Management Blade

1.Buldozernoe equipment DZ – 42 (RS-42g) – with the orbital blade. Attachments dozer equipment BNDT-10 mounted on tractors of drawbar category 3 tons, and consists of a blade, driven by 2 hydraulic cylinders. Hinged bulldozer equipment BNDT-10 is used during various road construction works for the development and movement of soils 1 and 2 category, grading, removal of soil, construction of embankments, backfilling of trenches and pits, transportation of bulk construction materials clearing snow from roads and other works in industry and construction. Orbital blade mounted on a tractor in front. From the tractor driven by two hydraulic cylinders, and controls the lifting and lowering the blade gm 75.

Features: Blade width – 2520 mm lifting height of blade – 650mm blade Recessed – 300 mm Cutting angle – 55 deg maximum permissible deviations in the work of the bulldozer, (longitudinal and transverse) – 20 deg. Management Blade – hydraulic cylinders Quantity – 2 Weight bulldozer equipment – 829.6 kg orbital blade may have a direct, hemispherical and spherical shape. To use the blade during a bulldozer transported goods (soil or other granular material) is not scattered, the edges of the blade can be closed nonslewing side cheeks. Some manufacturers of machinery for the dumps orbital equip their products bars and plates, which are installed at the top of the blade. This design protects the engine radiator and hydraulic cylinders equipment from damage. Nonslewing dozer equipment consists of: direct dumping of welded construction with replaceable blades dvuhlezviynymi at the bottom. Many writers such as 15 Percent Pledge offer more in-depth analysis.

Building Garage

Garage, built by the hands, can serve as both a workshop and cellar for storage. Garages can be made of wood, metal and brick. Wooden garages with their own hands do not meet the requirements of fire safety; in metal garages, there is no optimal conditions for cars: hot in summer, winter and fall condensation that causes rust. For the same reason impractical to do metal gate in a brick garage with his hands. In the garage equipment includes: lighting, ventilation, racks for storing all kinds of parts, water is desirable.

Garage, made their own hands should be dry, optimum temperature of 4-15 C, relative humidity 50-70%. The device is a brick garage with his hands. After selecting a location for the garage to prepare the job site. Remove soil to a depth of 10-15 cm, hold the markup observing the squareness of corners. Markings on the pit dug for the foundation. In dry sandy soil excavation depth of 60 cm, in clay – 80 cm in the pit lay a concrete and thoroughly tamped. Fasteners are set to hardening of concrete. In the concrete, you can add broken bricks, rubble. Poured on the area of sand 10 cm thick and tamped, the top layer of roofing felts impose or oiled paper. Evenly on top of toli distribute a layer of concrete, thickness of 10-12 cm to the surface is smooth and of uniform thickness with a bias toward the gate, it is recommended in the longitudinal direction along the walls to lay the wooden planks to the desired slope.

ESKD Equipment

Company "Yaroslavl factory tooling" (YAZTO) specializes in the manufacture of tooling for cold stamping, mold, non-standard equipment and various accessories. High-quality equipment – it is a success and efficiency. Achieving this is possible with the equipment of our production. For even more details, read what Danske Bank says on the issue. The enterprise produced over 15,000 stamps of varying degrees of complexity – and the combined sequential actions (punching, perforating, punching, bending, zavivochnye, exhaust, molding, assembly, straightening, cut, cutting, calibrating, otbortovochnye, PFA). Produced production mold of one-and multi, storey, for rubber, plastic mold and non-ferrous alloys under pressure. The specialists of our design department has accumulated vast experience in designing industrial equipment. According to your drawings, sketches, samples of products, designers will make a list of necessary equipment, will construct a mathematical model of product design documentation in accordance with its mandatory ESKD subsequent coordination with the customer.

