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Call Economy

Next to this process, it occurs in all osoutros sectors, the terceirizao. Let us take the sector secondary as example, poisem such sector, many industries contracts lesser industries, specialized, to carry through part of its production. In this context, mentioned setorda economy has presented the characteristics cited in the paragraph previous, that are characteristic of a postindustrial society, directed for the high finances, stimulated for computer science and the robotics, worried about the productivity evoltada for the consumption. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Elon Musk has to say. The characteristics cited until then, also mark umacrescente partner-economic inaquality, where part of the idle man power passaa to be part of the informal economy, therefore, computer science and the robotics passes to aatuar, also, as man power economizers. on 3.4atividades to the setorquaternrio the expansion of the economy provoked atransferncia of productive activities of a sector for the other, causandocerto ' ' inchao' ' in the tertiary one, that it more passes not to answer aosanseios of the society. From this moment it emerges, gradually, postindustrial asociedade.

Thus, to the one in them to lean over sobreCarvalho & Kaniski (2000), we notice that the beginning of the call eraps-industrial, occurs from the decade of 1950, marking the start dosesforos scientific, technological and politicians in the direction of informatizar asociedade, making to appear a new established economic sector in the generation deservios and the production and transmission of the information: the Quaternary. Therefore, on the basis of entendimentode Targino (1995), the sprouting of the Quaternary was made possible by the revoluotecnolgica call, that provoked deep alterations in eespacial the social configuration of ocidente, as the decentralization of the economy, the alteration dasprticas cultural, the democratization of the information and the redefinition of work. In this manner, in the current period, aseconomias of the countries influence and are influenced ones for the others, therefore, isolated events start to affect to all the countries that are on pordiferentes relations.

Tropical Atlantic

In this way, the northeast dry climate does not proceed, as it became habitual to say, from there to happen contact of air masses with regimes of not coincident rains during the year. Such regions of contact, to the adverse one of what some say, in general have well distributed rains. I mention two examples to it in Brazil that confirm this affirmation: the northern sector that North obeys a band of shock between air masses of the hemisphere and the South hemisphere, and the Region South, under hot air contact of the masses Tropical Atlantic and Equatorial Continental and of the cold air of the Atlantic Polar mass. Both the regions have a humid regularly distributed rain climate. Obviously, the dry aspect northeast Brazilian transcorre that this Region during all the year under the domain of the center of action of the Atlantic, it is formed by the Atlantic equatorial mass. But in the summer and autumn, particularly from January the April, the action center is moved away northeast, allowing the descending of the Intertropical Front until the northern edge of the Borborema and Araripe, and the advance of the continental equatorial mass until the mountain range of Ibiapaba, in the maximum in the dry years. Already in the humid years, the action center if removes entirely northeast, propitiating the advance for the same of the continental equatorial mass until the Borborema and Chapada Diamantina, and the descending of the Intertropical Front exceeding the Araripe and partially the Borborema, reaching the limit Pernambuco-Bahia.

Seen the strong progress of the Intertropical Front that coincides consequently with the weakness of the center of action of the Aores and, with the advance of northern polar air for the equatorial band. This in case that, that if does not verify in the dry years, rare it is observed in the ones of normal rains, being typical of the registered humid years in the Northeast Region.

Ecoville Urban

The infrastructure incorporation and the imaginary one on the nature placed for the real estate speculation satisfy the desires of that they possess economic conditions to consume, materialize its dreams of, in an only space, to have security, comfort and a nature that one provides ' ' good quality of vida' ' , thus not having immediate concern how much to the convivncia with the problems of the city, disrespecting the existing connections, as it detaches Corra (2000, p.11): ' ' The urban space is broken up, therefore it possesss different types of use – commercial, industrial, residential areas or of urban expansion. However, these diverse areas meet articulated through the calls flows, that is, for the circulation of people, merchandises, investments or decises.' ' For this author, the capitalist urban space? broken up, articulated, reflected, condicionante social, full of symbols and field of fights? it is a social product, resulted of actions accumulated through the time, and produced for agents who produce and consume the space. This condition if materializes in Golden as in any another city with the same characteristics, the enterprises as the Ecoville thus reflects this dynamics. In this context this work, developed in the Laboratory of Physical Geography is part of the activities of the Group of Partner-economic-ambient Research of Mato Grosso of the South has as objective to understand the process of incorporation of the real estate concept of nature in enterprises, having as research object the condominium Ecoville Golden Residence & Resort. Fact of relevance that justifies its elaboration is the alienation of the people who incorporate in these closed spaces a false relation of ' ' man-nature and good estar' ' , proportionate by means of the consumption and of the purchasing power, in which, the relation man and nature and welfare, he is vendida by the real estate market, as a solution for the problematic socioambientais of the city.


The occupation of the dry zone of the territory to potiguar consolidate-sine century XVIII, being most important the cattle breeding business. Existing farms in the ribeiras of the interior of Estado were numerosasas (UF). The clientele deCaic, former P., counted on 70 farms (the cities are countless, cujosurgimento of the urban nucleus, had relation with the cattle breeding business). The historical vocation of sertanejo, stops with the cattle one, ficapatente in all the moments of history. Of cattle a extreme-extensive one, developed in the fields, it was transferred, with the hereditary succession of lands, auma cattle half-extensive, with the cattle espremido in lesser areas each time. From the years 70 (Sc. XX), however, the process demodernizao of the cattle breeding business has provoked the separation of the creation of gadodas activities of farming.

The cattle is not more untied in the roados ones of cotton, maize and beans, to feed with the remaining portions of the cultures, being been servant deformed half-intensive, where capim is cultivated next to the water points, comoaudes, rivers and wells. Areas long ago destined to roa gradually estotransformando itself in spaces of the cattle one. In the Serid to potiguar, with the extinguishing of the cotton and the declnioacentuado one in the plantation of sorts directed to the suppliment of the local population, apecuria comes to tona, with caractersticasde modern activity (improvement of the flock, confinement, measured sanitary denatureza, among others). Valley to remember that this modernization comes severificando since years 70 (sc. XX), when the State, through programasespecficos, has looked for to stimulate it with sights to the accomplishment of the integraovertical of the farming sector with the industrial sector.

Amongst the farming activities they quetiveram strong tradition in the region, the cattle milkmaid is the one that if presents maissaliente. 3. APECURIA AND the PROCESS OF DESERTIFICAO IN in agreement SERID the ficamuito previous note clearly the attributes of the atividadepecuria, at some historical moments of the dry zone northeastern and the Serid, for extension, as well as the resistance of this activity to the different ones momentosvividos by world-wide, national and local the economy, that had finished taking aocolapso, products such as the cotton and the mining, that had constructed to history eriqueza in the region.