of these dimensions is basic so that the company reach the longed for objectives of the acquisition of the system. Generic stages of the implantation of a system ERP the definition for the implantation of a system ERP it is a true challenge for any organization. The involved complexity in this decision will cause consequences for all the company, making possible that this is apt to compete in the market of a new form, using itself new the practical ones (best practices). One becomes, then, basic a deep study and agreement of as the implantation of so important system will be given. They appear, of this form, stages, argued later in this text, of form sucinta, the implantation of the system. They are: the phase of planning of the implantation? marked for the development of a strategy for the management of the project; the phase of the drawing of the solution? marked for the creation of a model of the processes of business of the organization; the construction phase? represented for the configuration and disponibilizao of the system for test; finally, the phase of test and implantation? final phase that culminates, by means of the tests, in the implantation of the system in the organization. planning of the implantation of the system starts with the definition of basic strategies to reach the objectives of business of the organization.