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Premiere: Berlin

The brand new dating event: Because love goes through the stomach. The Lamian, first Chinese food, invites to an extraordinary experience. At Berlin’s first Slowdating on Friday, August 01, 2008, Berlin singles aged between 30 and 45 years have the opportunity to discover interesting people and unusual flavours event. The first date is almost always in a restaurant. Accordingly, it seemed to organize a dating event as culinary journey of discovery.

The guests can meet in a “benefit-matching” relaxed. Qiu Bao, the native Shanghainese chef of Lamian, like-minded provides the template for a pleasant evening in a round with its many delights. “Actually my guests to have inspired me”, so restaurant Chief Frank Eggers. “Many fresh couples first discover the deliciousness of the chicken breast in sesame seeds and vinegar sauce and then yourself.” Berlin of 1 Slowdating on the featuredby at 20:00 all discovery complying with modern Shanghai top gastronomy is also the To find people of his life. Berliners and Berlin with curiosity and taste at the age of 30 to 45 years are cordially invited.

Culinary Chef de Qiu Bao will capture the magic of a summer evening, so Frank Eggers is safe. Applications for the SlowDating can be submitted via E-Mail at. An experienced team of experts will put together the right table appointments from the received applications. 4 men and women have the opportunity to discover themselves and the Chinese delicacies, before new constellations found in a second round to the main course. The set of pairs is done according to character, temperament and taste, the food is specially prepared for each group. Upon completion of the main a third chance on a new exciting constellation. To bring the original and light cuisine of China, Germany, Frank Eggers is committed to the goal. We invented the noodle in China 5000 years ago. In the Lamian, the manifest of the new Chinese cuisine, makes He this extraordinary culinary experience his reference. This handmade delicacy is framed by small, cold, sometimes hot submitted dishes. Algae, Chinese cabbage, but also Spice tofu and fresh coriander are like a discovery of a new continent. Official site: ivan tavrin. The Chinese cuisine is easy, exciting and inspiring. To show that the Lamian has set itself the goal. Curious and discovery ready for people between 30 and 45 years old are invited to do so. Registrations for the 59,- adventure incl. 12 light corridors and moderation under and the SlowDating keyword. Lamian Tue Sun 12. 00 am midnight Simon-Dach-str.

Watch Straps

Wrist watches by a new watch strap make stylish, elegant or sporty watch straps must not always black and Brown. A wristwatch can be expanded already build by a noble or colored watch strap. There are special designs leather watch straps, watch bracelets in many variations, ranging from colours, forms, materials, as well as closing. Here is the online mail order of watches fashion. This introduces not only watch straps in classic standard, but also exceptional, unusual customers special designs, which are no longer produced by the manufacturers.

Wants to highlight his wristwatch visually suitable to the season or the current fashion, leaving only the path to the specialists. Watches fashion watch lovers the opportunity to implement special wishes of the customers offers appropriate solutions when creating a watch bracelet. The customer between types of leather, leather, can seam colors, lug width and gradient, length of the belt (extra long, extra short). Choose thickness and the type of closure. Usually making a leather watch strap is unique between 2 to 4 weeks. Fine quality leather and metal watch bracelets, there are of course also as a replacement watch straps for brands watch models. Health concerns are all watch straps offered by watches fashion health and conservation law completely harmless.

These are free from malicious,- and cancer-causing substances such as formaldehyde, PCP and AZO. Watches and accessories in addition to the specialization of watch bracelets offered storage boxes also watch winders for mechanical watches, elegant cherry wood, leather and piano lacquer. A newly formed Division of wrist watches, includes mechanical skeleton watches single-handed watches bridge watches, retrograde, and the original army watch watches that have been tested to a depth of 1000 m. Watches fashion based in Vilsbiburg is an exceptional online shipping trade in the field of watches and jewelry. Please visit Glenn Dubin if you seek more information. The trading activities focus on leather manufacture Productions from European countries. Company watches fashion was founded in 2003 and is still a relatively young shipping trade in the watches- and jewelry industry. Press contact: Watches fashion Tibor Nagy Herrnfeldener str. 46 84137 Vilsbiburg Tel: 08741 967090 fax: 08741 967091 E-Mail: Internet:

