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Someone Smarter

In mice, squirrels, sparrows, this body is a hundred times bigger and weighs about a gram. In cats it is more and weighs 30 grams, the dog – 100 g, the great apes – 450 g. Finally, the man – an average of 1400 full advantage of the latest? Lest so! Brain weight of the elephants – 5 kg, and a fin whale – large whales – 7 kg. Do residents of aquariums, ponds, seas, the role of "old coat" or "winter coat" is mucus, and its isolation from the sweat glands strongly developed in fish with bare skin, not having scales. Moreover, such a lubricant performs another important function: helping the victim to escape from a predator teeth. Unfortunately, not always. Details can be found by clicking Elon Musk or emailing the administrator.

Sweat glands derive from the body of harmful products and save animals from overheating. Sweat profusely moisturizes the skin and hair, and evaporates rapidly, brings relief. It is not clear why nature has generously bestowed upon such unequal glands beings. For example, they are few in cats and dogs so as not to overheat they have to use your tongue and saliva. Suffer, and many rodents, including home: they only have sweat glands on the feet and lips. Some of the birds eat per day of food more than weigh yourself: after a quick flight requires considerable expenditure of energy – hence the metabolic processes. In the body, there are particularly intense. Here are some impressive figures. The body temperature of birds is usually 42-43 degrees, and even a sparrow 44-45.

Brides Handbag

Many brides not wanting to burden excessively swollen and so much unnecessary spending budget wedding, prefer jewelry jewelry. While that can now be bought many options for jewelry in appearance are often inferior to even the most exquisite jewelry work. As a rule, the proposed wedding jewelry is a strass or pearl sets, necklaces, and where Earrings are made in the general style. Be sure to pay attention to quality jewelry, very often directly proportional to its value. Garter has recently become an important component of the dress the bride. This is a very playful and seductive accessory. That he is participating in the contest, when the groom removes the garter from the bride's leg and throws over his shoulder unmarried guests at the wedding.

Whoever catches it is traditionally marry next. Color Garter can be very different – red, gold and green. Very popular blue suspenders and a combination of white and blue, as is traditionally something blue will certainly be present in the attire of the bride. Brides Handbag optional, but very handy accessory, because it allows the bride to always have on hand things essentials – make-up and clean handkerchiefs, for example. When choosing a shoe should follow a few simple truths. To begin with, it comfort the bride. It is important to remember that the wedding day – a day in fact, a huge, full of trouble and strife. Should not be overestimated their strength and acquire great, but uncomfortable shoes for a huge heel, but then suffer the whole day because of uncomfortable shoes.

You can not sacrifice their own comfort for the sake of beauty. In addition, buying shoes, be guided by the length of your dress and your height and an increase groom is also very important. If you do not wear high heels in everyday life, and the growth of your husband allows you to 'grow' at 8-10 cm, then think about how to buy shoes with heels, because if you dress a little too long, every extra centimeter cut can take away the beauty of your dress. Keep in mind the basic rule of comfort. By the way, the height of the pad can be adjusted downwards to account for the high platform. In such shoes you will be feel much more confident. In addition to the bride's accessories are just a lot of mandatory wedding details that are required for the wedding. For example, wedding glasses. But not the ones that the bride and bride to be split for good luck, and those from which they drink at a gala banquet at the restaurant. By the way, wedding wine glasses look better with the suitor, because there are many styles and colors of this enhancement. It is necessary to consider both of your opinions. At first glance, one might think that all these wedding stuff is not so important, but it is the correct selection of wedding jewelry can create a miracle and make the image Brides resulting in delight as she herself and the wedding guests.


Like cheese in butter rejoice without memory one of my friends, when friends told him that he was leaving on vacation for a month and want him to have lived among them, a flat eye on. Even when my friend reported that the apartment remains at this time, almost a family member – Angora cat, he is not upset about it. But even here, the owners took care of everything in advance – they left my friend $ 200 for expenses that will arise in him to care for their favorite: a pot of sand necessary to fill a first-class, in a bowl of fresh food and the best place, a special shampoo to bathe, too – so to speak, for wool. Abandoned decent money masters were immediately spent on alcoholic tenant needs, after which he decided to pay a visit to the apartment. Kotyara hungry. – Well, sausages and you have enough, – said the lodger, referring to the cat.

– It's rudeness – decided the cat, and hid the food under the floor, after which approximately walked into the toilet. Without any complaints and adventurous cat went to the toilet. Accustomed animal after some time again rushed to the potty, but use it to its destination was not – was not simply removed after the tray last visit to his cat. My friend came out of that vystelil bottom of the bath by the newspaper, but the cat and that she did not care for the taste.


Once upon a time I heard a phrase that is the worst gift that only you can imagine, this is a living gift, whoever he was – kitten, dog, parrot or somebody else. For me, the urban dweller, as a child dreamed about their own puppy, this assertion was, at least, strange. But as they grow older, we learn to see and perceive life differently. And growing up, we had almost indifferently contemplate the lonely animals – dogs and cats, abundant species in our yards, near the dumpsters and landfills. It's safe to say that each of these animals were the hosts, each of them once loved and wanted. The question is, how long will it last? .. Now the statement about the worst gifts do not seem to me neither country nor absurd.

A living gift is only good for those who really need it. And so, my friends, does not happen very often. Firstly, those who actually needs to be a living creature, will try to pick it yourself to your own taste, so do not trust the responsible thing to outsiders, even very close friends. Because each of us unique and individual, and companion of his life, whether it is human or animal, we subconsciously try to find anything resembling ourselves. Therefore, the choice of animal is better to own, not relying on other people. But if there was this situation is that your friend or relative wants is you gave him a gift from a bird market, try to make sure that the four-legged friend, he really needed.

Other Histories That I Remember – The Eighth History

I adore histories that my mother counts, penalty that does not remember all the details to me. I remember of that one where one of the sisters of it confused alligator with a lagarto that was sleeping in one valeta it makes right and it with a club without having notion of the danger and without knowing what animal was, very well alone it found that it was a half great lizard. Times later lode namely that it had killed an alligator. has that one another one of another sister who dislocated the arm in a trick with the sisters and from fear the quarrel had not counted pra nobody and the poor person passed the remaining portion of the life with the shoulder if dislocating toa. of coitada of first hen that my grandmother, that counted that he was very braba and all had fear of it, ordered my mother to prepare with only nine years.

For being child it did not have force to destroncar the neck of the hen that suffered very with the neck pulled ones that received, the poor person if it did not turn canja with certainty would suffer to a baita torcicolo, as if the suffering of half hour with the pokes was not enough, my satisfied mother finding that already it had given handle of the life of unfortunate person decided that already it in the water was hour to place fervente to take off the penalties and she is not that without luck still was alive and left jumping pra is of the pan, all escaldada. My mother was the terror of the penosas, but the funny one is that same my mother being the only one in house that ‘ ‘ executava’ ‘ also the coitadas ones were in who the same ones more trusted. It has the history of my uncle when small it found a note of kings and not wise person how much the value, it was joined with my mother and the two cabeudos had been to the warehouse to buy everything of banana.