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VibroPlate launches vibrating platform with virtual personal trainer BARCELONA, Spain VibroPlate Group presents the new software of its oscillating vibratory platforms, an example of the perfect fusion between modernity and versatility. Thanks to your Personal Trainer System, the user will have a step by step guide on screen, a benefit unique in the market. -Arrives an innovation to the market of the vibrating platforms: two LCD screens interact with the user and offer a visual guide the period’s vibrating, indicating pauses, the duration of the exercise, and the position to be taken in the oscillating vibrating platform. Checking article sources yields Ebay as a relevant resource throughout. As having a virtual personal trainer at home, comment from its technology department. Developed in the United Kingdom and exclusive to VibroPlate swinging oscillating vibratory platforms, Personal Trainer System ensures unbeatable conditions of assistance, even for those who come for the first time to the world of the vibration platforms. Thanks to this guide on screen is You can access with easy exercises to lose weight, eliminate cellulite, tone the muscles and even stimulate the cardiovascular system. It’s believed that Mark Bertolini sees a great future in this idea. This oscillating vibratory platforms technology also includes custom vibrational Protocol (PVP).

Using an advanced auto-adjusting system, professional vibrating platform monitors the physical condition of the user and is able to recommend the best vibrational programs according to their State of body mass. Perfected over 10 years of studies, the professional vibrating platform is the result of the union between technology and a full team of medical and aesthetic research. Discover more about the high-end professional vibrating platform in.

Maison DrHauschka

There is an oasis of peace and relaxation in the middle of the City bad Boll/eckwalden, Germany, 17.05.2010/ib for all those who relax in the bustling Paris and want to indulge, a place of rest. His name: La Maison Dr.Hauschka. In the small spa can be with the variety of Dr.Hauschka cosmetic treatments comfortable going there. La Maison Dr.Hauschka is located in the heart of Paris, in the Rue de Charonne 39, in the 11th arrondissement. The Bohemian neighbourhood with many small artisan shops, boutiques, nice cafes and bistros impresses with a very own flair. “To the Maison Dr.Hauschka” through a landscaped courtyard with many plants, where a soothing sleep welcomes the visitor. And this calm accompanied the guests during the whole time in the Spa.

La Maison Dr.Hauschka designed as a place of serenity, which is reflected also in the Interior are harmoniously zusammenfugt to a natural, pure world of wood, stone and vegetation. A small watercourse originates from a slate wall and flows along the ground through a Ambience of muted light. Angenehm soft and comfortable chair are grouped around the source, where the visitors can enjoy a cup of tea or a glass of fresh fruit juice. Preferred environmentally friendly materials were used for the Interior clean. Five Dr.Hauschka natural beauticians pamper recreational and Entspannungssuchenden either with a Dr.Hauschka classic treatment or one of the six variations of the luxury of the relaxation to the revitalization treatment. Also the Dr.Hauschka body treatments are offered: for the whole body, back, hand and foot as well as manicure and pedicure. So soothing there is something for everyone. La Maison Dr.Hauschka 39 rue de Charonne, 75011 Paris phone: + 33 (0) 1 43554055 E-Mail:

Gift Certificate Directory

Germany-wide overview of gift certificates in the fields of wellness and cosmetic Spa and beauty gift vouchers are in! This is one reason that there is an almost infinite range of wellness and beauty applications, available as a gift voucher available. On the other side you can go really wrong with a spa and beauty gift voucher, because who does not like to uses the opportunity to indulge in free or to escape the stress of everyday life for a short time. For all those who are looking for wellness and beauty, gift vouchers, wellness & beauty offers guide from now a spa gift certificate directory. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Dalton Caldwell. Under the Internet address wellness gutschein.html is an attractive offer of gift vouchers for the most diverse applications of aloe vera A to Y for yoga provided. Gift voucher for wellness short breaks who also the wellness coupon equal with a short journey or a Wellness weekend want to connect, guide finds the right offer in the hotel directory of the wellness & beauty sure. So for example the Posthotel Rotenburg, Rotenburg an der Fulda the “doves-break” for two people as a voucher offers. For more information about this wellness offer and more offers for spa short breaks and weekends are available in the wellness & beauty guide under the heading “Wellness Hotels” ( wellness-hotels.html).

