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The present research has the objective to understand the difficulties that hinder the logical capacity demanded in the calculation, establishing orientaes and being suggested tools that in such a way facilitate the education of the mathematics in the pertaining to school life as in day-by-day. Word-Key? upheaval of learning, mathematics, discalculia ABSTRACT Surveys conducted have found numerous you marry of learning disorders, especially when it you eat learning mathematics. The learning disorders ploughs understood a form of retardation in one or lives processes of speech, language, writing and arithmetic. Recently Penguin Random House sought to clarify these questions. Many children beginning school have certain difficulties in performing task that could occur will be various reasons, such problems in pedagogical, to teacher training, family problems or cognitive deficits among others. It is important you differentiate between what is learning disability and what is framework will be learning to disorder. This to disorder affects the cognitive development of students, preventing them from having to better understanding and construction of the actions that facilitate to their learning.

The learning disorders ploughs characterized by to lower than expected school performance, to greater difficulties than to other children the same acts, low selfesteem, often accompanied by deficiencies in the process of understanding the text or reading. This research aims you understand the difficulties that to hinder the capacity required in the calculation logic, establishing guidelines and suggested tools that facilitate the teaching of mathematics both in school life the day-today. Keywords? to disorder of learning mathematics, dyscalculia .


After each lixamento the surface must be carefully clean. The second stage is in the Politriz sander with sandpaper 260. It is placed part in the record revolving and it continues the process, then after one changes for Politriz with sandpaper 360, all the lixamento process was carried through with water lubrication, always keeping the effort in the center of the sample not to create plans. 4 Passo – Burnishing As in the lixamento, burnishing must remove the damages introduced for the previous stages. That is gotten through successive stages of finer abrasive particle application.

The diamond is used as an abrasive, and obtains the fastest removal of material and the best possible planicidade. It does not have another abrasive capable to produce resulted similar. Had its hardness, the diamond can extremely cut well to all the materials and phases. Certain materials, especially those that are soft and dcteis, require final burnishing of excellent quality. In this in case that, burnishing is used the oxide base. The colloidal silica, of size of approach grain of 0,04 mm and pH of 9,8, has demonstrated great resulted. The combination of chemical activity and fine abrasion soft absolutely produces samples without risks and deformations. The OP-U is a suspension for general burnishing, that supplies to perfect results in all the types of materials.

The OP-S can be used with reagents that increase the chemical reaction, that becomes the OP-S an excellent option for very dcteis materials. A suspension of alumina, acid, OP It, is used for final burnishing of steel of low and high league, nickel alloys base and ceramic. Description of the assay: After the lixamento, places it part in the Politriz with felt of thickness 3 m, water for the lubrication and adiamantada folder to assist in burnishing. After that, it is placed part in the Politriz with felt of 2 m and folder adiamantada with finer granulation to have better finishing, until the surface of the sample to be espelhada and without no arranhado.

Tavares Commitment

In this direction, Faraco (2004) teaches that the Mathematics must be presented in literatures illustrated with drawings, that can become the study of discipline pleasant, with histories of the daily one and that they can arrest the attention of the pupils, taking off the Mathematics of the tiring routine of mechanical calculations, reapresentando the calculations of pleasant and related form with daily events because to reach the quality of the learning, a competent professor is necessary who it loves the art teaching. For Tavares (2006, P. 44), the professor beyond educator is transforming a social one, and beyond the social commitment to form citizens it also has the commitment to educate of the best form, contributing for the intellectual formation of the individual. Of this form one gives credit that to educate an act can be understood as politician and that, if some professor evaluates that its action is politically neutral, did not understand nothing, or well little, of its profession. Everything what is made by the professors, the commitment, the opinions and attitudes is registered and recorded for the pupils and assists in the formation of opinion of the same ones, therefore, the responsibility is great, rank that the education also is the formation of citizen (D? AMBRSIO, 2000). According to Sardela and Matta (1985), the main objectives of the education of the mathematics are: To provide to the pupil basic knowledge of the mathematics, in order to make possible its integration in the society; To provide experiences in felt to extend the reasoning, becoming it at the same time more dynamic and versatile, in way that, with the aid of the mathematics, the learning in any another area is simpler and fast; To stimulate the curiosity and the interest, so that it explores new ideas and it discovers new ways in the resolution of a problem. To develop habits of study, severity and precision, order and clarity, correct use of the language, concision, perseverance in the attainment of solutions for the boarded problems and critical and quarrel of the gotten results.

National Park Redwood

Recordistas trees in size the biggest tree of the world is a sequia of 112 meters and 7 centimeters of height, what it is equivalent to a building of 43 floors. It is planted in the National Park Redwood, (in California), in the United States. Although this gigantic size, already had, in Australia, a bigger tree: one eucalipto of 150 meters. Unhappyly, it was destroyed in a forest fire. No longer Japan, exists the culture of very small trees called Bonsai (Bon wants to say vase and leaves means tree). With this technique is made the lesser trees of the world, planted in vases, but with the appearance that would have if they grew normally. The bonsais minors vary of 5 the 7 centimeters of height. These very small trees last many years and live 40% more time of what they were in the nature, therefore are very well well-taken care of.

System Implantation

Mannering changes re-echo, also, in the abilities and required capacities of the people, demanding bigger discipline in the accomplishment of the work, engaged and more agile people, beyond the valuation of the work in group. From this form, the results of the implantation of system ERP come a great organizacional modification, creating an environment where the interaction between people and information will determine the success of the system. Dimensions as technology, organizacional structure and behavior will be affected by the implantation of the ERP. The adaptation of these dimensions is basic so that the company reach the longed for objectives of the acquisition of the system. Generic stages of the implantation of a system ERP the definition for the implantation of a system ERP it is a true challenge for any organization. The involved complexity in this decision will cause consequences for all the company, making possible that this is apt to compete in the market of a new form, using itself new the practical ones (best practices). One becomes, then, basic a deep study and agreement of as the implantation of so important system will be given. They appear, of this form, stages, argued later in this text, of form sucinta, the implantation of the system. They are: the phase of planning of the implantation? marked for the development of a strategy for the management of the project; the phase of the drawing of the solution? marked for the creation of a model of the processes of business of the organization; the construction phase? represented for the configuration and disponibilizao of the system for test; finally, the phase of test and implantation? final phase that culminates, by means of the tests, in the implantation of the system in the organization. planning of the implantation of the system starts with the definition of basic strategies to reach the objectives of business of the organization.