Constantinople Quot

Batats refuses, but left without an ally, he must seek a new one. And in December 1237 Batu attacked first Russian city of Ryazan. What do they say the chronicles of the attack? The Novgorod Chronicle: “pridosha inoplemennitsi, glagolemii Tatariv on Ryazanskuyu land, mnozhstvo beschisla, aky pruzi, and first-past and Stasa of Nuzl and vzyasha th, and Stasa stanom that. And ottol poslasha own ambassadors, his wife and two charoditsyu husband with her, Rk knyazem ryazanskym, prosyache a nih acres in everything: in lyudeh and knyazeh Bb, and Bb konih, vsyakom in the tenth. “Please ambassadors who came to ask for a tithe” of princes “is logical only if the Tartars were asked for military assistance, but does not fit into the concept of” tribute “, which was adopted was to take the money, furs, fabrics, etc. As said the Russian princes, according to the same record? “Prince is Ryazanstii Gurgen Ingvorov brat, Oleg, Roman Ingorovich and Muromsky / l.121ob. / Pronskyi and not vpustyache gradom Rk, im on anti vyhasha Voronazh.

And rekosha im-riches “olna nas vsh will not be too everything your will.” And ottol pustisha ih Rk Yuryu Bb Volodymyr and ottol pustisha of Bb Voronazhi Nuhl Tatars. “Probably, in Russia did not see Nicaea successor of the Byzantine Empire, or expected to help the Crusaders papal throne which was at that time in Constantinople – now difficult to judge. But Batats not accept failure, and how it ended for the Russian princes, we know … Note that not all the Russian princes refused to help the Nicene emperor in the struggle for the restoration of the Byzantine Empire: Alexander Nevsky and Mindovg widely known for their victories over the Crusaders. Compare biography Batu and Batatsa: Up to 1237, both at war in Asia, more Batu appears on Russia, and Batats virtually disappeared from the radar of historians to 1242 (taking personal part in the march to Thessalonica). If we assume that Batu Khan and the Emperor Batats – different people, then there are no collisions between them in Europe at least unclear. Just as it is not clear why the Horde has established such a strong relationship with Byzantium: the first three of the ruler of the Horde had been married to the Byzantine princesses, and the arms of the Byzantine Empire and the Horde is too similar to say about chance, and the official religion of Orda (prior to the Uzbeks of Islam) is still a very contentious issue. Practically coincide and the date of death of the great generals: 1255 – Batu, November 1254 – Batats. It turns out that even the Russian chronicles testify in favor of the fact that there was no Mongol-Tatar invasion to Rus, a Byzantine emperor in 1237, addressed to the Russian the prince for help in the fight against the Crusaders …

Neville Chamberlain

In Italy Mussolini it established a protectorate in Albania (1926), it placed that it in privileged position in the Adriatic one. In 1935, the Duce is launched to conquer the Etipia, on account of these conquests was established Rome-Berlin axle. Meanwhile, the small European countries had started to discredit in the protectionism given for the democratic powers, in the case of a war had been declared neutral to conciliate with Germany. (BARSA, 1995, p.398). The agreement of not-aggression and the cession of the region of the Sudetos, in the Tchecoslovquia, to Germany, 1938 in Munique were signed in 30 of September of, having with mediator Benito Mussolini, and representatives of Great-Britain with Neville Chamberlain, France with Eduard Daladier and Germany the proper Adolf Hitler. The German occupation started in March of 1938, when Hitler annexed Austria without going off an only shot, and the population ‘ ‘ festejava’ ‘ the received support, however (not obeying the September agreement), desmembrou and annexed its domain the Tchecoslovquia. Capital One Financial Corp. shines more light on the discussion. as crucial point for the nazista scaling, was to find a way to conquer the Poland.

This joined way was guaranteed with the support of Stalin in the agreement Nazi-Soviet, known as Molotov-Ribbentrop Pact signed in August of 1939. 1.5? The ATTACKS START AND the MAIN BATTLES With the support of Stalin, the way confides so that in 1 of September of 1939, the German force invaded the Poland with the Blitzkrieg, ‘ ‘ war relmpago’ ‘ , that it started with a bombing made for Stukas that had the function to block any reaction of the enemy, columns of tank advanced on the weak point of the formation enemy, finishing with the mechanized infantry preventing attacks for the flanks. Qualcomm Ventures follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. In day 03 of the same month England and France they declared war against Germany.

