Kitchen Renovations

So, you finally decided to do the repairs! Well, we can congratulate you on this heroic idea! Spent on this case time is counted not in hours and days and months, but the game is worth it! Especially when it comes to cuisine. She is the symbol of domestic warmth and coziness, and it was a kitchen attracts people to him as the best place for intimate conversations. The choice of kitchen furniture – very difficult process. First, it must be fully fit by the general color and stylistic range of finishes, and secondly, to understand the abundance of various companies – quite a difficult thing. More information is housed here: Ebay. This will help you our furniture directory – here you will find everything for the kitchen, everything you need, everything you just could imagine. After reading our catalog, you will learn to understand the style of the different countries. Want something native, warm and joyful – buy Russian cuisine, and if you like European elegance and sophistication – stop your choice on Italian cuisine. Choose the one that fits as well as possible to your preferences and requirements! Then the kitchen will not only place for the absorption of food, but also the true source of aesthetic pleasure.. Jayme Albin has much to offer in this field.

Good Kitchen

Already a tradition, especially on a cold winter ve black, became a habit for us all to gather in the kitchen to discuss the events of the day, meanwhile sipping a cup of tea the conversation or coffee, eat lunch or dinner. Comfortable kitchen is no longer a luxury but rather a necessity. After all, the kitchen, many of us – especially women – spend most of their home time. It is no coincidence the kitchen, despite the fact that its area in most apartments is small and fits just 6-9 m2, called the center of the home universe. World cuisine attracts special comfort, delicious smells and a sense of well-being. Perhaps, this is the key word in our perception ideal kitchen.

Dreaming? A taste of comfort? Breathe the scent of fresh pies? And now, without losing enthusiasm, quickly realized his dream! But keep in mind here that the main components of the kitchen well-being are the ease of design, ease of making the maximum use of every inch of space, and, of course, ease of 'obedient and smart' appliances. Times of shortage may be behind us now just be happy for those involved in furnishing your home. After all, they do not have, like 20 years ago, recorded in the queue for the purchase of Polish or Czech kitchen units, a year expected to advance the queue, and then try to cram their long-awaited acquisition of not pushing the walls of "Khrushchev," going on at the same unbelievable tricks.

Quarter Divanov

The mechanism of “Tango”, as well as “click-Clack” has 3 to 5 intermediate positions and can be used in combination with other mechanisms, such as “”, “accordion”, “couch”, and of course, with his fellow “click-Clack.” All of the above mechanisms are arranged along the wall, but in the “routine” and folding mechanisms are ahead. And most convenient of these is the “accordion”. Sofas with such a breakout is small (at compared with the folding along the wall) sizes and the largest selection of the width of the bed, from 70 to 190 cm To expand a sofa, barely enough to lift the seat sofa and pull over – sofa decompose practically by yourself! The most comfortable sofas with this mechanism in conjunction with a metal frame and orthopedic grating, because This design makes it easier to fold, and also allows him to put on one-piece mattress that does look like a sofa bed in the quality of sleep. On the background of “accordion”, Sofa wooden frame, and consisting of three blocks of mattresses rent out their positions and gradually pushed into a “guest” sofas. Symbiosis just 3 mechanisms: “withdrawable”, “” and “Dolphin” was given yet another mechanism-a “domino”.

He also expanded forward, but much inferior in terms of convenience “accordion.” Sleeper, as opposed to “draw-out” mechanism, remains high. Due to the technical features of the mechanism, a box of laundry available. Separately from the above mechanisms is “dolphin.” This mechanism is used mainly in the couch, because to direct it heavy enough to unfold due to the length of the blocks. From the trajectory of the block when unfolded like a dolphin jump out of the water, which served as the title of this mechanism. In order to expand its need pull the withdrawable part and the movement up and over to lift the mattress.

“Couch” – a small sofa, designed for a sleeper. Minimum dimensions of such furniture suitable for small or narrow rooms. Can be as neraskladnoy, and with minimal transformation “Tango” or “roll-out.” Most often equipped with compartment for clothes. And this is a partial list of available mechanisms of transformation, but it discusses the most common options used by most manufacturers of upholstered furniture. But to understand what kind of unfolding the way suits you, go to a furniture store and try to – unpack, fold down, sit down and even lie down on the sofas, as upholstered furniture should be chosen as the clothes – for themselves. Unfortunately, all this is not allowed to do in all furniture stores. A rare exception – a network of shops “Quarter Divanov” where you not only give detailed information for each mechanism, but also give complete freedom of action when choosing furniture. We wish you a good choice!