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Management Performance

Nobody said that the life is easy, only said that it is worth the pain to live it. Of course, the fact dese described like manager, does not avoid that the emotions appear, of the importance of to know how to handle them of such form, that they do not generate conflicts, imbalance, stress, quite the opposite, must take passage to favorable results, that not only benefit to the manager but to all those with which they interrelate. Unfortunately the managers are many who do not know to manage their emotions, to control them and it has originated him serious problems, as much in its performance, as in its health, in its interrelations, leadership. Nowadays it is fundamental that leaders and managers learn to control their emotions, and those of his subordinates, not only in order that these do not control of negative way the performance of the same in the work, but they become an opportunity to improve the interaction and the productivity of all the members of the equipment. Click Brian Krzanich for additional related pages. The manager day to day is put under the emotions, mainly when she is called on to him to make the decisions that entail a results and are involved people accompany who it in the profit by the settled down objectives, therefore must be kind as these emotions are generated, as to control them of such form that do not originate conflicts, desarmona and of course it affects significantly the organizational climate of the company. In an interesting writing it, the School exceeds of Mental Education, it contributes, that the emotions well are not seen in the work place. It is very common that they say to us controls your emotions, or you must maintain the head cold, and still more, we do not allow that the emotions control to us, we must think rationally. .

The Process

It is possible and necessary to be open to the transformation of the world, searching efficient and pleasant form in the learning process. In the search to know this world better infantile, this project has also for objective to investigate through bibliographical research, as the trick is carried through, if manipulation exists and if the same one develops the child, as well as if it assists the learning process. Therefore, the good professor and that one that helps its pupil to construct its proper knowledge. From its experience, working with innovative methodology, contributing in a special way with the cognitivo affective development of its clientele. Details can be found by clicking Mark Bertolini or emailing the administrator. The choice of this subject is the inquiry on what it is happening in the schools, ahead of the reality where we live deeply the depreciation, the autoconfiana that does not exist on the part of some children and the knowledge who have its imperfections, in this direction is necessary to create games where the child feels itself confident in what she is happening and that it participates of productive form in the process of education education learning. Then she is necessary to make one analyzes in relation what the authors tell in books, therefore to play, to play, to imitate and to create rhythms and to create rhythms and movements, the children also if they appropriate of repertoire of the corporal culture in which she is inserted.

2 JUSTIFICATION In if treating to social matrix that the present research holds in its bulge, urges to emphasize that this work is of great value not only in the academy, as well as in the prxis daily. It adds values, knowledge, chances, principles, rights and duties to be observed for the humanity. The choice of the subject Games and tricks: One forms of if to educate left of the necessity to understand the relation of the professor with this new scene and its insertion or not with technological and its use in the education process learning, from there its importance for the formation of professors for the basic education.

Assessment Score System

Many now argue the correctness of the system and principles of modern estimation in high school. Let us and we will see what the problems of the education system, unless of course they exist. Elon Musk spoke with conviction. What are we going to compare? For example, as it was before the introduction of ball system for evaluation and administration modules. This is not such a long time, so I think it will be interesting and current students, and those who have already graduated from school. Share your opinion. On his website, I told that graduated high school in 2002. Then, of course, and did not smell of modules, outbursts of indiscriminate testing and evaluation system ball.

If you ask the reference work or coursework, you need to do it completely. Of course someone admitted mistakes, someone doing everything right, but we have not been able to do half the work and say, 'enough for me. " Thus, performing all the work we accomplished the goal of the teacher – we are all of the material was fixed course. What happens now? Recently, a friend of mine, too, with the site receiving the control task, reviewed the work, got acquainted with her estimation, and performed a few tasks. Approximately 15 out of 45.

It is estimated scores for which it receives, and said that it is – the bare minimum for admission to a subsequent examination of the subject. The moral of this story? I can understand that the student make their lives easier. I can understand that teacher recommendation is 'top' for evaluation. But it's also, I understand that knowledge and that girl will remember and consolidate exactly 15 out of 45. That is 1 / 3. My opinion – dig yourself a hole. Where is the guarantee that I will not come to give birth, or treatable teeth, etc. to this girl, and my situation is not thereby question 16 out of 45, which was 'already in excess of the minimum necessary'?