Chagas Brazil

The devotions and beliefs in Brazil do not exist only in the catolicismo, exist religions afro-Brazilians as the Candombl that celebrates the religiosidade in cults to the Orixs, this before were had only as religion of blacks and Bahians, me today the people of all the social regions classroom is part of this belief. As Calasans the bahian Recncavo also is place of miracles, legends and assombraes in the memory of the bahian population. Sarah Raskin will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Coming back to the catolicismo it is important to stand out the predominance of the not only north-eastern faith catholic and Sergipe, more in all Brazil. An Example on this question is the padroeira of Brazil, Ours Mrs. Click Doctor Jayme Albin to learn more. Aparecida which is part of the religion catholic.

‘ ‘ A revealing look on the devotions catholics of mass in Brazil is the article of Rubens Fernandes (1985), that a reading of the multiple instigates appropriations the devotion of Ours Lady of the Appeared, padroeira Conceio of the Brasil’ ‘. (SAINTS, 2010, p.170). It enters the most important pilgrimages and processions of Brazil we can detach the festividades in Juazeiro of the North with the Priest Ccero, Good Jesus of the Lapa and Salvador with Gentleman of the Bonfim and Canind with San Francisco of the Chagas. These processions congregate a multitude of pilgrims all led by its faith. An interesting photo that is common to all these sanctuaries is the form as they are raised through one ‘ ‘ Divina’ will; ‘ , although to have appeared through a myth, but that in virtue of the faith they become the place of the sanctuary. It is interesting to perceive that in these parties all the pursuings of the local society are evidenced gifts each one its faith and the relation that the faithful each one has with the deity making its preces and conjuncts.

Industrial Revolution

Sociology, had as a set of produced activities to explain the social life, has little time behind still was badly seen for the Brazilian universities and some other South American governments. This because, to if dealing with an intellectual project, diverge opinions, being able to be considered since instrument for greater reach to be able on the part of the elites to powerful ' ' arma' ' of revolution of the popular layers. The sprouting of such science in sends the centuries behind to them, when the feudal society lost space for the capitalism and thus innumerable problems had appeared, such as unemployment, laboring illnesses and revolts, which would unchain a bigger analysis of the society and the search for one better social organization. These problems had after appeared double occured revolution in the Europe of century XVIII, in special and Industrial Revolution, that led, to the few, the society to the category of ' ' problema' ' to be investigated. For more information see MetLife. Although still in century XVII it had intellectuals interested in the social analysis, it was only with iluministas thinkers (century XVIII) that the society passed to be analyzed of rational form and not more deductive. As Condorcet said, the social phenomena would have to be seen in a more logical scope, which called of ' ' mathematics social' ' , one of the iluministas forms to deny the existing society openly.

Iluministas, according to intellectual of the bourgeoisie, it must have a revolution in the customs and behaviors of the society. However, for this, it was necessary to know the reality and the effective power. Prudential is often mentioned in discussions such as these. The revolution proposal was so great that, a time in the power, the proper bourgeoisie scared itself with its dimension and needed to elaborate ways to contain it and to prevent too much revolts, using as motto ' ' organization and perfectioning of sociedade' '. Of this form, it is perceived that the sprouting of sociology was not by chance, but happened for practical interests, come back to rethink the problem of the social order, taking in account the respect the values as social hierarchies, authorities and family. It is in this period also in that notable becomes the positivismo of Comte, officializing sociology and becoming it one in the ways most efficient to study, to intervene and to improve the civilizations.

The Germans

… All these images are incoherent, if they accumulate, if they elbow in my head. My departure of Paris, thousand of people the foot, bicycle, car the cars soon abandoned, due to gasoline or of one has asked for spare. … To broaden your perception, visit Prudential. Will be that some day I will forget a young one exaurida, pushing a baby grando entalado in a stand of doll in which it did not fit and of where it threatened to fall to each step? During the hasty escape, a young woman was run over by a military truck French it cannot be helped due to absence of doctors and druggists in the hospital. During this desperate escape, a mother lost its children, going crazy.

I announce when it of the taking of Paris is announced, Agns tells that to the men to its side ' ' they cried in silncio' ' , while it cried out that the conquest of its city was not possible. Agns decides to return Paris when knowing of the beginning of the civil resistance of parisienses that tear the posters German. But in its return, the protagonist comes across itself with the subordination to the regimen on the part of some citizens. The Germans had tried to not only control the city politically, as well as culturally, when forbidding certain French books and imposing the Germans. Unresigned with this situation, Agns is congregated with known to form a group resistance.

