Plant Trees

Tree is a permanently lenhosa plant of great transport. For great transport, even so a definition does not exist consensual, costuma to understand a minimum height of six meters in the maturity. UCSF might disagree with that approach. The trees have secondary branches, it distinguishes what them from the palms, therefore only gimnospermas and lenhosas dicotiledneas angiospermas are called trees. The palms are monocotiledneas angiospermas. The leaf layers that if form the low one of the trees serve of cradle for the seeds, and to protect the ground of the nugget of rain. Each rain nugget that falls directly in the ground, cause erosion. The pantry of the trees also protects the ground of direct rain, without counting that its roots hold the ground firmly.

The roots of trees that are in the side of rivers, inside appear to the times of the river, seeming eyelashes. These roots beyond to prevent the erosion, serve of house for many animals. Additional information is available at Doctor Jayme Albin. Because of these eyelashes, the next bush to the rivers is known by the name of Ciliar Bush. A tree can transpirar for its leves. This vapor if mixture with particles of pollution of air, and when they are accumulated in clouds, fall in rain form. Therefore, the trees also help in the withdrawal of pollutants of air. In addition, this vapor helps to balance the climate of the region.

When planting a tree, we are effecting ' ' Kidnapping of Carbono' ' , being the trees the captivity of Co2, therefore for the tree to develop it needs the Co2, which it kidnaps of air in the photosyntheses process and still she liberates pure oxygen; the tree starts to be the captivity, it will have cut itself or burnt Co2 he will be again set free of this captivity. Therefore, the trees bring some benefits for the human beings and the environment. References Available in: had access in 21 of November of 2009. Available in: had access in 21 of November of 2009.


The State of Amazon is known internationally by its tropical forest. Tourists of all the places of the world disembark in the airport of Manaus, armed of ' ' artillery pesada' ' , to catch sounds and images of the celebrity ' ' Rain Forest' '. What the great majority does not know e, probably, goes to return to its native country without knowing, is that this region already was palco of an exploration scene, as much on the part of the Brazilian governments, how much for the Portuguese, whom they aimed at to the extration of its wealth. In the Captainship of They are Jose of the Black River (current Manaus) the wealth propitiated for its inhabitants a quality of life pautada for the European influence, while the interior went being town for enslaved aboriginals, who assured the ownership of lands to the Portuguese crown. After the discovery for Goodyer of the vulcanized rubber, the latex of the native seringueiras started to be raw material for the confection of this product of wide exportation, giving beginning, for return of 1839, to the celebrity ' ' Empire of Borracha' '. This period of apogee of the economy of Amazon is called of First Cycle and was determinative for the povoamento of the interior of Amazon, whose more important characteristic is the locomotion difficulty, has seen the enormous distances and the basically fluvial transport. Migrantes poor mainly of the State of the Cear, longed for to reach the wealth by means of the rubber, however, they were subordinated to the calls ' ' masters of seringais' ' (Aurlio Dictionary, 1998: head of the seringal, its owner and responsible), that they withheld the power and they were descending of the old Spanish colonizadores, English, dutch and Portuguese. When Brazil lost the leadership of exportation of the rubber, at the beginning of century XX, ' ' Imprio' ' he entered in decline and the masters inject had abandoned them.

Internet Generation

Perhaps these young so is not engaged politically how much the previous generation, but its enrollment is very strong when it is about causes that have moral affinity with its ideals and values. Questions related to the sexuality, culture, and with great prominence, the desire of sharing of the ativismo directed to the ambient and sustainable questions. ' ' the users of the Internet between 18 and 24 years are the group less inclined to send official a public email or to make a donation politics online. But when he treats yourself to use web to search notice on politics or to adhere the causes in the social nets, them if they keep to the front of any another person. Instead of if leaving of the estimated one of that they genuinely more are engaged in the politics, perhaps alone they want to share the ativismo with its pares.' ' (Institute Pew Research) Generation Y and the ambient ativismo In the North America and Brazil, the young citizens of the Internet Generation have conscience of the following facts: 1) The environment is being degraded very fast and disastrously; 2) It is necessary that drastic attitudes are taken in relation to the use of energy sources and substances cousins; 3) Paradigms must without modified in relation to the way as the ambient questions are boarded socially Parallel to the development of the digital technologies, it in recent years appeared the necessity of if creating a new concept of support and a new vision of ambient journalism.

