construction and repair

Dry Construction Mixes

Dry mixes for today were widely in construction. If you would like to know more about Mark Bertolini, then click here. You will confirm any, whether the builder – a beginner or an experienced professional that mixes become material for floors, an integral component repair and waterproofing compounds, adhesives for stone and ceramics, the pointing Grout color, grout for joints of granite – all these mixes, which are distinguished by high consumer qualities. Dry mixture – this is, by and large, cement and sand, but over time in the manufacture of mortars have been used these or other additives (for example, increasing the reliability of the final layer, water-retaining) to give required properties (setting time, strength, toughness, etc.), but it is worth mentioning that the qualitative results will differ from those obtained with the use of standard cement-sand mixtures. In plaster case mixes are also very much needed: they are formed by surface texture, plus their application can adjust the viscosity, setting time. Straining cement – a variant of the expanding cement representing a fast setting and quick-binder.

Solidified solution has a high water resistance. Straining cement is useful for thin-walled concrete design and construction of capacitive structures, manufacture of pressure pipes. Alumina cement – a hydraulic binder material obtained by roasting, which is produced in blast furnaces, electric commodity a mixture of bauxite and limestone, and characterized by high speed. Alumina cement on the content of Al2O3 is divided into ordinary alumina cement (the contents of Al2O3 and 55% of its melting temperature will be 1450-1480 C) and high-alumina cement (up 70%; 1700-1750 C). Good high alumina cement refractory, a rapid strengthening of ties, resistance to corrosion. The refractory mixture – is a dry mixture on the basis of high-alumina cement and refractory fillers in the composition is still a mixture of modifying additives; refractory mixture is used in masonry and plaster furnace repair heating units. To date, dry mixes in the stores are as both foreign and domestic producers (Ceresit, Glims, etc.).

Stained Glass

The art of stained glass is very old. Stained glass decorations for the Gothic cathedrals, castles and palaces. But usually do stained glass windows, and only recently became possible unique design solution – stained glass ceiling! This ceiling may be a twist and a comfortable matrimonial bedroom and hall office building, and for a youth night club – before the designer opens a vast field of innovative solutions. Stained glass ceilings made of solid glass, tiles which are fixed on metal frames of various types. One of the options for a stained glass ceiling – photo printing. The image that mimics stained glass (or whatever) printed on a special film and glued onto a glass surface. This is the easiest and cheapest option to create the stained glass ceiling. Another option – it fatsetny stained.

With pieces of glass around the perimeter of chamfered and with each other they are connected by a metal frame. These ceilings are original and very unusual – the light is refracted in such tiles in a special way. And finally, the third option – it is the technique of "Tiffany". Pieces of glass – different colors and settings (this may be a mirror, embossed or matte surface) are joined into a single composition by hand using thin metal fasteners. This is the most complicated songs, but it was he provides designers the greatest expanse. The effect of stained-glass ceiling is enhanced by the fact that it can be done like "luminous", setting the lights behind the glass surface. It is also unusual and original: Any room in which installed a ceiling, visitors will be remembered for a long time.

Repair Bathroom

Repair bathroom completed, probably the most complicated and expensive repairs in the apartment. And they do it usually once every 10-15 years. Therefore, making repairs to the bathroom it is better to choose the tiles for bathroom, bathroom furniture, bath, faucets – to result in, redecorate the bathroom, you will not want to redo everything. Particular attention should be paid to the plumbing. Competently and efficiently made layout of water during the repair of a bathroom, a pledge that the neighbors below you will live in harmony. There are many opinions about what tubes to use for laying water supply, making repairs to the bathroom.

Many believe that the best copper pipes. Once they are expensive, so they are better. But there is such a thing – stray currents that disrupt copper. Of course there are ways to protect, but if your pipes are not copper and gold! Making routing water polypropylene remember that it's pretty hard material, and not in all cases it will sink into the wall. Well, as a matter of course, you should use reinforced polypropylene pipes. But most of all, i tend to pipes of metal-base. They are already quite long appeared in the construction market, and fairly well-proven with proper use. First of all, before the collector (a comb) should be set gear, preferably with a pressure gauge to be adjust the optimum water pressure. Then you have nothing to be afraid of water hammer, which can be at any time. Well, the second least important point – from the collector to the final output should be no connections. If you will comply with or adhere to these rules, repairing the bathroom a good thing.

