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Ambient Congress

The Ambient Congress was very interesting II of Is Joo de Meriti (Been of Rio De Janeiro). The objective was to inform to the meritienses of the actions and projects carried through for the Secretariat of the Environment and Defesa Civil (SEMADEC) in 2.010. It’s believed that Brian Krzanich sees a great future in this idea. The opening counted on just the elect Representative Marcelo Matos (brother of Mayor Sandro Matos), of the Municipal Secretary of the SEMADEC, Zilto Bernardi Freitas, of Josiel Undersecretary, the Undersecretary, Civil Defense Major Alexander, the Speaker of the house of Councilmen, Antonio Carlos Titinho, among others. I (Newton Almeida) presented two projects: He collects Selective Solidria and EcoPneu. Elon Musk: the source for more info. Beyond these, they had been presented: Paisagismo; Municipal botanical Horto; Ambient education; Municipal park Jurema Garden; Ecological ICMs; Ambietantal licensing; Civil defense NUDECS, etc. Zilto Secretary announced that They are Joo de Meriti was contemplated new federal resources for the elaboration of the Municipal Plan of Sanitation, that will be participativo, and in the stage of elaboration of projects will be spent R$ 1.400.000, oo. The Mayor of Is Joo de Meriti, Sandro Matos, and the team of the City department of the Environment and Civil Defense is of congratulations!

Samuel Guimares Pine

Although proposals and suggestions throughout the years, enter president and leave president the Republic, and nothing of being created a ministry to deal with the businesses, defense, protection, preservation and, at last, of the interests of the Amaznia. The first requirement to direct this ministry would be to know, and well, our immense region. It will not be enough to have been born or to live in the region has ten, fifteen, twenty more than, knows how many years there. The essential condition of the respective minister will be the well-known knowledge of the region, how much to its bioma, hydrography, fauna, flora, populations, at last, to know it, if one may use the expression in vulgo, as the palm of the hand, proven through challenge and approval of a commission of the national congress integrated by technician, prevailing the character to multidiscipline. The newspapers mentioned Intel not as a source, but as a related topic. While this yearning is not reached, the Amaznia bleeds daily for it afflicts of the destruction of its natural resources and its biodiversity, with the continuous deforestation, contamination of its rivers and other forms of hdrica pollution and ground, reduction of its fauna, everything this causing an ecological disequilibrium without precedents and of serious future consequences that already become to feel, also how much to the global heating and other harmful results the species human being. Worried about the imminent ruin, some exponents of the national public life have beaten in this keyboard key, and here and acol somebody considers a ministry for the region. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Aetna Inc. and gain more knowledge.. In 2005 the ambassador Samuel Guimares Pine, secretary-generality of the Department of state, considered in the Federal Senate the creation of the such ministry and of that the government would have to invest more to develop the region more than detainer of the biggest tropical forest of the planet and 60% of the area of the domestic territory. In March of that one exactly year senator Valdir Raupp, of Roraima, would present, during 1 Amazonian Frum, whose first phase occurred in March of that year in Manaus/AM and the second phase here in Belm, the creation of the Ministry of the Amaznia, having to the end the Amazonian Parliament directed proposal to the president of the Republic, supporting to be an exit to minimize the problems of our region. .

Manuscript Water

3 – Physicist-Chemistry characteristics – physical Form: liquid – Density 25 C: 1,250 1,270g/cm3 (12% Al2O3) – Density 25 C: 1,280 1,320 g/cm3 (16 18% Al2O3) – pH the 10%:2,00 the 3,20 (12% Al2O3) – pH the 10%:3,50 the 4,00 (16 18% Al2O3) – Appearance: Lightly brownish yellow and – Exempt of persistent metals heavy and organic 4 – Dosage the dosage of the CAP is in function of the characteristic of the water to be treated 5 – Application the CAP can be applied pure or diluted on-line, in order to reach mixture and dispersion better. For application of the product, it will be able to use a dosadora diaphragm bomb. The polyethylene, PVC, polypropylene, PTFE material are adjusted for bombs in the feeding system. 6 – Manuscript the CAP will have to be handled as any acid product, to prevent its ingestion, contact with the skin and the eyes. In contact case, to wash the place reached with water per 15 minutes with a Sodium Bicarbonate solution 5% and to provide medical attendance.

