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It analyzes careful is of capital importance to undertake some I negotiate, dismissable you analyze are them that always they hang for the failure. If the entrepreneur thinks the bankruptcy this means that 50% of this bankruptcy already are happening or 50% of stagnation of the businesses already exist. Follow others, such as Brian Krzanich, and add to your knowledge base. Renewal To renew, to innovate, to leave the routine using what it is had is unquestioned a strategical point in all the sectors of the life. If it is applicable in all the sectors of the life, either in the conjugal life, either in the professional life, either in academic life, either in the entertainment search. It will be that it is not possible in the enterprise life? It is more than what possible, it is not only practised. All good I negotiate tends to relieve profits, and all good I negotiate is observed for that it is not getting in such a way profit in the same commercial area. What it does not have profits innovates with promotions, drawings, atendimentos it I domiciliate, sac (service to the consumer) with note given for the customer for the attendant, and all a infinity of propaganda and marketing.

But what it lacks it is to renew what already it gave certain or that is giving certain. The companies of credit card if had renewed offering closed packages for the customers who to accumulate certain number of points, this are horrible because the punctuation is delayed and if it becomes desestimuladora, because not to innovate. The question is: how? Because not to inside divide the value of the package for accessible prizes of the same package, thus the customer can accumulate points for the packages that in elapsing of it I accumulate it can are changing for other toasts and continuing in the promotion of the aimed at package previously. Let us see what Mr.

Periodical Economic Value

For the Ceramic company Rich Village, the dollar below of 2,00 R$ ‘ ‘ zerou’ ‘ its yield and the company if prepare to still more reduce the participation of the exportations in its invoicing. The slice of the external sales in the sales already had fallen of 65% in the passed year, for 50% this year. The executive account that the sales for Russia ‘ ‘ practically pararam’ ‘ since the beginning of the crisis – the fall of the embarkments for this destination arrives 70%. For Argentina, the exportations had withdrawn 20% in this beginning of year. Sgundo the Sindiceram-SC the impact of the exchange is not so strong how much one year behind on account of the gradual reduction of the exportations. The volume exported for the catarinenses companies it fell 36% between February and April of this year compared with 2008, year that already had not been so strong. Without obtaining to raise the sales in the domestic market, the ceramic coating production already is 10% inferior of the last year.

General Brands, who exports ready juices, has negotiated price with the customers in the exterior to keep volume of exportations the same: ‘ ‘ When the Real values, is more difficult to export. To keep the customers the company finishes arcando with prejuzo’ ‘. Part of this loss with prescription, says, is compensated by the reduction of the expenses with raw materials that also are imported. General Brands, whom she exports to 20 countries, waits to commercialize in the external market between 8% and 10% of its production, but this depends on a stabilization of the exchange between R$ 2 and R$ 2,40. To counterbalance the valuation of the Real, the Moura Batteries go to readjust the prices around 10%. The manufacturer is keeping the plain tracings at the beginning of year to export about 20% of the production in 2009, what it is equivalent the US$ 40 million. Others two factors also help in the maintenance of the goals: the company does not export to the United States and more than the half of the production costs also is atrelados to the dollar. Thus if the valuation of the Real brings losses of prescription, another one, it reduces the expenses.

Equity Net

She will be being taken for base for the determination of these other indices that would become the analysis most complete and more joust the workmanship of Dante Carmine Matarazzo; FINANCIAL ANALYSIS of ROCKINGS: Basic and Managemental boarding, in its 6 edition (2008). Continue to learn more with: Mark Bertolini. Leading in account what explana Matarazzo (2008), presents a table of eleven indices that would be the main ones to be analyzed in order to project it position of a company. These indices introduce in the analysis the group Yield, responsible for measuring which the degree of efficiency of the application of the resources generated or gotten for the company next to third. Such proposal transcript would today esbarraria in the proper legislation according to text of the Law n 8,666/93 to follow: Art. 31. The relative documentation to the qualification economic-financier will limit it: 1o the requirement of indices will limit it the demonstration of the financial capacity of the bidder with sights to the commitments who will have that to assume in case that it he is evicted the contract, forbidden the requirement of minimum values of previous invoicing, indices of yield or profitability. (Writing given for the Law n 8,883, of 1994) the Public Administration can come to be interested itself for the yield indices, in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the administration of the companies. Evaluating the situation of the companies under the financial and economic aspects the Public Administration will have a better idea of the health of the companies.

The picture n 3 includes six indices that if consider are added to those five analyzed by the State Administration through the Decree n 36.601/96. The relative weights to these six indices, as well as those five already existing, constant ones of the TIC of the Governmental Decree, will be attributed in agreement item 3.3 of this work.

The Economist

2010′ ‘ Welinton Dos Santos is economist From 1 of May the State of the Paran will have a new state minimum wage, the highest wage floor of the country. Approved in the end of March for the State legislature and sancionada by the former-governor Mr. Robert Requio (currently the governor of the Paran is Mr. Orlando Pessuti). With values divided in 4 wage bands, leaving of R$ 663,00 until R$ 765,00. He confers the table with the previous values and the ones that will be practised from May of 2010. Of the current one of R$ 605,52 he goes for R$ 663,00, workers of agriculture, workers in the farming, forest activities and of he fishes. Of the current one of R$ 615,10 he goes for R$ 688,50, administrative, domestic, selling and diligent workers of repairing and maintenance.