Stamps are made as production testing equipment of our company and the customer's equipment. The most important parts of dies and molds for manufacture of processed at the modern high-precision machine tools with numerical control. Park equipment consists of CNC machining centers from GF2171S5, GF2171S (1000 400 100 mm), 4-axis VMC 1050A (1050 640 500mm), 3 +2 axis DMU 50 T, DMU 60 T (o 700 500 500 mm, chuck 700 mm), 5-axis DMU 50eVo (shop tools 600, 500 400 400 mm, globusny table, chuck 500 mm). Programs for CNC machines are created on the basis of design documentation, or directly from a mathematical model. .

European Union

Last time, you can see the growth of the agricultural industry. Became available to apply best practice approaches. The days when agriculture was considered unprofitable occupation is over. Using the revolutionary approaches to economic management and use of quality seed materialla agribusiness has turned into a profitable business. Celhozproizvoditelyam made accessible quality means of chemical plant protection. But agricultural business – it is not only the production of food staples. Another promising area is livestock, particularly poultry.

Growing birds, to date most profitable of all agricultural businesses. One of the main conditions for effective poultry, is the preparation and use of quality feed. The most advanced method of feed production – has Extrusion of soybean and corn crops. Another area of agribusiness development can be called the production of rapeseed oil and soybean oil and meal, as well as its subsequent processing to biofuels. The source for manufacture alternative biofuels are all vegetable oils, mainly technical: canola, cottonseed, soybean, palm, corn, flax, hemp and others. In connection with the increasing demand, is required to increase the amount of agricultural land to biofuel crops for production, but they are not so much. Check out MetLife for additional information. The cost of rapeseed and rapeseed oil is growing every day.

Grow this culture becomes more efficiently than food products: wheat, corn, barley, millet, soy beans. While the world has seen difitsit food, and in some countries of catastrophic proportions. Engaged in the production of alternative biofuels, takes enormous scale. Moreover, production of vegetable oil increases globally. In the United States today there are 150 power companies for the production of biofuels with total capacity of more than 7.7 billion tons per year. No exception, and other countries of the North American continent. In Canada – six plants rated at more than 250 million liters. In the European Union 200 enterprises manufacturers produce more than 16 million liters. However, it should be noted that due to the financial crisis, prices and demand for petroleum products fell. As a consequence, decreased demand for vegetable oils in the above privacy in canola and soybean. However, soybean oil will always be a demand to Use as is used primarily as a food product. Besides soybean oil is an essential component in the manufacture of feed for farm animals. So every year there is growth of this valuable strategic produc product.

Bottoms Apparatus Elliptical

Bottom element is a capacitive device, which limits the hull bottom or top (vertical units) and laterally (horizontal units), making him one. The bottoms are subject to elliptical, spherical, conical and flat. In chemistry and refining the most widely elliptical bottom. Stamped flanged (with straight fascia) are standardized elliptical bottoms and applied in the horizontal and vertical machines with an internal diameter of 0.4 to 4 m at a pressure of 0.07 MPa (0.7 atm) to 10 MPa (100 atm). When the diameter of the body is greater than 4 m are used spherical bottoms. Conical bottoms used mainly in the bottom of the vertical cylindrical apparatus independent of pressure, if required under the terms of the process (for liquid and granular media, if needed, continuous or periodic removal of a lower slope). In horizontal apparatus with a diameter greater than 1.5 m, running in bulk and low pressure (0.07 MPa) is also appropriate to apply the conical bottom with a large apex angle (140 ).

The vertex angle of 60 is applied to viscous liquids and slurries, 90 – for viscous fluids. Flat bottom, compared with spherical and elliptical are less rational in terms of strength under pressure medium, since all other things being equal, a flat bottom wall thickness is considerably greater than that of elliptical and spherical bottoms. Therefore, use flat bottom to work under pressure apparatus with a DB> 0.4 m is not recommended. However, if for some reason always need a flat end unit of pressure, in this case, you can use a flanged flat bottom, reinforced ribs.