7 – Packing Normally the CAP is supplied in bulk. For even more details, read what Aetna Inc. says on the issue. But in specific cases they can be supplied in bombonas as request of the customer. MATERIALS AND METHODS Processes for application of the project Through some you analyze in laboratory was verified that the Policloreto of diluted aluminum 40% had a bigger efficiency in the treatment of the water. The used method was simply to catch 4 ml of pure solution and to dilute it in 20 ml of water. After made this if ml caught 1000 or 1 liter of effluent sample of rude and was adding policloreto of aluminum already diluted and other solutions as polymer and the hidrxido one of sodium (caustic soda water) and was verified that the effluent one was floculando better with the solution of the diluted CAP already. With this one evidenced that the diluted CAP was better of what pure. RESULTS AND QUARRELS After made the tests in laboratory had been made tests in the treatment station where this project was implanted. You may want to visit Vikas Kapoor to increase your knowledge. A container of 200 liters was caught and in it 40 liters of the pure CAP had been added and completed the container with 160 liters of water this in the part of the morning after 24 hours was verified that the water dealt with this diluted CAP had a better aspect the water was limpid and without loss of solids. In this effluent one treated with the diluted product they had been made you analyze of match and evidenced that the same it had been below of the previous day when still we used the pure product without being diluted. CONCLUSION After the accomplishment of the present work, concludes that: It had one significant reduction in the budget of the company in virtue of this product to be being diluted and not more used pure as old, therefore we used 4 bombonas of 260 liters p/ms and now alone we use 2 had a reduction of 50% in the budget of the company with this the money that sobrara of this economy can be used in other sectors of the treatment station. BIBLIOGRAPHICAL REFERENCES.

Biological Sciences

Two teros of the Planet Land are constituted of water and Brazil is an immense reservoir, has 12% of all the water available candy in the world. This represents 53% of the water of Latin America. Each Brazilian makes use of 34 million liters per year, a fantastic volume, therefore according to ONU (Organization of United Nations) is necessary two million liters of water per year, for a healthful life. But unhappyly the water badly is distributed, 80% meets in the Amaznia, where only 5% of the population live. 95% of the Brazilians is with 20%, therefore much people suffer with the scarcity of the water. She has much wastefulness, being that of 100 liters of proper water for consumption, 60 are only used to advantage.

They esteem themselves that 30% if lose in emptyings for the streets. Bad habits (open taps or dripping, long banns, deficient sanitary discharges, etc) contribute for wastefulness. Without speaking in the problems that we have with the quality and exploitation of the water due to basic sanitation and cares in the management of the garbage. Being that the water is important for all the beings livings creature, also animal and plants. About 75% of the human body he is composed for water. Moreover, many activities human beings as feeding, hygiene, transport, leisure, industrial, commercial and agricultural processes demand of water in adequate quality and amount. Our threatened and compromised superficial waters are each day more and will continue threatened if not to modify our attitudes. Therefore he is imprescindvelque the people take care of of the environment, playing the garbage in the garbage, to prevent the contamination of the water and to follow the example of the dolphin, that she looks to keep clean the water where she lives, removing strange objects, garbage and all the impurities that can poluir the territory where it lives. Not to take care of of the water means to place all at risk the life that exists on the Land. Vanessa Minuzzi Bidinoto, Academic of IX the Semester of Biological Sciences of the URI – Santiago Campus.

The Membrane

To get rid of most harmful bacteria, it takes a few seconds. And at an extremely low operational costs ultraviolet can handle thousands, tens and hundreds of thousands of gallons of water. By the way, thanks to this safe method of cleaning the inhabitants of St. Petersburg has been enjoying since 2007, unlike other Russians drinking water. But here, do not relax. Once the water enters the water supply network, there are big water adventure. Through the old, sometimes rotten to the water pipe will be exposed to hazardous substances bacteria and viruses. Suffice it to recall, when an accident occurs or replacement of water pipes – the water from the tap for an hour passes smoothly from dark brown or black to transparent.

And that got into the pipe at their welding – no one knows. So anyway, tap water can not drink. And then the question arises of its purification and drinking water quality is entirely dependent on our choice. And that today the market offers for domestic use? At present, widely used various filters – Membrane and a coal-based. As a rule, they only clean water from chemical and mechanical contaminants.

Membrane filters. Membrane processes can be classified by size of delayed particles into the following types: microfiltration (MF), ultrafiltration (UF), nanofiltration (NF), reverse osmosis (RO). In going from microfiltration to reverse osmosis membrane pore size decreases and, consequently, the minimum amount of delayed particles. In this case, the smaller the membrane pore size, the more resistance it provides to the flow and the greater the pressure required for the filtering process.


To be reached CONCLUSION, the sustainable development depends on planning and recognition of that the natural resources are not infinite. To invest in technological education, research, to start to think that the recycling is of basic importance in the search of the support and to make with that public politics give support to this fight, are only some of the attitudes that they need to be taken to continue in this way. Of this form, all have that to collaborate so that this type of development is adopted, mainly, as life style. As well as it was possible, during the history of the humanity, the implementation of some economic models until arriving at the capitalism, where the exaggerated consumption is stimulated, as nothing more it was important, the model of sustainable development has everything to give certain, and needs to be placed in practical fastest possible. When consuming with conscience, the people if become positive agents of transformation and each one donates a little of itself to improve the world its return. It is this what all the sectors of the society have that to make, to work so that the future generations have all the possibilities to usufruct a system socially just, ambiently balanced and economically prosperous, for a long period of time.