The Environment

Concepts of environment and its perception for the drawing. Some authors come if leaning over in the study of the perception of the concept of environment in the context of the ambient education, being emblematic the work of Sauv (2005). The categories of the perception of the environment concept and its description are, respectively: ) to be admired and preserved nature: natural and untouchable sanctuary; b) to be managed resource: collective inheritance to be explored by the society; c) to be decided problem: place degraded for the pollution; d) to be lived place: social, technological and historical instance; e) local to be divided socially: place where it has interdependence between beings livings creature and not – livings creature; planet as first of life; f) proposal communitarian: critical action with participation politics of the community. Reigota was emblematic when affirming that the environment is classified in three types: ) Naturalist: as synonymous of nature half intocada, characterizing itself typically for the natural aspects; b) Anthropocentric: half as source of the natural resources for the survival of the human being; c) Globalizante: half integrated for the nature and society. The environment concept can be perceived by means of drawings. Reigota (2002) points that the research involving social representations of the environment tends to adopt qualitative methods aiming at interpretativas analyses (as the ambient perception) and of intervention (as the ambient education). Any that is the form of expression used in the daily life for the citizens, this can and must be used as a possible source for the identification of social representations, as it is the case of the drawings. Antonio and Guimares (2005) had argued that the infantile drawing is: ) more than a simple image for the child, therefore in it he materializes its unconscious one, registering, in the element, sheet of paper of its daily life; b) a symbolic representation, enclosing a relation of identity with what it symbolizes, presenting a teia of significaes of its objective thought as in such a way subjective, and is context-dependent.

Economic Cooperation

Dropped in the ranking of the Novosibirsk Region, Amur Region, the Omsk region. The worst environmental rating has Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous District, Sverdlovsk and Chelyabinsk region. The European Parliament began to doubt the feasibility of using biofuels European deputies intend to limit the role of first generation biofuels (biodiesel, bioethanol) in the development program in favor of renewable energy, in particular, wind, solar and hydrogen power. Production of first generation biofuels currently stands at 15 million tons. Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development announced this summer that the economic feasibility of environmentally friendly fuel will be doubtful if to deprive him of public support enjoyed by the manufacturers. For a long time it was considered less harmful to the environment than the fuel, derived from oil. Now scientists are skeptical.

The European Parliament is concerned about the high prices of first generation biofuels, which are no longer considered safe for the environment, members also expressed doubts about its economic viability. MEPs voted for a reduction in the use of biofuels. Thus, the share of bioethanol accounted for by the transport sector of EU countries in 2020, is 5%. Earlier expected to increase biofuel use to 10%. According to the UN, the spread of biofuels is one of the reasons for the increase in food prices around the world, since forcing farmers to reduce area under food crops and to redistribute them in favor of fuel. More than half the EU one way or another fight against climate change According to a survey of European sociological agency Eurobarometer, a majority of the EU personally take action to reduce emissions of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, which is one of the causes of climate change.

Rent Exams

The theme for me right now is particularly relevant because is midyear. And why is it always, and especially in the winter, during exams I overcomes this overwhelming feeling of absolute inactivity respect for others and for oneself. On their own experience, I realized that this tiny bit of laziness can even it’s good, because it gives people at least relax a little on the heavy, similar to some other routine. Sometimes you want to feel completely free, not knowing no problems and unrest. But at a time when the lazy fills your mind, does not move, binds all your intentions and feelings, not allowing extra time to do something useful than to himself, and perhaps even to the people around you, and a sense of concern, and whether we can do to prevent this “nasty” permission to a person? So exams. That is three days for the first, and probably particularly important exam.

You are determined to show all their own, albeit not very extensive, knowledge. But suddenly there is this feeling. With each passing hour, approaching you more and more attracted at least five to ten minutes lie down, watch TV, maybe even read a book. And so hour after hour, day pass, the other, and finally the third. And then came that day. Finally you realize that you’re not ready, that everything that you have time – read it, on the strength of ten pages of lectures.

And here it is guilt, a sense of powerlessness and lack of will. You tell yourself that now, if not this nor that you would necessarily prepared. But it’s late and you are going, his head bowed low, and resigned fate, in this exam “life” not knowing what will happen tomorrow. If you are lucky you can even get a good rating or a three. But the worst thing is to get and fail to wait, preparing to ten or twelve days to retake. For me there is no worse time than this ten days. Only now you get to the full of his own conscience and reason. For me there is no worse than the punishment. But then, after all the mulligans and tests, you come out a winner, and quietly live in a haze laziness still half a year until the next time. So draw your own conclusions gentlemen. For me, it has become my lifestyle, but for you it may be just words. Do not succumb to laziness, be active and get more out of life is that it gives you.

Reading Pupil

She is necessary that the professor attempts against for the different forms to teach, therefore, has many ways to learn. The professor must have conscience of the importance to create bonds with its pupils through the daily activities, constructing and reconstructing always new bonds, stronger and positive. The pupil, when perceiving that he presents difficulties in its learning, many times starts to present disinterest, carelessness, irresponsibility, aggressiveness, etc. the difficulty causes sufferings and no pupil presents low income voluntarily. The relation professor/pupil becomes the capable or incapable pupil. If the professor to treat it as incapable, will not be successful, will not allow its learning and its development.