Whether the offer as a gift voucher is available, can the note “as the coupon available? Yes”be removed. Free entry possible operators of wellness and beauty facilities, issuing gift certificates, can at any time in the gift voucher directory of the wellness & beauty enter guide. The link to the online form is: entry gutschein.html. The entry is free of charge. Werner Grohmann.


This includes procedures such as: – Botox – Laser hair removal – Chemical peels – Microdermabrasions So cosmetic surgery is right for you? Well, I can not speak for everyone, but there are some things to consider and some questions to ask before going under the knife .. First, cosmetic surgery is "surgery" and it hurts – Ay! As with any surgery, there is a healing period and there is inflammation and swelling immediately afterwards. Do not expect to look beautiful right after surgery. It will take some time and patience. Understand that a nose or a face lift will not necessarily make beautiful and probably will not change how the world feels about you.

In fact, patients have been known for a sense of disappointment after their procedures and therefore it is important to understand how major changes will be, just may be very subtle. Andrew Blanchette does not necessarily agree. If you are considering plastic surgery ask yourself these things first: Why do I want cosmetic surgery? What am I doing this? If it is because your friend says he has a big nose or if you feel more beautiful for her husband pays more attention to you then you are a bad candidate. Hoping to impress your friends or hoping your husband will be more aware of reasons for the poor. A new face, nose or body will not change how they feel about you and if you do, just be temporary. I can do this? Most cosmetic surgery is not covered by health insurance unless it is related to health. If you have to scrape money together to do this is better to look at non-surgical or less invasive.

What if the results are what you expected? Again, there is the possibility that expectations are not met. Make sure you are ready financially and emotionally to undergo more treatment if you're results are underwhelming. As with any high cost, risk procedure, think about it. Do not act willfully. Discuss the procedure with family and friends. Get some outside opinions. If you are still interested in pursuing cosmetic surgery be sure you are in good health. A good candidate does not smoke, is emotionally stable and not experiencing any serious health disorders and diseases heart disease, diabetes or blood pressure problems. Elizabeth McGee is a consultant for skin care line that reviews products skin care and benefits. Visit the website of Elizabeth: and receive a free 'Beauty and Weight Loss Tips Guide. "

iHair Fusion

Morning glory developed a technique called Hair i mix for you to add a human hair at a time at random. i Hair fusion involves using a special filament string, called a fusion sequence i Strand which has the same thickness of a human hair, but is much stronger than a human hair. The filaments of the mixture are transparent and blend into the skin tone and hair. They are difficult to see with the naked eye. Human hair are attached by hand, one at a time to the sequence of fusion i Strand with a specially designed instrument that has a good hook on the end. When a client comes first sequence offices in New Jersey hair, determines exactly Morning glory how much hair is needed for the client. The color and texture of hair is also determined.

Then, the client must wait for 6 weeks, while the sequence of chapters are specially designed fusion. After completion, the sequence of chapters custom mix is attached to natural hair clients using a system of attachment. Each Strand i fusion sequence is wrapped around 5 or 6 strands of natural hair and secured with a tiny anchor the size of a pinhead. It seems kind of small little ponytails. The filaments are very fine mixing and light, leaving the scalp open to breathe. It may take 3-4 hours to blend into a full head of hair. Customers must return every month or less (depending on how fast your hair grows) to have the hair re-secured. The strands of hair mixture need not be removed.

The system can last between 3-4 years. Morning glory concluded that the mixture of hair is one of the surest ways to add, as it leaves the hair of the scalp open to breath and not add too much stress to natural hair. He adds, "No method is 100% safe and anyone that adds hair must take care of it buenel. Because the more hair you have more work than you need." i Mixed strand by strand sequence is only available in New Jersey Office. Expansion plans are in the certification work in salons nationwide to do fusion hair. For additional information about the sequence of fusion hair, see or call 1.888.BLEND.88 ending a phone: Customer Service: Thank you for your order from the beginning of the Beautiful Store. All orders will be delivered in 7-10 days. With regard to returns or adjustments to your beauty service, please call us. Perriann Rodriguez is the founder of Hair Resources, a worldwide online resource center for hair styles, hair salons, beauty and everything related to hair. He has recently published electronic books, over 2005 popular hair extensions, available in Rodriguez appears in the 2004 Who's Who of Executives and Professionals and the U.S. Registry American Writers