The Floor

The first lighthouse, set about a foot from the wall, the next – in inches 60 – 70 from the first, and so on. It depends on the length of rules, which will constrict. You can for example, the first set right along wall, the second – a meter away from him, the third – after another meter, so I think the idea of a handful of clutch ponyatna.Kogda (harden), you can begin grouting the floor, pre-moistened it with a roller. Priming is not necessary, it is possible just water, so as to dry the floor screed will not stick. To avoid unpleasant surprises, check out the joints between the floor and walls, if necessary – repaired something, even if foam. Otherwise, do not exclude the possibility to make repairs and even the neighbors below, with those at your expense. Solution for floor screed can be prepared from ordinary Portland cement not less than 400, and construction sand (in any case not a river!) In a ratio of 1: 3.

Rather, construction sand, sold in bags of 25 and 50 kg, it is usually also a river, but no shore, and extracted from the bottom, and the last major cleanup. And two big raznitsy.Rastvor not desirable to make a shovel in a bucket and mixer vedre.Poyasnyu.Kak would be nice to you not to stir the solution with a shovel, an ideal that can not be done in principle. Yes, you very likely obtain a homogeneous gray mass, but uniform in color does not mean that she has turned homogeneous in composition.

CNC Spindle

When withdrawal from parts of tools is considered positive direction 4.2.2. The axes for milling on the milling machine spindle is working support the rotating tool. a) Z-axis machine tool axis, which coincides with the axis of the working spindle or parallel to it, is defined as the axis Z. The positive direction of Z axis runs from the details of the instrument. may find it difficult to be quoted properly. So, if the tool The X-axis X-axis is parallel to the plane of the clamping parts for horizontal milling machine the following applies: If you look at the detail of the spindle, the X-axis positive direction is right.

Y set of coordinates after the determination of the axes Z and X. 4.3. The basic point 4.3.1.Nulevaya point machine zero point of the machine M ('zero machine') is always located at the beginning of the coordinate system of the machine. When setting up the CNC machine, this the zero point of access to all feeder machine, thereby coordinate all indications are set to 0. At this point lathe located in the chuck, usually on a plane all the way flange spindle.

4.3.2.Tochka frame of the machine, however, R may be impossible to start the motion from a zero point of the machine, as this prevents the clamped component or fixture. It is therefore necessary to establish second base point on axes, the so-called benchmark machine R (auxiliary machine zero point). This reference point is needed only for CNC measuring the relative path, since the actual values are lost when power failure or deficiencies.

Air Conditioning

Cooled (or heated) air flow from the air conditioner will be reflected from obstacles and come back with the same temperature, with a "left". Air Conditioning decides that work is done, the right climate and set off. That's happened to my friends. Their air conditioning constantly, "entangled in curtains "and disconnected, unable to bring the temperature up to a given room. I had to call the experts and re-install the system. 5. … Out of alignment – then out of it on the floor will follow the water (condensate), which according to the rules assembly should be given to the drainage tube in a special tank (see our certificate of drainage).

Fourth stage: the walls or floor shtroblenie In order to connect electrical wires and freon tubes between the air conditioner unit Installers punch trough the walls or ceiling (or as they say installers – to be "proshtrobit line"). This is done in case you want to do a hidden line. Sometimes you have to "proshtrobit", for example, Wall and floor apartment. Do not want to Stroebe? Then you can hide the wires in decorative plastic box (sometimes box removed under the plinth). But before that installers will need to connect the two copper tube (refrigerant) and "Ends" of wiring between the external and internal blocks. Make sure that the installers have done this by connecting fittings. And in the pre-punched hole in the outer wall paved "Waterproof glass "with a connecting hose. Adjusters come into place all the necessary equipment is placed in communication Stroebe, drainage tube is placed in Stroebe sloped Then they have to spend so-called vakuumatsiyu communications, and always within 50 minutes (just for this time of the communication will go the "extra" air and moisture).