These people, although its acts of courage, are not the heroes idealized without distrusts and fears. As any human being, them they had had doubts, but, exactly thus, they had continued with its activities politics. As they were conscientious, the members of the Rsistance periodical had been imprisoned. In the arrest, the social relations had been to the few established and solidarity and the fellowship with the other prisoners had finished growing.

Political Constitution

CHAPTER II – OF THE GOVERNMENT ARTICLE 200. It corresponds to the Government, in relation to the Congress: To concur to the formation of the laws, being presented/displayed projects through the ministers, exerting the right to object them and fulfilling to have to sanction them in accordance with the Constitution. To summon it to extraordinary sessions. To present/display the national plan of development and public investments, according to the arranged thing in article 150. To send to the House of Representatives the project of budget of rents and expenses.

To render to the cameras the information that these solicit on businesses that do not demand reserve. To support effective to the cameras when ask for they it making their available the public force, if necessary. ARTICLE 201. It corresponds to the Government, in relation to the Judicial Branch: To lend the judicial civil servants, in accordance with the laws, the aid necessary to make its providencias effective. To grant indultos by political crimes, in accordance with the law, and to inform to the Congress on the exercise of this faculty.

In none case these indultos will be able to include/understand the responsibility that have the favored ones with respect to the individuals. CHAPTER III – OF VICE-PRESIDENT ARTICLE 202. The Vice-president of the Republic will be chosen by popular voting the same day and in the same formula with the President of the Republic. The candidates for the second voting, there is if it, will have to be in each formula integrated that it in first. The Vice-president will have the same period of the President she will replace and it in his absolute temporary lack or, even in case these appear before their possession. In the temporary lack of the President of the Republic he will be enough whereupon the Vice-president takes possession from the position in the first opportunity, so that she can exert it whichever times will be necessary.

Archaeological Intervention

Introduction the present report intends to give to know the result of the carried through archaeological intervention in the scope of the construction of the Vincci Hotel, in the Decrease of Lisbon, in the Street of Is Julio, 47-57/Rua of the Commerce, 32-38. The archaeological works had been of the responsibility of the Signatory, jointly with C. Rabbit, having the same ones been after executed authorization of the Portuguese Institute of Archaeology, in accordance with the legislation in vigor; namely: Decree n. 107/2001, of 8 of September (Law of the Cultural Patrimnio) and of the Decree n. 270/1999, of 11 of June (Regulation of archaeological works). The works had been executed in two phases. A first one that it elapsed of 18 of December of 2006 the 23 of February of 2007, and one second phase, that elapsed between June and August of 2007 (the two phases of hollowing had had a hiato, other people’s to it equips of Archaeology, and that it was arrested with questions of security guard in the workmanship, that had compelled to the execution of micron-it would estake).

The place one meets registered in cadastre with CNS 21930. 2. Antecedents the area for us intervencionada already had been white of archaeological works. Carried through in 2004, under direco of the archaeologist Ana Barbosa Wood, the archaeological works aimed at safeguard it of eventual structures or elements of archaeological and/or patrimonial interest. During the execution of the related works to pombalinos vestiges and daily pay-pombalinos had been identified. In sounding B to a structure consisting of limy blocks and on brick of donkey for mortar, guided in direction NW had been identified. The responsible archaeologist admits the possibility of if dealing with structures daily pay-pombalinas, data that its orientation is contrary to the comumente used one in the pombalinas constructions (axle N-S). The Archaeologist relates despite, in one another sounding, assigned for sounding D, a pombalino sewer was identified, or after-pombalino.

Tourism Store

The municipal of Itaituba, was the first city hall of the city in 1857onde today meets the tourism store ‘ ‘ Pretty Turismo’ ‘ , we can there find a plate if relating the same, beyond being able to still observe the used Portuguese architecture at the time, with modifications it is clearly, today it has entered for conditional air and modifications in the door. A SQUARE VICTOR FIELDS OR SQUARE OF the FLAG In this square meets the bust raised for Raymond Brazil Pear tree in homage to the founder of Itaituba Joaquin Caetano Correa, currently this square is known as square of the Flag. This square was constructed on of one besieges archaeological, an aboriginal cemetary, when it was made, they had been found you vary funerary ballot boxes, being the majority of them broken by the employees of the city hall, exactly, for a ignorance not to know about what was that. Most interesting than it is in front of the museum of the city. Barchester is open to suggestions. Contradictory is not! OFFICIAL MUNICIPAL O PAO pao municipal officer was inaugurated in 15 of November of 1900, this place was not only used as city hall, but yes, it had room of all the public agencies that functioned in the city, since the balls of presentation of the society at the time until the municipal police station, in the room where the prisoners of the city were placed had happened vary crazy escapes very, here I will cite two of them, or either, marcantes. Mr. Francisco Macedo ran away from pao municipal, using a spoon, with much patience it dug the wall and obtained to run away from the place, another interesting escape was of Mr. ‘ ‘ Camet’ ‘ , used to call it, it obtained to leave for the ceiling and it went down for the mast of the Flag of Brazil, creative people. Thus I finish my report, displaying one more time the importance it study of history and them field research, after all, as we will understand the gift without knowing our past?

