Poor Working Conditions

Work caused more diseases diseases due by working according to views of the medical doctor Monika Rieger increasingly increasing. However, occupational diseases are rare as they treated. The Internet health portal imedo.de explains how employers and workers can do the preventive measure against it. Due to the increase of work-related illnesses, the IG has called […]

Nothing Personal

He sees no way out of this situation. He was not to turn to for real advice that will help avoid the terrible diagnosis. Before the sick person is only a vague prospect of "traditional" treatment. In this case, there is no guarantee recovery from an illness. In same time, modern medicine "fights" for each […]

Cervialgia (Cervical Pain)

Merino Hilario. Service of Osteopathy, Musculo-skeletal, C.M. Rusiol. Introduction It represents a reason for very frequent consultation. It is fundamental to realise one complete clinical history, similarly, is essential to carry out a detailed exploration of the mobility of the neck and the neurological deficits. Soon to diagnose. The cervialgia can have a: Mechanical problems […]