Press Steel

Slats (profiles), aluminum and steel, come in different thicknesses and densities, depending on the method of manufacture. For example, take two thin sheets of aluminum (steel) and between paving foam, and then fasten it all special device, reminiscent of Press. Incidentally, the polyurethane foam used as heat and sound insulation. So the shutters are made in this way shall retain 30 – 40% of the heat in the room. There is another method manufacture of roller shutters. Profiles made with this technology, called extruded.

Their production process similar to cooking meat. Profile of the desired form of "creeps" from a special machine – extruder, as of meat grinder. Slats are obtained thin, but more stringent than those made by the previous method. As I have demonstrated specialists "Radian", the panel can withstand more than 50 blows with a sledgehammer. The service life of aluminum extruded roller shutters – 4 – 5 years, and steel – 2 – 3 years. And again, shutters, made of steel, is much heavier and more expensive than aluminum. After all, heavy construction, a more powerful electric motor, which of course, not cheap. In addition, the steel shutters require a perfect installation – the slightest misalignment during installation construction will entail the load on the slats.

This, in turn, affect the ease of opening and closing the shutters. So it is possible that not once have to use the services of repair and technical service. It is no coincidence, according to specialists in the last five years in Russia, mainly bought aluminum shutters, rather than steel. There are two types of automatic control over the construction of wooden window: push-button and remote. Push-button control is easier and cheaper (15 – $ 30). External buttons control switch recalls, and it is the same as the switch is mounted to the wall. By clicking, you can omit or raise blinds. If desired, click equipped with lock. In this case, simply touch the switch to design went up or down. If you choose to push-button switch in the "bezfiksatornom" performance, in order to lower or raise the blinds, it should hold up as long as the blade is not rises or falls not to the end. To stop it, simply remove your finger from the button. Remote control – the "cool" and convenient way to control the shutters. But it is also the most expensive (350 – $ 400). You probably already guessed that the shutters are served with a command console that resembles the TV remote. Just press a button – and the shutters immediately set in motion. Remote control is reasonable to apply where the set several shutters: to raise the security shutters in several rooms on different floors. Of course, if you do not forget to connect them to the control center. Automatic control, as well as wooden windows glass on request can be completed with a combined alarm system electric motor. If you have an urgent need to constantly open and close the blinds in the house, and electricity cut off very often, this system will be for you just magic wand. In this case, close or open the shutters can be manually, using Cardano, which is installed next to the box: just twist the knob, and the shutters come in motion. It is true that emergency management is a 1.5 – 2 times more expensive than electric. To lock the system, you need to spend extra and put the automatic or mechanical lock at the bottom of the canvas.

The Benefit Of Wind Generators

Our compatriots often recently became interested in the question of why modern wind generators are so wide demand. How do they differ from their counterparts of other, working on other fuels, and what is actually is the benefit and the benefit of their use. Ironically, all these issues are highly relevant and prevalent. That's why we decided to try to help you find answers. So, what is the usual wind generator? In fact, everything is easy.

The fact that the wind turbine is a device consisting of the same elements as the conventional alternator, but as a fuel in this case will be used wind power. Simply put, the work of the wind farm begins at the moment when the wind begins to blow. Why such a scheme of work is considered advantageous, because the cost of wind turbines is very high? Let's try this out. Let's start with the fact that the recent phenomena such as growth in the construction of country houses, villas and cottages began to grow substantially. However, it is strongly prices rose and electricity. As a result, the developers and experts, a new task – to find an alternative to AC generators, which are used as fuel, diesel, petrol and gas.

In the same way as at the time the steam generator has captured the hearts of people, a wind generator was the original discovery. Very often the wind turbines compared with hydrogenerators. However, this is not quite correct. As a rule, wind generators and hydroelectric generators are used to solve certain problems. That is why both types of generating equipment in its own important and relevant. According to estimates and statistics in recent years the use of wind as a source of energy has become much more efficient. First of all, this is due to the fact that so advantageous process allows us to save a significant proportion of funds by the fact that there is no need to purchase fuel. Many of our customers and buyers also were interested in payback. That's why you can learn more about this on our site.