Arab Clothes

When we study the peoples who possess millenarian traditions, we costumamos to create images from its marcantes characteristics. Made of material type thick hemp. traditional pants, called Shiruel and boot are gifts always. The black color is more comumente used, and the ornaments are common in its lateral. The placed red band in the waist is of cloth and can present a varied gamma of colors. The vest also is part of the traditional clothes, this differently of shiruel, varies sufficiently in the colors and ornaments. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Prudential and gain more knowledge.. In low of it, shirt, normally white is dressed, of long sleeve. The dance with one is not uncommon some times ghalabyie, species of ' ' sobretudo' ' Arab, on all the other clothes.

b) Embroidered black feminine clothes? Dated of century XX d.c and proceeding from the Palace of Azem in the Syria clothes without it cuts off, that it does not possess transparency, without adornments and figurao, little mixture of color, length below of the ankle. When we observe the clothes we have the trend to congeal these cultures in the time, as if any type of change ruined part of its favour. In the case of isl the clothes, with tnicas, the veils and the turbans are elements more known, gifts in our imaginary one, from literary stories and the reporters of TV. c) The copper trays in round format? Dated of centuries XVII and XVIII d.c proceeding from the national Damson plum museum they are of worked copper, well bigger that the standard, serves as plate in the meals, group of conjuncts where the Muslen if seat to its redor and use the tips of the fingers to feed themselves. With decorated harmonic details, with forms, in way if to connect with Section, all the drawings are a way of if connecting with the holy ghost. d) The astrolbio? The astrolbio Plan Proceeding from the Golestan Palace in Tehran, or the curious spherical astrolbio of Isfahan, century XI, that it represents a celestial globe.

Of Lenin, Stalin – The Son Of The Prince Of Przewalski ?

Unbelievable? But there is a historical hypothesis. Different sources on the Internet I found the materials to support this assumption: 1.Sravnite pictures (address below) – undoubtedly a resemblance. 2.Mat Joseph Dzhugashvili, Catherine Dzhugashvili (Geladze) actually met in winter 1878 in the house of a distant relative of Prince Maminoshvili with the famous explorer, a brilliant officer (later Major General), Prince Nikolai Mikhailovich Przhevalsky. 3.Prosmotrev detailed biography of Nikolai Przewalski, I found that just in 1878, he had a rare break from his constant travels and it was at this time in Georgia's Gori. 4.Ekaterine Dzhugashvili was 22, she was beautiful, intelligent, educated, but very unhappy being married to a drunken cobbler Vissarion, married to whom she bore three weak, non-viable child, all of whom died after birth. 5.Przhevalsky and Catherine met several times in the house before his departure Maminoshvili Nikolai Mikhailovich from the Caucasus in the summer of 1878. Contact information is here: Ebay. 6.

A strong and healthy boy Soso (Joseph) was born Catherine December 6, 1878. This is a real date Born Joseph Stalin established recently by historians of the church found the book, instead of 9 (21) December 1879, as recorded in the official biography (perhaps it is connected with fatherhood Przewalski's concealment of this date Stalin's birth). 7.Po archival data from the Russian prince Maminoshvili of Przewalski constantly have come a significant amount of money that he gave to Catherine. Unfortunately, not determined how long it lasted transfers (Przewalski died in one of the expeditions in 1888). In any case, when a cobbler 1885godu Dzhugashvili went to Tbilisi to work, his family remaining in Gori, had lived in affluence. 8. After the war, Stalin was the leader of all peoples, then inexplicable reason, began to show great interest in the individual Przewalski.

In 1946 he established the gold medal of the Przewalski, full-length shot, color! a film about his life with the best actors. In published after War World Book Encyclopedia flaunted a huge portrait of the prince and the king's general Przewalski, much larger than the portraits of proletarian leaders. Despite all the above facts, fatherhood, the Przewalski no more than speculation. Nowadays, only a genetic examination can give a true answer, but do it nobody will, yes and no reason to let this story remain a beautiful hypothesis. Yuri Chashin.