In the world a lot of religions and their adherents, may occur that gives way to many people to attend a specific religious ceremony for the realization of their wedding in attention to the type of religious beliefs that they have, which gives way to speak of religious weddings and its different manifestations. Among the various possibilities for religious weddings, one very famous is the kind of Orthodox weddings, in which the main feature that accompanies is kind of ceremonies, is the repetition of all the rituals or formal requirements on three occasions, so the rings should be blessed in up to three times, the crowns than this present in the heads of the bride and groomThey must exchange and repeat such exchange on 3 occasions, similarly Cup which drink the bride and groom, should be performed 3 times mouth to drink the liquid it contains and in the final part of the development of the ceremony the bride and groom must be 3 laps around the altar. The use of a few crowns is a union, which unites the souls of the bride and groom, since that both crowns are joined by a loop; in the course of the ceremony crowns are placed on the altar on a tray containing kufeta, i.e. sweet almond and rice as symbols of prosperity for the kings who comprise a Kingdom with his family. Continuing the theme of religious weddings and different types of ways in which you can perform, gives way to weddings Jewish, a modality that has accompanied by a canopy of silk development and that will add flowers, so the bride and groom should be located low canopy, that as the symbol of the conformation of a home and the place where dwell; After being located under the canopy and the recitation of a few words of the Rabbi, the groom gives a ring of marriage the bride and this gives a tallit, to then receive 7 blessings.

During the course of all this, a glass of wine, which at the end of the ceremony the bride and groom drink, to be then wrapped by the groom on a napkin must be present and must e.g. stepping with the right foot, which is a symbology, that is It seeks to keep in mind the destruction of the Temple of Jerusalem even in times of joy. Another religious weddings, are Protestant weddings, which presents many restrictions in terms of music, the use of candles, photographs, videos and even in the days in which this type of ceremonies, can carry out since Sunday; they can only be held in the rest of the components can be said that it is a ceremony which is held very similarly with the Catholic wedding. These are just some of the religious weddings, but there are many others, since each type of religion manages a kind of different celebrations.