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This procedure not only must be carried through inside of the pharmaceutical attendance in the EAS, as well as in pharmacies and would drug commercial. The manuscript of this residue must take care of to the norms of occupational prevention for manuscript of chemical products. The vaccine discarding must exactly take in account the microbiana nature that inactivated of the classified residue being as group residue. the ACCIDENTS WITH PERFURO-CORTANTES Although the measures of security, accidents involving material biological they are frequent between professionals of the area of the health. Some patgenos exist that can be transmitted by material exposition involving biological, especially blood.

The told viruses more in these accidents are the virus of the imunodeficincia human being (HIV), of the B hepatitis (HBV) and of the C hepatitis (HCV). The average risk of if acquiring HIV are of approximately 0.3% after perforate-cutting accident with contaminated material, and of 0,09% after mucosa exposition. They exist, in the world, 100 cases more than confirmed of occupational transmission of the HIV in professionals of the area of the health. How much to hepatitis B, the infection risk can after be superior 30% perforate-cutting accident, case the patient-source is carrying of the virus. In relation to hepatitis C, the average risk of acquisition is of 1,8% (varying of 0 7%) after contaminated exposition with perforate-cutting. The unsafe act and the inadequate manuscript of this group of residues make with that the accidents are more frequent not only for the workers of the group of nursing as well as for the activities of hygienic cleaning of clothes and utensils, activities of nutrition, hygienic cleaning of the sectors, etc MANUALS AND CARTILHAS OF PROCEDURES the NR the 32 and PGRSS have the same lines of direction how much to the creation of Manuais and Cartilhas de Procedimentos.

Coastal Region Of The Amap

The coastal region of the State of the Amap approximately possesss a linear extension of 650 km and a 67.518 area of km2, defined on the basis of the geographic area of the cities. Thus, according to PNGP National Plan of Coastal Management, the coastal region of the Amap, presents following the two setorizaes: The first call of Atlantic or oceanic coastal sector – coastal space correspondent above of the River Araguari, enclosing the cities of Tartarugalzinho, Pracuuba, Amap, Caloene and Oiapoque. This sector corresponds the 450 km of extension and 57,001 km2 of area, representing 40% of amapaense total surface and 84% of the coastal zone. It shelters less than 10% of the population of the State, with a demographic density sediments amount of and water are related with the estuarino system of the River Amazon, responsible for the launching to the sea of enormous candy, that is dragged by chains, having gone to deposit throughout the coast, being formed extensive mud plain. Had the intense action of the tides and chains d’ water in this region occurs the modelao of the coast of the Amap, configuring spaces characterized for the predominance of the performance of erosive processes and another phenomena where if they strict observe bands of addition of materials (Handle Cassipor and Cabo Orange). Studies developed for the Federal University of Par, in the coast of the Amap, have demonstrated and quantified the hydrodynamic conditioning in the formation of the coastal space of this region. By the way of the ocorrentes manguezais throughout the Atlantic coastal sector, whose composition truily denotes the degree of influence of the estuary of the River Amazon, it makes an impression for the extension of its forests, being estruturamente well formed, with average height between 20 meters and 30 meters, distinguishing itself three predominant florsticos types: the 1 – siriubal, environment dominated for siriba (Avicenia germinans, Jacq.); – the mangal, environment dominated for red fen (2 Rhizophora spp.) and 3 – the tintal, environment dominated for the tinteira (racemosa Laguncularia Gaertn.) In such a way, these characteristics, characterize the coastal region of the Amap as of great importance for biological productivity, mainly how much to the supplies of fish, shrimp and crustaceans.

ONGs Management

The good image of the organization in reference the increasing globalization of the markets started to be strategical factor of competitiveness, becoming basic them companies to add to the management system the management of the environment. For the displayed one, it is observed that in the globalizado world, the ability in taking care of to the requirements of the demand of the society, with efficiency in the use of the resources, is basic condition for the survival of any company. In way to the high inconstncia and multiplicity of influences where if it finds the world enterprise, it is important that the companies are constantly searching and analyzing the necessities, desires and trends of the market. The quality of products and services, has controlled and guarantee of the quality, systems of the quality, management of the total quality, social responsibility and management of the ambient total quality are some more excellent concepts that come if becoming each time for the companies and the market in world-wide scope. The ambient quality, in the last few decades, comes receiving an important prominence. In the enterprise way the ambient questions had started to occupy a definitive space.

Shareholders, investors, financiers, employees, customers, governmental bodies of ambient control, ONGs and excessively stakeholders are, to each day, more cautious in relations between the companies and environment, charging of those one raised price in the case of aggressions, that accidental and exactly involuntary. Consequently, if in short term the comprometimento with ambient problems can imply in a lesser profit, can if also transform into more favorable condition in the future to keep and to improve the yield and to guarantee the survival of the company. Diverse authors, amongst them Klassen & McLaughlin (1996), Souza (2002) and Kings (2002), lead inside in consideration of a context of maximizao of returns in the long stated period, an argument favorable to the responsibility social, and consequently ambient, of organizations are the otimizao of processes, the reduction of costs and the improvement of the institucional image that can be expressed more loyal consumers, better sales, used more motivated, supplying more engaged, more easy access to the stock market, new business-oriented chances, finally, to keep alive the company in the market.