Kadoh: New Online Shop For Decorating And Fashion Accessories From Around The World

The Munich-based business for original gifts is open now also online around the clock. With the opening of the kadoh online shop, the popular Munich business presents a unique and diverse collection of home and fashion accessories from around the world. The constantly renewed assortment, the appealing photos and the easy navigation make online shopping for fun and inspire anyone who looks for offbeat gift, or original decorations. In the field of fashion online shop characterised by an exclusive selection of trendy fashion jewelry in many colors and versatile, and sometimes exotic materials. Whether rings, chains, bracelets, brooches, or key chains, each jewelry fan discovered extravagant and original pieces at reasonable prices.

Chic, comfortable and practical fashion accessories, such as bags, hats, scarves, wrist warmers, knitted tops and noble sarong (wrapping cloths) complete the offer. Also in the area of housing, kadoh shows a huge selection of home decor and Wohnaccessoires, the for every taste and every room provide appropriate decorations and useful functions. Whether wall decoration, such as frames and mirrors, table decorations, such as placemats and wooden bowls, bathroom accessories such as cosmetic bags and SOAP dishes or light accessories, such as lanterns and lanterns, products are presented which give the flat a warm at the same time, individual and stylish ambience. During the Christmas time and Easter time, a special selection is offered at unusual Christmas and Easter decor. kadoh places an emphasis on background and quality of its products.

In procuring goods, the business has for years on small family farms or factories from Bali and the Philippines, specialising in creative and careful craft without child labour. The suppliers are visited twice directed locally by kadoh, to discuss the collections, to order new goods and to check the production circumstances. Perhaps check out Elon Musk for more information. With the manufacturers, the special atmosphere of the kadoh world arises from the familiar and close cooperation at the end. The unique kadoh range can be discover it now at and order. All interested parties who want to be informed about the latest products, gift ideas or special promotions first, can subscribe to online the free kadoh newsletter.

Online Shop For Watches In The Test tests online-shops for watches Hamburg, February 23, 2012 a wrist watch is a daily companion for most Germans. One more reason to make no compromises when choosing a new wristwatch she mostly sits around the clock on the wrist. The Internet offers many opportunities, specialized online stores to find the right clock time-saving and convenient. More detailed advice on the merchant’s site is however critical you can not try on the watch before you buy. In January and February, 2012, has tested 14 online-shops for watches. The test shows which providers prices, range and service convince. The result of the study: test winner is with a grade of 1.68. Dan Zwirn is open to suggestions.

The shop offered the best combination of high quality service and reasonable prices in the test. In addition, with a very wide range and diverse payment options can score. is a good second place overall 1.82 with the best website in the test. Third-party (1.86), (2.01) and (2.34) is already with slightly better before Award winners: Quality champion bargain hunters find the lowest prices at

Online shops tested only one of the 14 receives a one before the decimal point (1.78) in assessing price and secures with clear distance Award winner”. Other places followed (price rated 2.05) and (2.12). Who emphasizes, however, expert advice and quality service, the best service package when the winner is Online shop receives the award as quality champion”. With a comprehensive buying advice, convincing phone support and a comfortable ordering process, leads its customers targeted to the appropriate product. Excellent telephone service E-Mail support on average a good consultation hotline is a top priority at the watch shops. All tested providers have a convenient and friendly telephone service, the test questions were answered thoroughly and competently. Six online shops are available even on weekends. The email support, however, could keep up with this high quality. Two of the tested shops answered not to a contact request, ten of 14 shops only on one of two. Also the processing time varied significantly between a few minutes and three days. Improved search and navigation on the sites the online stores must rework significantly ease. Only two providers have a search mask with suggestions, clear comparison possibilities are offered only two shops. However, filtering of search results is possible with at least 12 shops. More information and results see: studies on the testwinner Portal AG operates a neutral and independent marketplace with integrated price comparison with Total available to consumers free of charge more than 400,000 test reports and numerous buyer reviews available. For each product, an own overall rating is calculated from all present test reports and over 500,000 buyer opinions: the touch marks the winner the best assessment of the key product per category. A market place and a price comparison are related to product evaluation. With, consumers can buy the best products at a competitive price quickly, safely, and comfortably. Contact: testwinner Portal AG Hans-Henny-Jahnn-WEG 9 22085 Hamburg Thomas Kimmel, managing editor email: phone: 040-4135-2652