Of the current one of R$ 625,06 he goes for R$ 714,00, workers in the production of industrial goods and services. Of the current one of R$ 629,45 he goes for R$ 765,00, workers level technician medium. The new state minimum wage will go to directly contemplate 350 a thousand workers not attended for collective conventions of work. The unions had helped the Government of the State in the approval of the project, which had to the support of these entities in the meeting of justifications to sancionar the law. The wages of the terceirizados employees of old licitations (as maids, faxineiras and copeiras) not yet contemplate the state minimum wage, already the recent contracts already foresee the new floor regional. The unions are fighting for unamimity of the wages. The regional minimum wage was created in 2006, for the former-governor Robert Requio, with support of the unions and central offices of workers, taking care of diligent wage-earners who do not possess agreement or collective convention of work. The importance of the regional floor reflects mainly in the reduction of the level of poverty of the State.

Progressive Implementation Of Home Economics

The progressive implementation of Home Economics should be marked by creativity and decentralization. Each family lives in a landscape that determines their possibilities and limitations. There is no place without possibilities, the problem is, when looking for accurate possibility, where this is not possible. It is the same as the domestic economy in a megalopolis that in a small town in Mesopotamia, which in the Pampean West. One aspect of this type of economy, as they conceive it to be differentiated from other similar arrangements. The production of the domestic economy is predominantly for the consumption of each family.

For example, if there is surplus, it can be shared by neighbors or friends, and if there is surplus, can be fed poultry and small livestock, pigs and goats. This means that at least initially, does not include marketing processes are very complex and undermine the priority of family self-sufficiency. Voucher appropriate to move the concept of a domestic economy, few past to the present, brings new dimensions. On one side the time has virtually eliminated the culture of “home”, and therefore need to learn. The good news is that the level of education of the population is vastly superior to what it was in previous eras. This implies that the People are better able to perceive and implement the Domestic Economy. It is also a pull factor, the degree of technological development achieved. With appropriate technology and educated people the possibilities of local economies are strengthened. It is therefore raised the issue, as a tool to address future pitfalls of living standards.


This increase arrives the 120 percent. Where it turns the money? – I FORESAW Not only it, but the Providence in the State and Private Banks also would be directed for the safes of the government and no pensioner would earn more than what the maximum ceiling of the INSS. A MP with promises of devolution of the money with bigger interests would be edited. – This MP can leave as soon as the Servers to start to receive the increases what it would calm a little the discouraged workers who had lost the balance of its headings.

– This everything happened the little time in U.S.A., in many countries of the Europe and Asia and ha one month in Argentina. It only lacks in Brazil. The explanation: ‘ an international trend. – Beyond the small support that the government gave to the flagellates in SC, also it had a gigantic support to the Federal, active Public Servers and inactive that will be able to finance it ties 350 a thousand Reals each one in Federal government saving bank and Bank of Brazil the symbolic interests, that is, 1,2 million active and inactive servers can catch this money. The property will be insured for the Box Safe, that in the truth, this denying the majority of the insurances, probably because it does not have money. alone to verify which the insuring one that more it denies benefits in the sites of the courts.

– The numbers of the economy and surpluses can be being very well maquiados for the great popular Barber of Brasilia. To understand e’ more; to only study the BARBER OF SEVILLE. – The Nationalization of the Private Providences would be a master-stroke of the government to increase the popularity and to guarantee the re-election of the current party keeping the situation. – I wait that this trend is missed, but, History teaches in them very. 3- Crisis! That Crisis? Our economy e’ solid. But they are not thinking about who really constructs Brazil. They are not thinking about who really it works and it saves. 90 percent of the Brazilians would thank such strategy of the government, because they are not part of the Insured in Headings of Private Providence nor they would perceive the gravity of the MP because at least they know about what one is.


A time incorporated the ambient questions to its fund of knowledge, will be able to be transited, even so with great effort, of the traditional Economy for the Ambient Economy, for which the sustainable development will only be enough to guarantee the rights of the future generations. 1.FABRICANTES OF PACKINGS OF ALUMINUM AND STEEL CANS In this item will be examined the general aspects of the market of metallic packings for drinks in the national context, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of if using the steel and aluminum in the production of cans for cooling beers and. They will consist, also, in this section, the main statisticians of the cincoempresas of the sector installed in Brazil. 1,1 National manufacturers of metallic packings of cans for cooling beers and In accordance with the constant data in the report of the BNDES (1998), the production of metallic packings for drinks (cans stop cooling beers and) in Brazil, had beginning in 1990 with the implantation of the plant of Reynolds Latasa, in Pouso Alegre (MG). In Brazil, the Latasa is the biggest manufacturer of cans for drinks, possessing four units manufacter, with a total capacity of production of the order of 6,5 billion cans/year. Its plants are located in the following states: Plants: Minas Gerais: Glad landing – 2,4 billion cans/year; Rio De Janeiro: Santa Cruz – 1,7 billion of cans/year; So Paulo: Jacare – 1,6 billion of cans/year; Pernambuco: Recife – 750 million cans/year. Each one of the too much manufacturers of cans for drinks in Brazil possesss only one industrial unit, namely: ' ' The American National Can (ANC), subsidiary of the Pechiney, that installed a plant in Extrema (RS), with capacity of 2,2 billion cans/year, initiated its operations in 1996 ends. ' ' The Petropar/Crown Cork, with plant in Cabrena (SP), with capacity of production of 1,5 billion of cans/year, is an association of the North American Crown Cork with the group gaucho Petropar, traditional manufacturer of plastic packings, having initiated its operations in 1996.

