design and interior


In anticipation of repair, we tend to wonder what color should be our interior. Psychologists say that everyone prefers any one color, a maximum of two or three. Does this mean that all flat cost to paint one color or it's worth, choosing color, to start from the destination room? It turns out, not just by the way what color is your favorite, you can tell which character qualities predominate in You. But the flowers themselves are able to influence a person's mood, causing him discomfort or vice versa: to improve performance, to relax and soothe, uplift. So how are wisely using the color palette to create a cosiness in the house? Here are a few generalizations that work for virtually anyone regardless of gender, age and race. Blue color promotes better assimilation of information and the friendly atmosphere. It just fit for the design office or home office. At the same time, close to it blue – is exactly the opposite meaning: reduced working capacity and attention dissipates.

So when interior design it is worth to prefer less showy blue, the currently fashionable color indigo and sky blue. The value of green color is known, perhaps, one and all – it acts on the nervous system calming. In addition, he is able to remove the headache, irritability, fatigue and even lowers blood pressure. Therefore, light-green hues are well suited for interior design children's bedrooms or rooms in which you love the rest. Red, on the contrary, increases blood pressure, causes the appetite and increases efficiency for slow people.