Office Partitions

Prior to each head of the company from time to time (due to relocation or expansion) there is an important issue: the organization of the working office space, creating a comfortable workplace for each of its employee. It is important to take into account aesthetics, presentable premises for the convenience of communication and work. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Barchester has to say. Rearrange the room is expensive, troublesome and, moreover, time-consuming. Effective solution to this problem can be office partitions or wall panels. Office partitions – it is a frame made of easy and convenient for installation of materials (usually aluminum).

Gaps carcass filled with glass or plastic (sometimes wood) depending on the destination partitions. If you want to share office space in several separate work space, it is best to use wooden or plastic walls. If, however, need more light in the room, then better fit glass partitions. Glass can be transparent or opaque, tinted or patterned. A good idea to look at such partitions emblem of the enterprise or company.

Application of office partitions allows you to more effectively organize the work of employees, dividing the room into several areas: reception area and work with clients, an area of rest and relaxation, the workspace. In addition to comfortable office gets finished presentable and remember their own face. Office partitions can be easily rearranged, replaced or removed altogether. Also can easily change their shape, design, color and texture. Office wall partitions can be of three types: fixed partitions (fixed to the floor and ceiling), sliding partitions (composed of easily movable structures) and cell wall (composed of bonded blocks). Stationary partitions have increased sound insulation, is a lightweight, easy-to-wall mounting. Sliding partitions are designed to quickly change the layout of the premises, combined into one or split into several rooms. Cell walls can easily move around the office, creating a different design space.

Vocational Schools

Revive the system of vocational schools, which remained very few offer the Moscow mayor's office, headed by ym . But this is the future, but for now Builders "Expensive" In general, 2006 was characterized by the tendency of wage growth for people involved in the industry. According to Agency Recruitment "Unity Seth, wage growth for representatives of such professions as electricians, foremen, architects, the section chief, chief project engineer, chief architect of the project, amounted to 16-20 percent. The difference is the monthly income of designers at the beginning of the year and at the end of the year a few more – 25-27 percent. From the general trends are knocked out a few cases. For example, the chief architect of the project, which the company had not taken early in the year, has requested a salary of more than 2 times when re-treatment of the same employer after 10 months. And the company was forced to agree to its terms.

According to the St. Petersburg Institute of regional economics and management, construction companies in particular demand facility managers, planners, estimators, specialists in technical supervision, foreman, engineers, internal networks, foremen, masons, plasterers, electricians. In general, the experts state that the recent market situation has changed personnel. So, if in 2003 – 2004 years. construction companies were the most in demand line staff specialists associated with the production and preparation of the construction process (chiefs of production and technical departments, heads of sections, heads of estimate and contract divisions, etc.), then, since 2005, has increased the demand for leading design engineers and senior specialists of the design of various building areas.

Industrial Design

Generally, the company grundfos differs in that when you create the most that neither is "domestic" things makes extensive use of the possibility of industrial design. Confirmation of the above may be obtained several years ago, a prestigious European Award for Industrial Design, awarded by another kind of circulation pumps – Series Comfort. Make a comfortable pleasant and helpful The major significance of the object in the house, without exaggeration, one can assume that dressing-room. Gone are the days when the bathroom is an extremely limited space, most of whom held a massive toilet bowl hanging from the ceiling cistern. Modern toilet – is, first of all, couched in the same style room attracts with its comfort, comfort and functionality.

Experts say that the wealth of design possibilities of design, harmony of colors and styles of toilet can compete with any other premises in the house. Important role in creating the aesthetic and functional qualities of a toilet room assigned to plumbing fixtures, and in the first place – the toilet. Giving preference to one or another model, we focus primarily on its design and decor. It turns out that these devices are also inherent in the variety of styles: classic, avant-garde, retro, etc. There are also their fashion trends, among them – the desire to maximize a round shape and smooth lines. Modern bowls are colored, painted, decorated with stucco and even gold. Is still demand for traditional white appliances and classical forms with the installation "on the floor, but in high demand today enjoyed by their counterparts, suspended, attached to the wall.