If the professor, reveals unprepared to deal with the presented problem, more possibilities will have to transfer its difficulties to the pupil. The first ensinantes are the parents, with them learn the first interactions and throughout the development, it perfects. These relations, already are constituted in the child, when arriving at the school, that will influence considerably in the power of production of this citizen. She is necessary a healthful familiar dynamics, a positive relation of cooperation, joy and motivation. One becomes necessary to guide pupil, family and professor, so that together, can search orientaes to deal with pupils/children, who present difficulties and/or that they run away to the standard, searching the intervention of a specialized professional.

Tips for the parents Each person is one. She is necessary to know the pupil who if has, as it learns. If it constructed a thing, cannot destroy it. Psicopedagogo helps to promote changes, intervined ahead of the difficulties that the school places in them, working with the balances/disequilibria and rescuing the desire to learn.

The Visuals

The dialogues can also be used for further oral practice (choral, individual, pair). To give more scope to the role play, 'much' and 'many' can be introduced in the next lesson. A suitable exchange (using visuals) might be: A: I'd like some. B: How much? / How many? A: (3 1 / 2 a pound, etc.) B: Here you are. A: Thank you. After the initial class practice, the exchange can be practised in pairs, using the visuals. This phase is optional.

If the students are now producing dialogues reasonably quickly and correctly, it should be left out, or the class will become bored. The students work in pairs. Each pair is given a card, for example: Go into the grocer's and buy three things. Begin: A: Good morning, can I help you? B: I'd like_. These cards can be designed with students of differing abilities in mind.

A pair of 'good' students may be asked from the context, or example: 'What do you think' change 'means?'. A desk is turned into a 'shop'. The students suggest the kind of hop, and select and lay out the relevant goods. A reasonably confident student is given some English money, and is asked to be 'customer' while the teacher is 'shop assistant'. The student has no form of written help. The student buys a few things, goods and takes his purchases away. Students should be given a couple of minutes to write their own shopping list. This could include the shops they will go to, which goods they will buy there, and the amount they need.

For Vygotsky

To know the conceptions of them, in accordance with it, is a step important to teach well, a time that one of the objectives of the school is to take the students to form adequate representations of the world where they live, the necessary educator to have as reference these preconceived ideas to carry through its task satisfactorily. The paper is to analyze and to designate the factors that favor, intervines or harms a good learning in an institution. The Psicopedagogo considers and helps to the development of the favorable projects the changes. The imaginary O psicopedagogo is the first one to have that to rethink itself continuously in a change process. But when we speak in changes, you vary things comes in our thought. I very bring an argued problem that is the performance of psicopedagogo from the imaginary one. In institucional supervision one of the problems that psicopedagogo faces he is that one presented by the imaginary one.

The register of the imaginary one weaves the relations between the people. For Vygotsky, the citizen if weaves in the social one. It is a product of the social one. Vygostsky attributes enormous importance to the paper of the social integration in the development of the human being. One of the most significant contributions of the teses that it formulated is in the attempt of explicitar (and not only estimating) as the process development socially it is constituted. This is the main reason of its interest in the study of infancy (I WATER, 2001, p.56). is through this idea of Vygostsky that we start to think with affection the imaginary one about the life of the child, and for what we know it starts well early. In the institutions, everything for it is newness, everything is different of the world where it is accustomed to live deeply and depending on the form as she starts to learn, she can be good or not.

European Process

Of this form, the government could not only reduce expenses as well as to support the free choice. A document that says on the crisis of the public universities considered emergenciais measures as the payment of water, light, telephone, magnifying of the vacant number, increasing the amount of pupils for room, devotion bigger of professors and diversification of the sources of financing of the public universities. Amongst the aspects gifts in this process, the pressure of international organisms must be cited as U.S.A. and European companies for the opening of the Brazilian educational sector, being evident that this pressure must to the benefit that this liberalization of the commerce backwards. What it still more becomes evident the process of mercantilizao of the education Brazilian superior.

Beyond the actions of the federal government, in the privatization process, the So Paulo state government also deserves critical of the academic community for events in public superior education. Among others points five executive orders of So Paulo had been forwarded and if they had become objects of intense debates, therefore these wound and question the university autonomy, break up the education of the public educational system what it has as resulted the weakness politician of the public education and the movements in defense of education. Students in protest had occupied diverse reitorias of So Paulo public university demanding the fight against the university reform. Currently, the institutions need to ask for authorization to the federal government for the fulfilment of its more elementary obligations, as the payment of its water accounts and electric energy. this still is autonomy? In the campus of the FCLar, pupils had occupied the reitoria, but the request of ownership reintegration was taken care of and the force if the reason sobressaiu in relation, what he was not legitimate, but legal. The crisis which the civilization contemporary this passing this seated on the capitalist economic logic, in this phase of mundializao of the capital, we are living at a time where the legality if sobressai what he is legitimate.