During much time subjects that they approached the environment was treated superficially, and in way conservative for the traditional medias (radio, TV, magazine). One prevented to generate questions controversies on the subject so that it did not have conflict with the ideals of the communication vehicles, and of that they were on direct or indirectly they. In the specific case of the televising way, Lucia Guido 6 detaches the fact of that the videogrficos clippings of ambient devastaes are used in the televising productions with sensationalist character, is of context and without an adequate boarding of the causes and the consequences of the ambient disasters. In Brazil, the first telejornal to treat on thematic the ambient one was the Reporter Echo 7, in 1992, but of this time with serious intention to approach the environment and the support in deepened way. The ambient journalism must engage politics, culture and socially, so that if it has basement enough to face corporations, the same government or the institute of research, on of some form to the not-sustainable economic model. Eliana de Souza Rasp 8 believes that the communication professional must make responsible in fact for what she propagates. Alberto Dines said that one of them pillars of the interactive triad of the journalistic actions is the ethics, ' because we are responsible for the effect of our work and ours interven.

Biological Biodiversity

The other ecosystems are so important how much the tropical forest, but comes suffering with attention lack. It is not without reason that the Amaznia is almost daily in the reporter. For more specific information, check out Prudential. It is white of attention of Brazilian and international organisms for representing one of last the great tropical forests of the world, what she implies high index of still sufficiently unknown biodiversity. The deforestation, that came back to grow on bioma, places this wealth at risk, but also the global heating helps to speed up one another problem sufficient in evidence -. More information.

The falling of trees of the Amaznia places Brazil as carbonic gas the emitting room biggest of the world. But, beyond being a great carbon supply, the forest has an important paper in the regulation of the temperature and the proper kidnapping of the gas. The truth is that the more studies are facts, more perceives how much it impacta the climate. This does not mean, however, that it is the only vegetation to have importance. Brazil has great others five biomas (joint of life consisting of the grouping of types of vegetation, according to definition of the IBGE) continental, beyond the coastal ecosystems, that not only present the great biodiversity, as well as collaborate with a series of other ambient services. With exception of the Atlantic bush that, for being with little more than 7% of the original vegetation, counts on the concern of the government and the society and it is with relative frequency in the media, excessively biomas (caatinga, open pasture, pantanal and Pampas) come making bitter the almost total carelessness of the most diverse agencies. One of the main indicative of this is to little presence of units of conservation (UC) in all they. None reaches the foreseen goal of 10% for the Convention on Biological Biodiversity, of United Nations, of which Brazil is signatory.

Chart Countable

Thus, at any point, dimension and content, the elaboration donates EIA/RHYMES always will be demanded. It can be concluded that all the activities that of some form are impactantes to the environment will have a EIA/RIMA. These studies and reports could be used as base for the accomplishment of one future ambient accounting. OAK (2011) presents in its workmanship a very interesting detailing of the use of the EIA/RIMA for the assembly of a process of ambient accounting. It presents, also, a suggestion of a Chart of accounts for the elaboration of a Patrimonial Rocking (BP) and the Demonstrative of Results of Exerccio (DRE) in processes countable ambient. As the author proves, she is possible to make an association enters the EIA/RIMA with the accountings for the accomplishment of an ambient accounting.

For example, a project where the EIA/RIMA relates an ambient impact where the modification of the system of draining of the ground will produce the disappearance of the existing heath provoking the waterproofing of the ground, can be registered as an ambient countable fact of referring monetary value to the cost inferred for the actual damage for the increase of the winds in result of the loss of vegetation, alterations in the superficial draining and generation of discarding material. One another example where the EIA/RIMA presents the necessity of recovery of the ground with the use of punishments and fertilizers, can be launched as an ambient countable fact of a monetary value corresponding to the expenditures to recoup the degraded environment, aiming at to the protection, conservation or the ambient preservation. One EIA/RIMA where it indicates the necessity of the plantation of trees of great transport in the perimeter of the land with the purpose to create a natural barrier of protection to the wind, as well as the plantation of fruitful trees of the attractive flora of avifauna natural, can be launched as a referring ambient countable fact to the spent monetary value for the acquisition of changes of trees for use in reforestation for the recovery of the degraded environment.

Soil Erosions

Carlos Antunes de Freitas Jnior 1? after-graduating ISEIB? Management in Environment, tecnocarlos7@ yahoo.com.br Summary – Processes the urban ones of general form are enterprises that cause changes the landscape, relief, ground, water, fauna and flora. The growth disordered planning or of the cities can lead has ambient and human damages. The lack of urban planning for draining of pluvial ones, and the relation of rains and torrents canalized for the streets and side streets of the high quarters in the Buritizeiro city, had caused the formation of soil erosions in the quarter garden of the Buritis, these had evolved and arrived at the fretico sheet forming new springs due to the local characteristics of area of springs and trails. Additional information at Ebay supports this article. The erosive processes in the interior of the quarter Garden of the Buritis already are seen as a normal process in which the public managers make workmanships of improvement for a convivncia with the erosive processes as canalization and bridges. Words keys: Garden of the Buritis, urbanization and soil erosions. Abstrat – The you process ploughs generally urban developments that causes changes you the landscape, topography, soil, to water, fauna and flora. The growth of huge cities or planning can take in the environmental damage and human.