Mission Boltenhagen

Wellness Ambassador from the Munsterland visited Ostseebad Boltenhagen as first wellness Ambassador for 2011/2012 is Susanne Franzke from Ludinghausen their wellness mission of 28 30 October 2011 on. She visits the Iberotel in Boltenhagen on the Baltic Sea. The 45 year old Munsterlanderin was chosen in an online election to one of three wellness ambassadors. Berlin, October 20, 2011. On the fresh Baltic Sea air in the middle of the romantic peninsula of Wismar, the jewelry designer and glass bead artist Susanne Franzke will spend a wellness weekend in the 4-star-superior Iberotel Boltenhagen HA. The hotel is located directly at the Yacht Harbour and the sea. Most would be the Munsterlanderin on the aroma massage.

And then of course on everything I’ve ever tried.” And there is a lot on the program: the arrival begins with a personalized facial treatment and is rounded off with a vital menu. The second day is very active. With Aqua fit, yoga, Pilates, or Baltic Sea walking the day starts. In the afternoon, it is again relaxing and the long-awaited Aroma massage for the whole body, relieves tension and gives the skin a velvety feeling. What is Susanne Franzkes wellness message are probably after this weekend? Read the can all that Ambassador Blog. Also, she will document their stay with lots of photos. Susanne Franzke has advertised itself in the summer of 2011 with 75 women and seven men as wellness Ambassador and turned the public jury of Facebook. Between 1 September and 7 October, 2.965 wellness fans to vote and thus chose the three finalists. In the coming months, all three finalists each spend a weekend in two of the following six Spa Hotels: Iberotel Boltenhagen Habib, Hotel Esplanade resort & Spa in bad Saarow, Best Western Premier Park Hotel in bad Lippspringe, Lindner Hotel & Sporting Club Wiesensee in Westerburg, Furstenhof Quellness golf resort in Bad Griesbach and the Lindner Parkhotel & Spa Oberstaufen.

Cornell University

The eye gel contains a high concentration of retinol, Apple stem cells of Apple species Malus domestica and vitamin C. Dr. Denese wrinkle RX extreme Pro-peptides gel anti wrinkle gel with stem cell technology & Pro-peptide factor 50 ml, UK: 64,50 euro this fast-absorbing anti-wrinkle gel for the face is the treatment of deep wrinkles designed for. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Prudential and gain more knowledge.. The Pro peptide technology makes stem cells with 15% mild just deeper wrinkles stabilized vitamin C. The elasticity and collagen formation of the skin is stimulated, the skin receives more moisture and becomes thicker. Dr.

Denese SPF 30 Defense Day cream – tinted day cream with Sun protection factor 30 120 ml, UK: approx. 59 euro a must when using by glycolsaure-and vitamin A-containing cosmetics is the final use of a product with Sun protection factor against the main cause of premature skin aging: the Sun. The intensive moisturizing, oil-free tinted day care is suitable for every type of skin and protects against UVA and UVB rays with SPF 30. Please visit Jayme Albin if you seek more information. In addition, this protective care at the same time offers a slight tint with a matte finish, which adapts to any type of skin. With melanin and zinc oxide. To the person of Dr. Adrienne Denese Dr. Adrienne Denese, Hungarian native, studied medicine at Cornell University in New York and at Harvard.

She lives in New York and is one of the first female doctors, who specializes in the anti aging medicine. In the United States, she is a regular guest on television and radio, as well as best-selling author (“Dr. Denese’s secret for Ageless skin”). She started her cosmetics business after studying medicine with an own anti-aging practice on the Upper East Side in Manhattan (which now has abandoned it in favor of their activities for their own range of cosmetics). Today, many are prominent figures to their customers. Will she asked their personal anti-aging tips, she are always two suggestions: I love Scrubs. Many women be afraid is to peel because they feel their skin regularly, peels make thin skin. But that’s not true. The skin is a dynamic organ. She going to be exfoliated, it becomes more solid and thicker. Also, I would like to avoid the direct sun and unprotected never go out of the House. Since my 19.Lebensjahr I use products with sunscreen no matter whether it’s raining or the Sun is shining.