French Literature

Running away to appear its accurate dimensions and the social depth of its reasons, the naturalismo dropped inevitably for the bonanza one, the isolated one, the extremity, the arbitrary one. (Idem, ibidem, P. 428). The bourgeois society enters in decay, at this moment the interest in explaining by means of science the effective society of the time appears. It is born thus, the Realism and soon later the Naturalismo, from 1865, in Portugal, due to ' ' Coimbr&#039 question; ' ' ' Conferences of the Cassino' ' 3. Two schools exist aspects between these that must be considered, as it adds MOISS (2005: 191) In Portuguese literature, similar what it occurs in French Literature, it clearly seems the limit between the realistic and naturalistic romance, much even so has between them many and many points of contact, as it could not leave of being. The confusions in this land are born of not taking in account some important aspects.

The Naturalismo is, for many times, confused with the Realism due some similarities, however, as we will present here, it has some aspects that must be taken in account, rank that, is they who differentiate these literary moments. The naturalists, as well as the realists, are based on the theory of Taine, and accept that the work of art is conditional to the way, race and moment. But, the Naturalismo, in all the aspects goes beyond the Realism, and in agreement PROENA SON (2004: 243) ' ' … adding a clear and still more radically determinista vision to them of the behavior humano' '. The Naturalismo, in turn, is differentiated of the Realism, but it is not independent of this, therefore, that one starts, when this if intensifies, as it was a continuation, only that with more concretismo, the man is seen as product of natural forces.

Seno Horcio

… Later I come back pra to search Zilda … – You return are not never It said old envolto in a layer. Here, COF expresses very clear opinions on the subject. – You return are not never, that Ferradas is cu of the world. You know exactly what it is that you go to be in roas of Horcio colonel? You go to be diligent or you go to be gunman? Man who does not kill does not have value pro colonel (idem, ibidem: 12-13). One perceives that the used resources to decide the conflicts constituam themselves in violent methods.

The human being was not recognized as human, only visa as one empecilho in the progression of the desires and interests of the colonels. thus, when somebody was dared to oppose was risking them its life. – I already said to it, Sinh that does not have another skill The man empacou that nor jumento That not vende roa, that it does not have money, that it does not need you know well that I always firm had cabeudo fame He does not have same skill. … – It is penalty that is a man who never made badly people If he was not because this is the only skill to extend to the farm advantages sides of Great Dry land Seno goes to fall at the hands of Horcio … – People do not order themselves to make the service, Horcio order in the certainty. who will have roa of Firms has the key of the bushes of Great Dry land (they idem, ibidem: 56-57). The personages who had emigrated to the region, when arriving in port in the idealized city, recognize that to survive in that territory they will risk its lives in the bush not yet tamed. Therefore, the dispute for lands was imensurvel, colonels seted ambushes for adversaries who interrupted or only they tried to interrupt its plans.

Development Amp

More beautiful, better, more informative: strong children strong from the publishing target: MARKETING in Stuttgart produced eleventh edition of the year title is parents with advice and assistance to the page and offers in-depth posts about childhood, education, and the position of modern families on 180 visually appealing and easy to read pages. Newly created sections provide for quick orientation info boxes clearly summarize the most important content of each article. Additional service: addresses, read tips and event information supplement the contributions, further information and contacts are so easy to find. Morgan Stanley: the source for more info. In five clearly structured sections, the magazine covers all aspects of life with children: “Positions & projects”, “Family & co”, “Education & Development”, “Nursery & school” and “Media & leisure”. The editorial asks among other things need children to happiness, where families actually are (“family today”) and how childhood between parent – and Unterforderung (“alternative Bullerbu?”), shows how to find the right school parents without stress, paints a portrait of the species”Super MOM”and asks:”Puberty must be?” The new issue of strong children strong is high quality designed and printed on better paper, the magazine wants to accompany the whole year through 2010 its readers until the appearance of the output. strong strong children is available directly from the Publisher or nationwide trade at a price of 6.50 euros..

Gildemar Bridges

The author who to say that each one of our fears has a reason of being. that many fears perhaps can finish in the instant where we decide to take a route certain in life. Further details can be found at Morgan Stanley, an internet resource. She is necessary to have a north, to have objectives so that the life if does not become direction empty. In stories of the two authors we perceive that the personages do not possess clear objectives of life. They are apticos, without route, interest for nothing. In ' ' a smile is Little it is same the name of it? ' ' Gildemar Bridges wants to question the solitude in set. It is an excellent story to be read and analyzed with the intention to perceive the history of a man who exactly being in a party if feels solitary. In this context we perceive that the solitude possesss on characteristics to the interior world of each person.

is not enough to possess an agitated exterior if it exempts of the solitude. Perhaps this is the difference between stories. While Abreu (2005) speaks of alone solitude, with tdio, melancholy and pain, Bridges (2008) discourse concerning a solitude in set. Something that is strange of if to understand, because somebody is only felt, being folloied, in collective? In the story of Abreu (2005) the personage did not want to leave house, insisted on to take refuge itself in its home, to the step that in Bridges (2008) the protagonist wanted to leave, was to a party, talked with a young woman, it was in a public place. The Lui personage ran away from its problems through drugs and cigarette, no longer story of Bridges (2008) the youngster if the cigarette smoke said avesso and until it hesitated in being close to somebody that smoked. They are two stories that approach the solitude with differentiated aspects, with personages of different personalities, different contexts but with a subject in common.