The lack of urban planning will be the disposal of to rainwater, and the relationship of rainfall and runoff channeled through the streets and alleys of the neighborhoods in the City Buritizeiro high, caused the formation of gullies in the district of Buritis garden, they have evolved and cam you forming new to groundwater sources due you the place-area springs and trails. The erosion in the middle of the neighborhood of Garden Buritis ploughs already viewed the normal a process in which managers make public works of improvement will be living with the erosion and pipe bridges. Key Words: garden of the Buritis, urbanization, soil erosions.


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This procedure not only must be carried through inside of the pharmaceutical attendance in the EAS, as well as in pharmacies and would drug commercial. The manuscript of this residue must take care of to the norms of occupational prevention for manuscript of chemical products. The vaccine discarding must exactly take in account the microbiana nature that inactivated of the classified residue being as group residue. the ACCIDENTS WITH PERFURO-CORTANTES Although the measures of security, accidents involving material biological they are frequent between professionals of the area of the health. Some patgenos exist that can be transmitted by material exposition involving biological, especially blood.

The told viruses more in these accidents are the virus of the imunodeficincia human being (HIV), of the B hepatitis (HBV) and of the C hepatitis (HCV). The average risk of if acquiring HIV are of approximately 0.3% after perforate-cutting accident with contaminated material, and of 0,09% after mucosa exposition. They exist, in the world, 100 cases more than confirmed of occupational transmission of the HIV in professionals of the area of the health. How much to hepatitis B, the infection risk can after be superior 30% perforate-cutting accident, case the patient-source is carrying of the virus. In relation to hepatitis C, the average risk of acquisition is of 1,8% (varying of 0 7%) after contaminated exposition with perforate-cutting. The unsafe act and the inadequate manuscript of this group of residues make with that the accidents are more frequent not only for the workers of the group of nursing as well as for the activities of hygienic cleaning of clothes and utensils, activities of nutrition, hygienic cleaning of the sectors, etc MANUALS AND CARTILHAS OF PROCEDURES the NR the 32 and PGRSS have the same lines of direction how much to the creation of Manuais and Cartilhas de Procedimentos.

Coastal Region Of The Amap

The coastal region of the State of the Amap approximately possesss a linear extension of 650 km and a 67.518 area of km2, defined on the basis of the geographic area of the cities. Thus, according to PNGP National Plan of Coastal Management, the coastal region of the Amap, presents following the two setorizaes: The first call of Atlantic or oceanic coastal sector – coastal space correspondent above of the River Araguari, enclosing the cities of Tartarugalzinho, Pracuuba, Amap, Caloene and Oiapoque. This sector corresponds the 450 km of extension and 57,001 km2 of area, representing 40% of amapaense total surface and 84% of the coastal zone. It shelters less than 10% of the population of the State, with a demographic density sediments amount of and water are related with the estuarino system of the River Amazon, responsible for the launching to the sea of enormous candy, that is dragged by chains, having gone to deposit throughout the coast, being formed extensive mud plain. Had the intense action of the tides and chains d’ water in this region occurs the modelao of the coast of the Amap, configuring spaces characterized for the predominance of the performance of erosive processes and another phenomena where if they strict observe bands of addition of materials (Handle Cassipor and Cabo Orange). Studies developed for the Federal University of Par, in the coast of the Amap, have demonstrated and quantified the hydrodynamic conditioning in the formation of the coastal space of this region. By the way of the ocorrentes manguezais throughout the Atlantic coastal sector, whose composition truily denotes the degree of influence of the estuary of the River Amazon, it makes an impression for the extension of its forests, being estruturamente well formed, with average height between 20 meters and 30 meters, distinguishing itself three predominant florsticos types: the 1 – siriubal, environment dominated for siriba (Avicenia germinans, Jacq.); – the mangal, environment dominated for red fen (2 Rhizophora spp.) and 3 – the tintal, environment dominated for the tinteira (racemosa Laguncularia Gaertn.) In such a way, these characteristics, characterize the coastal region of the Amap as of great importance for biological productivity, mainly how much to the supplies of fish, shrimp and crustaceans.