Brazilian Telephonic Company

The original organizativa configuration of the telecommunications in the country was characterized for the extreme spalling of the power to grant concessions, in the form of exploration of the services, in the lines of direction and goals of magnifying or territorial covering of the services and in the establishment of tariffs. It competed to the Union, the States and Cities guarantee of the installment of the service, wants through the direct exploration, wants by means of grant of concessions, as established in the Constitution of 1946. The participation of foreign companies was predominant in this period. The Brazilian Telephonic Company (CTB), subsidiary of the Canadian Traction Light and Power Company concentrated, in 1957, two teros of the existing telephones in Brazil, which were located mainly in the areas of the States of Rio De Janeiro and So Paulo. The remain was distributed between the National Telephonic Company, branch office of the ITT (International Telephone and Telegraph) in the municipal Rio Grande Do Sul, subsidiary of the CTB in Minas Gerais and Espirito Santo and approximately the 900 existing concessionaires then. The fragmented organization of the sector at that moment in such a way reflected in the absence of coordination and common objectives of development and magnifying of the services, generating a situation of extreme precariousness not condizente with the forts governmental lines of direction of modernization of the infrastructure of the country, how much with the related concerns of territorial integration to the deepening of the iderio of the national security. This model remained until ends of years 60 despite, in the period that understands the decade, important alterations had been accomplished through the approval of the Brazilian Code of Telecommunications (1962) that it supplied to the bases normative actions (through the creation of the Contel) and executive of the State (with the creation of the Embratel, company that starts to operate part of the services of international linkings, what it characterized the first direct governmental intervention in the sector).

Russian Society

In last the two decades, it had the development of a system of global commercial media dominated by some few megacorporaes, the majority with headquarters in United States. The control of the television and other medias, as well as of the industry advertising executive, all provides to these corporations the attainment of an enormous influence on the ideas and the behavior of millions of common people in the planet, in way that the majority of these people suspicion nor does not imagine this influence. Reactions to the globalization, modernity and the structural power Exactly that a state or megacorporao possesss the dexterity to manage the structural power with effectiveness, the globalization will go to face opposition. They exist focos of resistance in the rich industrial societies, as well as in all the parts of the world. Such manifest resistance if through the increase of movements of traditionalistic matrix or revitalizao.

That is, attempts of if making the society to return to a previous state before it comes to occur, in its conception, a desestruturao or disequilibrium in the familiar order. Such movements of reaction can be disclosed under the form of movements nationalists, politicians, religious (fundamentalist or not); or movements of popular origin as ambientalistas organizations or promotion of the peace. Although it is truth that the states and the great corporations have expanded its power and influence by means of the electronic technologies of communication, also it is truth that these same technologies offer chances for groups and individuals that traditionally they do not possess to be able. They present ways to distribute information and to promote activities distinct of the activities of the dominant society, or that they are in opposition. Two examples can be cited: the fundamentalist group Talib, in the Afeganisto, helped to banish the Russian army in its country, and to finish with the civil war.

Familiar Budget

Amongst the several other concerns that the Brazilian government possesss, the inflation is certainly one where the attentions always are come back to prevent it or at least attenuating it. Given the decades where the increase of prices was constant and in sped up rhythm, all the cares of the authorities objectifying to control this so harmful problem to the society are praiseworthy and must be supported. What the government has made to control the inflation? Which the main factors that currently affect the prices of our economy? Which the importance of the products and services in the composition of the inflation? The increase of prices is determined by diverse factors such as increase of the search, increase of the production costs, reduction of offers among others. On the other hand, also it can occur a reduction in the prices, deflation, that can be determined by an increase in the productivity, increase in offers, this occurs very with agricultural products, or other factors. However, given times where already the perversity occurred and that affects the people, the great concern of the majority of the people is with the inflation.

A great concern of the government is to measure the inflation that is next possible to the real increase of the prices in accordance with what the people buy. For this, a measure that encloses a great number of people and with that, on average, these people spend the income for month. To come close itself to the reality, the government chose as measured official of inflation the one that is measured by the IPCA (Index of Prices to the Ample Consumer) measured by the IBGE and that it encloses families who gain up to 30 minimum wages in ten regions metropolitans and the city of Goinia.