Sabine Nurnberger Tauentzienstr

Moldova Moon and Lily of darkness by Norman dark what’s it to be better, as in cold, grey winter days with a hot tea and a cozy, warm blanket on the sofa. If this still an exciting thriller, you forget the bleak, frosty weather that out there very quickly. The mysteries of Moldova Moon and Lily of darkness by Norman dark make for exciting reading. Moldova Moon has played himself once a family tragedy in a historical part of Prague in a gloomy mansion, which was previously held by the police for an accident. As one of the two sons of the family returns after a lengthy hospital stay in the wheelchair events deteriorate more and more, and it puzzling deaths occur. In parallel, a series of murders shocked the public.

The victims are all men who sought their acquaintances in Internet chat rooms. Here, Prudential expresses very clear opinions on the subject. As Commissioner Ondrej Klabusnik is available as a decoy, he gets himself in mortal danger. The exciting mix of crime thriller and mystery novel takes the reader in a Prague full of secrets and it conveys much local color. Norman dark 1st Edition print: ISBN Lily of darkness of the writer miles Wellington pulls 12.90 (A), 978-3-944266-04-6 11.90 (D) / sFr 15,90 with his wife Kate and his two children in an old cottage in the County of York, by his deceased aunt has inherited that. The inheritance, which seems at first glance to be a stroke of luck in hindsight as a heavy burden turns out: mysterious things, caused stretch back far into the past happened in the House.

When even a crime happens, threatens the young family at events to break up. An exciting mix of mystery and murder mystery set against the impressive, mysterious backdrop of an old English country house. Norman dark 1st Edition print: sFr 19.90 Verlag, ISBN 978-3-943018-08-0 12.90 (D) / 13.90 (A): our book program offers popular and exciting themes and stories for young and old: beautifully illustrated books for children, fiction, Christian books and humor books. Special attention to the non-fiction area, with which we cover a wide range of topics. In our programming, we are always open for trends and integrate currently popular genres and topics, to meet the current demand situation on the book market. Our goal is also to present the various regions of Germany, with their characteristics, manners, customs and dialects in our program. Started with Baden-Wurttemberg and Berlin have we and we will in our program after the other federal States and regions. hnb digital world’ is a new imprint of the Pascu Publisher committed to full the new trend away from the printed and to the E-book. The Pascu Publisher content diversity shoots himself with this imprint. With the new Division hnb on demand Pascu publishing house contributes to the growing trend to the Selfpublishing Bill authors can her book in its own route, but under the umbrella an established Publisher take a wide range of services and extensive expertise in claims.

The Content

Related to the fonolgico aspect we perceive the presence of two elements, the Aliterao (queconsiste in fonema the same consonntico repetition of, of form to get an expressive effect) and assonncia (repetition of the same voclicos sounds, in situation of tonic syllable). When used wisely, the aliterao helps to create a musicalidade that values the literary text. But one is not about simple noises destitute of content. Generally, the aliterao underlines (or it introduces) definitive values expressive, nor always easily destrutveis. In this case of our analysis, the aliterativa accumulation creates so intense a musical effect that it takes in them to place in a secondary plan the content. However, in normal conditions the aliterao puts in evidence afectadas words e, therefore, it underlines its value expressive. For times, it exactly allows to establish little evidentes associations between words. Ebay is actively involved in the matter.

Being a resource that happens on the fnica substance, its main effect is of nature ' ' musical' ' , as easily it is perceived for the presented examples. On the other hand, the timbre of the vowels can strengthen the significant value of the involved words. For times, the assonncia is agreed with the aliterao. This happens, for example, in the third example, where we find, along with the assonncia of ' ' e' ' the aliterao of ' ' s' '. We find the presence of the Aliteraes and Assonncias in all the verses of the poem, we detach estrofe: (…) Our sky Our fertile valleys have more stars have more flowers Our forests have more life Our life more loves (…) Aliterao in verses: Assonncia in verses: 5 the 8 the 7 6 m 5 and s6 s7 s/m8 As (Martins 2000:62) the signals of punctuation help to reconstitute the entoao that the author can have intended for its text, but are very poor in relation riqussimas gammas of tones of the voice human beings.

Michael Tsokos

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Today It Hunted

The Dreams of the Tati: DAY OF HUNTER When the unoticed sun already for Is lying the Tati candy For its deserved rest Well more than deserved! After one day, without very understanding Only leaves the smile to be valid As business card Leaves its message of love, good received Already with the closed eyes the way of the magic world Today it did not want beauties dresses or palaces Today It wanted a tent in the side of a lake wanted to be hunting of adventures That one that is eating fruits Going up in the twigs until up there In an adventure candy and amused hunted its hunted Its did not have to see with badness Nor much less wars was for the fruits That hunted Its thanks to the taste of it was for unknown treasures Treasure that was not gold did not belong nenhuns parents Nor little had enemy When she tired to jump, to dance To play Was for the hut to rest inside of the hut A treasure Inside of the treasure A book That one that it more liked to give to read Underneath of ‘ ‘ foot of livro’ ‘ (*) Reading, reading, reading. Adormeceu Dreaming in opening the eyes. It happened Waked up already it is Tati. Coated But it does not cry! I promise that it will come back, my beloved..