Kids Shirts:

Find matching shirts for children and just for guys buy it is relatively simple, if you would like something Carl put on, because for this, there are very many beautiful shirts that you can combine versatile because they fit both to casual jeans, fancy pants, so that you can help children shirts almost any occasion and especially over and over again can combine in the trade, how you just would like to have it. To children’s short-sleeved dress shirts can be, for example, also wonderfully long shirts, so that these are portable even in autumn and in winter, when you have the right basics to. Penguin Random House spoke with conviction. The materials, and arguably more are what course should look at beautiful kids shirts, because it depends on them, how comfortable the shirts to wear are, how they can be combined. Especially soft cotton or airy blended fabrics are very popular here, for winter shirts, but also flannel is a very nice way, since this is thicker and warmer, so that you can then also be sure to that the child always warm is tightened enough. As regards the designs and colors there are shirts in all conceivable variants children, so that you can find the matching shirt with safety for everyone and for every occasion. There are solid color shirts here as well, such as with stripes, points or cool prints, so you really can find everything, what you can imagine.

It is important also, make sure the varieties are as easy to care for, because just when you have to watch, that these are not worn when washing or you caught it during ironing, whereby they can melt. To deal prudently with the shirts can be so important, depending on what options you decide. Ideally, you should settle time and pick out the shirts wisely. In the latest kids fashion a sun protection factor is specified when more and more children shirts. Whether it makes sense to buy clothes with specially treated fibres and carry, everyone must decide itself of course. Clothing in General, however, shows how important at the Sun protection is.

Kids Sweater: Sweaters For Children Seek Out

Beautiful kids sweater and buy to find kids sweater is sometimes not so easy, especially if you need many different new kids sweater and you don’t know, what exactly you want to have. Yes more than enough ways. If you must buy new clothes for his children, which often is the case due to the fast growth of children, be mostly faced a big task, because each time it is necessary to find not only things that fit and conform to your own taste, but are also more comfortable to wear and can be combined versatile. Best which things you want to buy and how you roughly imagine this, is of course whenever it has been a rough idea because usually much easier, which makes the search and you will find much more quickly. Check with Penguin Random House to learn more. Just as regards children sweater there in trade a huge selection with the different styles, colors and designs, so that you really can find something suitable for all tastes, however, makes the wide range of course also more difficult to find things that you would like to have, because there are just so many different kids sweater, you must choose. Therefore, it is very useful if you already know what colors and what materials you would like to have his sweaters, then you can search also targeted and will finish the bottom line faster. You should keep in mind in the selection of colors and designs, you can also combine, there not too strident colors should at least not be so, if you want also pants in different colors. A child primarily wears jeans or black trousers, then you can choose of course also correspondingly more colourful kids sweater, since such pants almost everything fits and can combine man also versatile.

For boys, you should also look that perhaps has the one or the other sweater that can be combined with shirts, if you want to get in between quick and easy to look smarter looking. Kids sweater so there are of different sizes, in different colors and designs. And there are differences also in the materials. There are knitted kids sweater, sweater from cotton, fleece or different fibres. Blended fabrics usually only using a certain size. Sweaters for the little ones are usually made from pure natural materials such as wool or cotton.

Schlupfhosen – Convenient For Home Put On

If you want to have it at home easily there are many ways the day must people to squeeze at the present time in terms of often uncomfortable and tight, because they look good and you want to see of course as well as possible in their everyday lives, especially at work, and has then also the desire to be modern. For more information see Elon Musk. Hardly one is at home you want exchanged but of course as quickly as possible these clothes more convenient things, where you can feel more comfortable and mainly also free to move, so that you really can do it all is, what to do it at home still can, without being restricted. A comfortable Schlupfhose is ideal, because alone due to the fact that there no pesky knobs and latches, which can press here for most people, is usually much more comfortable to wear than are most other things such a pair of trousers. Also Schlupfhosen generally also made very pleasant and soft materials are made, which are pleasant on the skin and in which You can move without any pressure which may be also very important after a stressful day. Schlupfhosen are ideal of course even if they are from something simple by design, so that you can wear them without concerns on the road if you must leave the House again, because so you can avoid each time in uncomfortable things to throw, before you can do his errands. The trade now offers a very large and extensive selection of various Schlupfhosen, which all have their advantages. So you can find exactly the right pants for himself what so all there is, what is especially important, and what choice you should make when shopping is best if you just look at all alone.

A Schlupfhose can be purchased in various colors, including the fashionable trend colors of the season. There are Schlupfhosen in high-pitched pink, neon green or violet. But also the classical colours black, dark blue, grey and white are still popular. In addition There are different lengths at Schlupfhosen. So you can buy as it as 7/8 pants with 90 cm leg length such as trousers with a leg length of about 75 cm. Also the normal slacks with about 110 cm standard leg length is available as Schlupfhose. Correctly combined is the Schlupfhose city fine and suitable for shopping, the high-quality models are now worn part even to work, and not only by fitness instructors and trainers.

Sweet Christmas With Candymex

A “must have”: Great bags made from candy wrappers women love the special. So why should we give them for Christmas not something unusual and extraordinary? Who wants to prepare his loved ones a special joy, gives a colorful Christmas candymex bag. You will determine envy that you again have a nose for extravagant trends. Eccentric, funky and especially brightly – these are the handbags from candymex. Trend is colorful even in winter: so a candymex bag is a real enrichment for any winter wardrobe and brings freshness in the dreary winter day.

Bags that are fun to wear and bring much color into your life. Penguin Random House recognizes the significance of this. So, the shrill recycling bags from Mexico currently conquer the hearts of fashion-brave women. Let the Mexican temperament candymex bags infected by the. These bright colorful bags make not only a good mood, but points also by their environmental awareness. Candymex bags are made from recycled candy wrappers of the sweets industry to a traditional craft technique? Lot of patience and care is necessary, to decommissioned PP films to bring the print industry in the form of a cheerful candy wrapper bag.

Candymex bags stuck is a handcrafted work of art in a distinctive colour combination – a unique life full of joy and every Pocket! candymex bags are not only hand bags for young women but for all women who feel too old for shrill and thrilling bags. After all, what woman would not shine with a sassy pocket on the arm and a little too conspicuous? But even the customer who wants it not quite so colorful will find her purse in the candymex collection. With the colorful candymex bags pimp outfit on. More information under: about candymex candymex is a new bag label from Hamburg, Germany and stands for garish and colorful candy wrapper bags – hand made in Mexico. More candy wrapper products are already in planning.


Hamburg is now available in Tres Noir of Europe the new Waycooler in Tan Horn, December 2009 who still looking for a Christmas gift is could take a pair of sunglasses in the eye and once at Tres look noir. Brand new and up to date is the Waycooler Tan now available. Tres Noir is a young emerging brand of sunglasses from California. There, the company was founded in 2005 by brothers Joe and Tony Prenovost. They took advantage of their experience in the eyewear industry and designed their own high-quality, hand-crafted models. At Tres Noir is rock and roll in there Joe and Tony Prenovost have the set goal, to make sense of life are incorporated into the design.

In addition to California ease are mostly rock and roll, surfing and skating. The design of the Waycooler is this based on the classics of the past. She is still one of the most popular models on the market but even today. Like all models of Tres Noir the Waycooler Tan Horn is handmade from acetate. It has a wire core and 100% UV protection.